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    Chppm Analysis, soil sample - Gulf War
Jack Heller was presenting to the audience during the CDC 
Gulf War Conference in Atlanta, GA in 1999. He was explaining 
to the audience how hard it was to go back in time to get samples 
of the soil during the war. It was at that moment I spoke up in 
the audience to ask Jack if he would want my sand sample 
taken from Kuwait back in 1991. The audience laughed at this, 
and I went to get the sample. After badgering Jack in the 
Q&A session after his presentation, I had to insist repeatedly 
"did he want the sample" before he reluctantly took it.

Word from vets was that many samples simply vanished when
given to Chppm, and they never really published publicly any of 
the actual sample break downs. Just summaries of findings 
in conjunction with OSAGWI narratives. 
My sample was conveniently destroyed, a entire baby food jar 
of sand apparently boiled down to 10 grams. That's about 10 
paper clips in terms of weight. Well, you know as well as I do 
that's more like 100 grams in a 4 ounce baby jar. 
Chppm claimed this sample was clean, other than the plastic 
content from the lid of the jar. Except, if you look at the level 
of environmental pollutants in the sample results - you can see 
what a industrial waste land Iraq is. It has more stuff in it than 
I was ever aware of, and made me wonder just how much of 
that had simply dissipated over the 8 years it sat in a jar. 
I have scanned the Chppm results verbatim, and posted them 
in the order of receipt. So read what you can from them, its quite
complicated. If anything, this is what a sample analysis should look like: 
Chppm Soil Analysis for Kirt Love, August 1999 - 4.7 megs
Page 1   Introductory letter page 1
Page 2   Introductory letter page 2
Page 3   Introductory letter page 3
Page 4   One line page
Page 5   Transfer of results
Page 6   Chppm intro results Aug 26 1999
Page 7   lab accrediting  
Page 8   part of narrative
Page 9   memorandum
Page 10   transfer of results
Page 11   Chppm intro results Aug 12 1999   
Page 12   lab accrediting
Page 13   narrative
Page 14   sample narrative
Page 15   semi volatile organics
Page 16   semi volatile organics page 2
Page 17   quality control
Page 18   semi volatile organics page 3
Page 19   semi volatile organics page 4
Page 20   semi volatile organics page 5
Page 21   semi volatile organics page 6
Page 22   soil semi volatile surrogate recovery
Page 23   soil laboratory control spike report
Page 24   semi volatile method blank summary
Page 25   semi volatile organic instrument performance check
Page 26   semi volatile organic instrument performance check 2
Page 27   response factor report
Page 28   response factor report 2
Page 29   semi volatile calibration check
Page 30   semi volatile calibration check 2
Page 31   semi volatile internal standards area and RT summary
Page 32   semi volatile internal standards area and RT summary 2
Page 33   terminology
Page 34    transfer of results Aug 3rd 1999
Page 35    Chppm intro results Aug 3rd 1999
Page 36    lab accrediting
Page 37    case narrative
Page 38    summary report
Page 39    analytical data report
Page 40    analytical data report 2
Page 41    analytical data report 3
Page 42    analytical data report 4
Page 43    quality control report
Page 44    surrogate report
Page 45    terminology
Page 46    Chppm intro results Sept 10th 1999
Page 47    lab accrediting
Page 48    case narrative
Page 49    case narrative 2
Page 50    sample summary
Page 51    analytical data report
Page 52    quality control
Page 53    control sample
Page 54    post digested spike sample report
Page 55    duplicated sample report
Page 56    pre digested spike sample report
Page 57    isotopic ratio
Page 58    terminology
Page 59    Chppm intro results Sept 10th 1999 part 2
Page 60    lab accrediting
Page 61    case narrative
Page 62    DLS final analytical report
Page 63    DLS final analytical report part 2
Page 64    sample summary
Page 65    sample summary