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OSAGWI Town Hall Meeting
Fort Sam Houston
Feb 3rd, 2000

Our group was trying to draw Dr. Bernard Rostker out into
the public for the cameras. We knew he couldnt respond to
some specific questions we had at that time, but as we got
closer and closer to our plane flight time Rostker changes
things by saying he wants to see me privately at the Pentagon.

Message from OSAGWI 1/11/00:
We received your request for a meeting and will be glad to host
you and the veterans listed on the date and time requested.
However, Dr. Rostker is unavailable then and others may not be
able to come at the time you requested. We are not always able
to bring in the VA or other DoD personnel.

Message from OSAGWI 1/27/00:
In the interest of economy, we would suggest if you would like the
opportunity to meet with Dr. Rostker in an open public meeting,
you may wish to join us in San Antonio on February 3, 2000, at
7 p.m., for our scheduled town hall meeting. The meeting will be
held in Fort Sam Houston's Blesse Auditorium located in building
2841, Willis Hall, at the corner of Stanley and Hancock Roads.


So I went at great personal expense to San Antonio, and from there
it went down hill. First off, the address for the Willis Hall that
OSAGWI had put out was totally wrong - the theater was on the
other side of the base. Then when I found the building, it had "NO"
signs on it that told me it was the hall. In fact, there was nothing up
anywhere to make me believe this event was happening.

Then when Dr. Bernard Rostker, and General Vale Vesser showed
up, they looked at me, and blasted on by. In fact, the whole evening
they made "NO" effort to approach me - knowing I wanted to
talk to them.
It gets worse, as they speak they ridicule people like Dr. Garth
Nicholson as a witch doctor. Made everything sound so mysterious,
and how powerless they were against Gulf War Illness.
The ultimate insult would come from the OSAGWI staff at the back
of the room laughing, and snickering when veterans spoke at the
podiums. Gen. Vesser just snarled, and grumbled, his contempt
was very obvious.
The trip was a waste of time, I talked with most of the OSAGWI
staff out in the lobby at the end - but by then Rostker had bolted.
The trip had been a ruse on OSAGWI's part.