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Presidential Special Oversight Board
Meeting in Washington DC
July 13th, 1999

As with pretty much all Gulf War Government hearings, 
the agencies get to speak first in the morning to get the 
media. We hear OSAGWI, and the CIA out right lie about 
what has happened - as well as how much they have 
omitted. They are allowed to talk as long as they want, 
to linger, and to even make accusations. 

Then the veterans get up to the microphone, only to hear 
Sen. Warren Rudman very harshly say "YOU ONLY HAVE 
5 MINUTES". The questioning is often brutal and chiding. 
Rudman does not hold back his contempt for Gulf War 
veterans. He even treated myself very badly when I went 
up to shake his hand, and we had never met before.

That morning I asked Admiral Zumwalt is he had received 
a special CD I had mailed him. He said yes, and I smiled 
knowing he had some decent material to review. Nothing 
came of it, and old Elmo took it to his grave.

Former VA Director Jesse Brown was pleasant with us, 
and promised us he would look into our own cases. We 
would never hear another word from him again. Yet one 
more empty promise among so many. He took that to 
his grave. 

Much like the Presidential Advisory Committee, this panel 
was composed of Government agents that were going to 
bury any other evidence that might had slipped other 
channels. The fights of the staff had been heard about, 
Dr. Vinh Cam and many of the civilian staff gave into the 
more aggressive military staff - and the vicious Warren 
Rudman. They were divided internally, and many like Bill 
Taylor openly commented that they had seen tremendous 
omissions of fact by all sides.

PSOB would be useless in the Gulf War struggle, Rudman 
and Dr. Bernard Rostker had obviously made a pact behind
closed doors.