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In essence more than 2,000 total demolitions happened
in a short space of time during the Gulf War. The end
goal was making sure Iraq could not get back to the
weapons and equipment, and to keep American troops
from harm. Thus the Denial operations took place, and
quite a few EOD specialist were called in to work a
large variety of issues.
However, many didn't recognize what they were inventorying
in bunker complexes, and others knew that a combination
of ammunition lay scattered throughout and said little. There
were chemical mines, chemical/biological RPG's, a mixture of
SCUD and FROG war heads, and assorted artillery including
mustard shells. There would be cases or crates with plastic
covered shells, sweating and dripping inside the plastic- this
was also odd because most rounds either came in laying
in straw ( not wrapped in drape plastic ) or laying in wooden
cradles inside the boxes. Many would have a large screw
plug in front, with instruction on side saying "pour here".

The goal was to blow most things in place, and go on.

One thing that would seem odd was the use of
to blow these materials. An accelerant is used to burn a
organic / chemical object, and most accelerants were little
more than gasoline or thinner. It is fairly useless on metal
objects because of its poor concussive qualities, and anything
thicker 30 gauge metal it simply didn't effect except maybe
heat warp if it got hot enough.

You need High Explosives to crack metal casings, or fracture
thick metal objects. HE explosives are not very exciting either,
they dont generally produce the fireballs you see in Hollywood
movies. There is a shockwave, and a gray white smoke. Very
little if any flame at all.
Many Gulf War demolitions would be fireballs, with 
smoldering fires that would end up producing secondary 
explosions that caught many engineers off guard. Then 
would come the colored smoke plumes from these fires 
that made people sick.
Khamasiyah would end up being the most famous demolition,
bunker 73 was a huge stockpile. But, DOD would work hard
to try, and disqualify all testimonies and down play the event.
Then Dr. Bernard Rostker would later state that there were
NO chemical ammunition south of Khamasiayh. This would
mean that all the ammunition seen by these troops now didnt
exist anymore. Finally, they would even try to say that Chemical
ammunition at Khamasiyah was UNLIKELY.


    These are stills taken from Gulf War footage of MICLIC
    charges clearing areas. MICLIC was for clearing mine
    feilds, and was a tethered round shot from a vehicle. The
    point of interest here is the amount of flame in these
    demolitions, which isnt necessary for metal objects. In
    fact, if not hot enough it simply activates some types of
    chemical ammunition - called bianaries.



          In this demolition, notice the color of the smoke
          cloud boiling up - including orange and blue/black

          This one was litterally included in the 1st AD
          memorial handout book. Which would come
          back to haunt them later.