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Updated: April 29th 2005
We sent a joint letter to Secretary of Defense Cohen on 
October 20th 2000.  
VSO joint letter to Cohen on OSAGWI  
Text version of letter
Trouble makers in the group sprang up.
Message to group of VFW dissention
We got our response letters from Dr. Bernard Rostker 
shortly, on November 1st 2000. This would be the last 
time veterans had input into CCEP or CPG, as in 2001 
they stopped allowing veterans to attend the VSO 
meetings as I had done for years. 
UNSECDEF Bernard Rostker letter - Nov 1st, 2000 
UNSECDEF Bernard Rostker page 2 - Nov 1st, 2000
Text OCR of letter - Bernard Rostker - Nov 1st, 2000
Dr. Rostker said they welcomed veteran input at the
meetings, his predecessor Mike Kilpatrick would be 
the opposite as OSAGWI became DHSD. Instead of 
reports put out the day of the VSO meeting, they wouldn't 
even put out the information of the meeting itself. Until we 
at DBSR made DHSD start putting up its VSO meeting 
information. Which still took up to 6 months.
The Gulf War Council slowly disintegrated into 2001, 
as VFW pulled out first distancing themselves. Then 
shortly the other NSO's backed away after they claimed 
things got to political. Still, all were united for a brief 
period longer - as we all worked on HR 612.
Now the NSO's don't even show up at all for meetings like the 
IOM Gulf War Health review on April 20th 2005. Its all in 
limbo just the way DOD wants it. Sadly those that want to 
attend Pentagon functions aren't welcome, and those that 
attend say nothing to anyone. 
Its all nice giant secret program where no one can see in, 
not like in 2000. When will Gulf War issue be a public 
program again. Didn't we fight to make this public in 1997.

Old page from Nov 2000
The Gulf War Council
Composed of Veteran Service Organizations, Grass Roots groups, and Veterans. The Council meets monthly to discuss Gulf War issues and plan strategy for coping with Government entities.

The next meeting will be November 20th, 2000. Please contact any of the following for input into the meeting:

Steve Smithson - American Legion
Bill Frasure - Vietnam Veterans of America
Kirt Love - Desert Storm Battle Registry

This is the letter we sent to SECDEF William Cohen concerning advanced notice materials on future NSO meetings at the Pentagon.