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July 1998

E-mail address: dave@ozbod.demon.co.uk


Seeking UK Gulf era service or ex service people who were prepared for service in Op Granby, but were never actually deployed, who now feel they are experiencing symptoms of GWI.

E-mail address: foxjange@aol.com

Request I am writing my final years dissertation on (Gulf War Sickness, and how veterans are being treated by their governments, help given, help refused and how families have coped with this awful sickness.

I have only respect for our soldiers and only want to write the truth about the awful legacy that the Gulf War has left. I would appreciate any facts concerning this very serious matter, also I will onlt print the information if you give your permission to me via your e-mail.I am very proud of you all and hope my writing will be good enough to honour all of you.

Thinking of you


E-mail address: abdc@birthdefects.org

Request Attn: Veterans

The Association of Birth Defect Children (ABDC) has been researching birth defects due to wartime environmental exposures, including the effects of Agent Orange and possible causes of Gulf War Babies. This project has been supported by grants from the American Legion, DAV, and the Vietnam Veterans Assistance Fund and a contract with the New Jersey Agent Orange Commission. We are collecting data through a National Birth Defect Registry. Our database currently has over 2000 cases of children with birth defect or disabilities reported by veterans families. While several patterns have been found more cases are still needed. We would greatly appreciate it if you would inform all of your members about our organization and registering with us. To obtain a registry questionnaire contact us at:

Association of Birth Defect Children
930 Woodcock Road,  Suite 225
Orlando, FL 32803
Tollfree: 1-800-313-2232
Phone: (407) 245-7035
Fax: (407) 895-0824
e-mail: abdc@birthdefects.org 
Home Page: http://www.birthdefects.org    (direct online registry is avaiable here)

name: E-mail address: gunnyt@panamacity.com

Tate Ingles

Where from: Panama City,Fl USA

Comments Am trying to get in contact with anyone who served with RAF unit- Regiment and Supply unit that served near our unit , HMLA-269. Marine Attack Helicopter unit during Desert Shield/Storm.

E-mail address: flusem666@cableinet.co.uk


Hi, my name is Angus Parker. I need to contact any Gulf veterans who have renal/kidney problems and they think that these are due to their gulf service. (I have discovered a very high incidence of kidney problems. Much more than the national average.)

Also any gulf vet who can remember smallpox as one of the vaccines given to them in 1990/91. Do you have any documents????

Call/fax me on
Tel: 0191 2669544
fax 0191 2922405

E-mail address: philips@c4u.net.au

Request Hello if any Ausssie's happen by this site and are looking for help re pensions and other Aussie's suffering illness from the Gulf or anything else for that matter,I may be able to assist in the pension claims or put you in contact with the right types of people.


Philip Steele philips@c4u.net.au

June 1998

E-mail address: Virginbear@aol.com
Request Hi out there! A student of mine wants to get some first hand experiences of how UK gulf war veterans have been treated by th UK government, medical profession etc. when reporting 'gulf war syndrome' symptoms. The replys don't need to be too detailed she is just trying to gauge the response from as many people as possible. No names will be used and all replys will be treated in the strictest confidence. Thanks for your help.

E-mail address: wvdavis@nh.ultranet.com Request Hello, I have been asked to find UK Gulf War era service members and veterans sick with Gulf War Syndrome who would like to be tested for squalene antibodies. Squalene has been used as a vaccine adjuvant in the Department of Defenses experimental anti-HIV vaccine program. Dr. Rostker, chief investigator for the DoD, has only admitted to its use in only a handful of cases. However, hundreds of other ill Gulf War veterans like myself have tested positive for the presence of this synthetic polymer. For sick UK Gulf War era service members, or any other sick Alliance service members for that matter, who would like to be tested I can forward the required information. Though the cost of the testing is free, unfortunately, the costs associated with the drawing of blood and overnight shipping would have to be borne by the already financially strapped veteran. (The government authorities responsible for this travesty certainly dont want to make the unearthing of truth easier for us.) Thanks, Wes

May 1998


Request I am trying to locate Tony Pittaway who is ex-REME. I started my career in REME which is where I first met him. We both served in the Gulf. I was with the Div HQ and Tony was with 7 Armd Wksp REME. I bumped into him last summer in Ascot and he mentioned that he had obtained a pension from MOD for symptoms linked to service in the Gulf. I think there area few of us out here who would like to know more. Lastly, anyone out there who knows me, drop me a line.


