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Updated: October 10th 2001
I can show where the Major networks, Michigan State, Bioport,
varying media, and Government agencies have been downloading
this very page ( and the VAERS page, and the Maxwell logs )
like there is no tomorrow for 3 weeks now. Then they display its
contents publicly with no reference to the source. This page is one
of the top ten listed on search engines around the world, right after
government agencies. Type the words Bioport and Michigan -
and see what I mean.

Im a Gulf War veterans that has another thousand pages of FDA
reports, to include illegally redacted Gov. reports on Bioport. This
story started with Gulf Vets, and we cant afford the financial burden
of displaying all of this last 10 years of deception - but we try.

We have been to the House/Senate hearings, Ive spoken with
Tim Burton of the Committee on Government Reform in private
session last year. Ive addressed this to Mike Kilpatrick, Bernard
Rostker, Francis O-donnel, and many others of OSAGWI - who
are making no attempt to track any of the former Gulf War Anthrax
Vaccine recipients for reactions. We spoke with the GAO's Kwai
Cheung Chan of the GAO who wrote the reports, and found
him powerless to change things. The Pentagon refuses to comment
because the Pentagon AVIP investigation is still "Ongoing". The story
is too vast for this comment page.

This started when Gulf War veterans were given a bad vaccine,
and NOTHING has been done about it for us. I think it is shameful
that the media, and the Government go on about all of this while
forgetting those of us that bore this problem every day since 1990.
Where the real story is!!!!!!
Inspection Observations of
Michigan Biologics/Bioport

These records listed below are the either hand written or typed
inspection reports of the Michigan Biologics/Bioport facility. This
is only a only one part of several other reports that will surface.
From these findings the "Summary fo Findings" in turn lead to
"Warning Letters" and so on.
What is now listed that isnt posted hasnt been scanned due
to storage limitations on the server.

It is a combination of inspections from the following:
CBER - Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research
FDA - ( Lansing, Bethesda, Rockville )
Detroit Public Health

These records demonstrate the sad arrogance on Bioports part
following the Gulf War, and how lax the whole operation was
run. At a later date the Inspectional records from 1966 to 1990
will be posted. Those files are more vague, and harder to understand,
unlike these that show 10 years of general contempt for safety

The 1992 to 1999 Bioport inspection "Observation Records"