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       The Houston VAMC
                             2002 Holcombe Boulevard

      In this report we address the Houston VAMC, and the Gulf War
    Referral Clinic on the third floor.

      Its located on the south side of the Downtown area, and the
    location also parallels a very nice park, and Grocery Store
    that is very convenient.

      This location also adjoins the Veterans Adiminstration facility,
    so you can actually walk over to file a claim. Both have shared
    parking, and security is pretty good for over night vehicles.


                  This is the Main Entrance and the Water Garden out back,
        you can slip out to the gardens at night if cabin fever gets you.
              The first redeeming quality is that you get your own room to yourself,
              and the rooms are well maintained. It has a individual phone that anyone
              can call in on, and the door locks from inside.

             When you first meet the staff, you get the feeling your going to
             get something done. Then Ruel Wylie, and Carol Smith start
             looking for character flaws to add to psych notes. The physician
             Raye Hurwitz becomes sheepish, and it seems like the mood
             changes quickly. Before you know it your spinning your wheels
             why the staff pretends they dont see anything remarkable about
             your case. One thing you do notice, the green appointment book
             on the nurses counter has every Gulf War patient since the beginning
             of the program scribbled in it - and they only bother to write
             one note by the patients name "Psychiatry". Thats your first clue
             that youve been screwed.

              The attending staff for the month of April, 2000 was as follows:
              Primary Staff of Gulf War Clinic
              Ron Ratliff - Persian Gulf Coordinator
              Ruel D. Wiley, LWSW-ACP, - Behavioral Health and Social Services
              Raye C. Hurwitz, M.D. - Staff Physician
              Carol Smith, - Physician Assistant
              Supporting Hospital Staff
              Leslie Ledbetter, M.D. - Physician ( Dermatology )
              H. Florence Seung Kim, M.D. - ( Neuropsychology )
              Constance Moore, M.D. - ( Sleep Center )
              Ai Chi Lim ( peter ), M.D. - ( Psychiatry )
              Kimberly A. Arlinghaus, M.D. - ( Psychiatry )
              Mary J. Carr, RD, MS - ( Dietician )
              Long Tran, M.D. - ( Resident - Neuro )
              Robert J. Kolimas, M.D. - ( Neurologist )
              Laura L. Seitz - ( Audiologist )
              Jeff Lindeman, PSY.D. - ( Neuropsychologist )
              Max Hirshkowitz, PH.D, A.C.P. - ( Sleep - Clinical )
              J. Micheal Smith, P.A. C. - ( Clinical Assistant )
             Walid A. Baaklini - ( Pulmonary )
             Kee-Bun Fung, M.D. - ( Radiology )
             Ronald A. Rauch - ( Radiology )
             Chitra Chandrasekhar - ( Radiology )
             Barbara S. Costin-Maisel, M.D. - ( Radiology )

      The clinic usually has 4 veterans on the floor at a time, when I went
      the following people were staying in the clinic.

        Patient: Kirt P. Love
        Unit 141 Signal Batalion, 1ts AD
        MOS 52D ( Generator Mechanic )
        10% for Digestive Disorders,
              3rd Appeal - waiting BVA hearing
        Not satisified with visit to clinic, and
        very unhappy that clinic left a variety
        of important labs off the final report,
        things like Cardiomegally, and such.

        Andre D. McCoy
        2 ADF
        31k ( Cable Dog ) MOS
        VA Pension, 1st appeal through DAV.
             ( rare that someone gets pension vs.comp. )
        Not satisfied with his visit, still doesnt know
        anymore than he does before. Like the
        others - this was a financial hardship with
        no answers. He very sick, and lost.

        Consuelo Gonzales
        586 Maintenance Co. - 7th Corp.
        88m MOS
        0% disablity rating, 2nd appeal - DAV
        Not satisfied with her first stay with the
        clinic, the staff didnt follow up on her
        traveling rash, or other problems.
        OSAGWI knows her, yet they have
        not helped her case yet.

        Charles A. Rigby
        323 4th Marines ( Task Force Ripper )
        0341 ( Marine - mortar unit ) - MOS
        100% PTSD - 10% kidney / 30% Hepatitis C
        Not satisified with his multiple stays, even
        though he is 100% disabled - It doesnt mean
        he is improving. Cant keep weight, and the
        GI issues are hell.