Last week I was interviewed by Lt Col Morley of the GVIU, the purpose of this was to glean information on the use of the medical countermeasures in the Gulf, not only the use, but the circumstances in which they were given, were you told you could refuse them, this is your chance to have your say and help in the compilation of a database of what was used, where and when. I was told that this work will go online when it's completed, enabling Vets who don't know what they had, to ascertain via this info what they were given, with a fair degree of accuracy.
The unit wants to interview people in the UK and would also encourage people to send in copies of their F BMed 27 as this is the only good data that exists, if you don't want to give your name that's fine, they just need your unit and time in the theatre.
For more information or to help please contact:

Lt Col A J Morley BSc Msc RLC
Room 8292
Main Building

Tel: 0171 218 7338 or Fax: 0171 218 4489

Rely To: dcragoe@earthlink.net

Request ZINC ORTHOPHOSPHATE will be added to our water system here soon to reduce corrosion. Does anyone know if safety studies have been done on orthophosphates added to water systems? I've been told they have not been done, even though it's been added to water systems for 25 years. I'd appreciate any information on this subject.

Reply To: qiwrkr@aol.com

Request I'm an acupuncturist in Ashland, Oregon with a patient who is a Vietnam veteran and whose symptoms seem linked to chemical exposure--in his case, the pollution "soup" (including human waste) of Pearl Harbor, as he was a scuba diver and assigned to check the ship hulls. I'v recently learned that ships have used tributyl tin on hulls, and this substance has been implicated in the immunosuppression of dolphin populations. Are there any Gulf War Naval veterans who were exposed to similar chemicals, with the following symptoms: boils that reoccur on an 8-week cycle, soreness in all joints without swelling, and fatigue? Thanks, Isabeau Vollhardt, L.Ac.

Reply To: R McPaul

Request I am a documentary filmmaker who is screening an investigative programme in Edinburgh at The Filmhouse cinema on Thursday 25 June at 1800hrs. Anyone interested in attending or just having a chat across the net can contact me at the aforementioned email address.

December 1997

Reply To: Major Martin Girard

name: Major Martin Girard

Where from: Toronto Canada

Request: I was an exchange officer with 1st (UK) HQ and Sig Regt during Operation Granby. WOuld like to get some news from members of my former unit.

Reply To: Colin Blackstock

Request I'm a journalist working for the Independent on Sunday. I'm interested in talking to anyone who was involved in Operation Granby (4-10 March 1991). If you are willing to talk to me, please email me, preferably with a contact number and which unit you were attached to. I will explain further when I get some replies. Many thanks,

November 1997


Request: You will have to excuse my ignorance in using the net, I've gone into the Message Board to see how it works and also to see any messages, but can only find an input form!

What I would like to know from anybody is that I've heard that it is possible to register for a War Pension for having taken Ill in the Gulf and being sent home.

Is this the case? and if so how do I do It?

Reply to: birrell@caribsurf.com

Request: Greetings,   Trying to contact any members of 203PRO COY RMP or any other unfortunate out there who may have run into me anytime.

My name is Jim (Gus) Birrell [Ex REME]  and I had the privelage? of being the NCO i/c LAD for the above crowd for OP GRANBY.

Now slumming it in the Caribbean, so trying to make contact with anyone, anywhere who'll admit to knowing me.

          Have you still got sand in yours?

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