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Note from the incoming webmaster. Andrew Honer

I am a man not being of few words will attempt to be as brief as possible on this occasion, though I write in response to questions raised regarding the future of the site.

The UK GULFWEB is moving towards the end of an era in it’s history though, as is the way of the world, as one moves on one must move both forward and upward in order to survive. The ‘ozbod site’ as it has become known, has reached that point whereby it now needs to expand to accommodate the on going and ever increasing situation with the Gulf Veterans Issues.

There will, through a period of transition be some noticeable changes to the site over the coming months, it’s traditional role as a database and resource centre providing information in an unbiased and apolitical manner however, will remain unchanged.

To those who have interest in the proposed changes I offer this brief appraisal of what to expect over the coming months.

Emphasis will be orientated towards increasing the interaction and communications between veterans in addition to continuing to promote the continuing allegiance and interaction between the Allied forces, forces who once fought together in battle and now stand side by side in peace.

The expansion of the site has been made possible by two major inclusions that will be most noticeable when re-design and Links are finalised. The first will be the linkage with a little known organisation within the UK, though an organisation growing slowly, it will prove to be of worthy of its name, The ALLVETS Unit. More details of this organisation later.

The second major contribution to the site expansion comes from Pegasus Publishing Cons Ltd, an Internet book publishing company that provides publishing packages exclusively to veterans worldwide. Not only will the company be acting as managers to the site but also as bankers ensuring future expansion and further interactivity amongst veterans.

I trust the changes will be to your needs.

Andrew Honer.

It is not here to promote any particular group or belief, it is here for the benefit of all Gulf Vets
The site will always try to acknowledge sources of information and authors unless otherwise requested
As with all sites, sometimes links become obsolete, if you come across such a case please inform me at Webmaster


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