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James Iredell Moss
James Moss

Tens of thousands of soldiers who served in the Gulf War are suffering from a range of physical disabilities, chronic ailments and unexplained illnesses. Their symptoms include chronic fatigue, joint and muscle aches, memory loss and rashes.

Eight years later, we still do not know the cause or causes of Gulf War Syndrome (GWS), but some very important research has been completed. Some of that research was completed by James Moss at some cost to his career.

My purpose is to share information regarding Dr. Moss' research and the research of others into GWS and to provide descriptions of various web sites related to Gulf War Syndrome which may assist Gulf War veterans, their families and students of GWS.

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  1. Timeline
  2. St. Petersburg Times Article
  3. Dallas Morning News Article
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  5. Publications
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  7. Curriculum Vitae
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If you want to learn more about Gulf War Syndrome, go to Google and do a search.

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