Shortly before Baghdad 
ZDF TV Germany  17.02.2003 
Gulf War syndrome  
A mysterious illness  
Approximately one fourth of the American Gulf War veterans are disabled
and approximately half of the veterans was in the last twelve years suffer
strange symptoms in medical treatment.   
The Pentagon has adopted the treatment-expenses of the sickened repatriates.
However officially has not acknowledged the ministry of defense the mysterious
Puzzling late-consequences 
The concept Gulf War syndrome summarizes a sum of medical problems, from
which Gulf War veterans suffer two to three marks more frequently than veterans,
who have come back from other wars. The new troubles, that appeared with the
repatriates from the gulf-region, cannot be attributed to a posttraumatic stress disorder.
Not the head but the body is sick: Joint - and muscle-pains, uncommon tiredness and
exhaustions, but also memory-problems, depressions, disturbances of the cognitive
and emotional functions - that is the typical symptom-groups, that are busy also
through numerous studies meanwhile.   
Photo by: Christoph Rumpelt  

Venus-Val Hammack and Kirt P. Love: both have come back sick from the
last Gulf war. Today, they commit themselves to other disabled veterans     
Toxic mixture? 
Experts discuss the cause of the illness still today. Was it the uranium-ammunition
with its nice radioactive dust-particle, that became scattered over Iraqi territory? Could
this radioactive material reach over the breath-organs or open wounds of the soldiers
into the body of the people? Was it chemical fight-materials in connection with the
smoke-clouds of burning oil-wells? Or did the materials of the vaccinations hardly tested
before provide against biological arms, infection-illnesses and insecticides for the troubles? -
Presumably was it the interplay of these factors. Although meanwhile great sums of money 
were put in research-projects, researchers came to no final result: The clear connection
between the symptoms and the medications earned by the troops and the chemical
burdens, that the soldiers were exposed during the war, is missing.   
Clean victory?  
Sad result for the glorious "Clean" victory of the Allied Forces: Admittedly unscathed,
but soldiers came back nevertheless sick after the sechswöchigen " operation waste-
storm ". From 700.000 soldiers, barely 300 and only 400 died was injured - however
war remains no clean issue without risks and losses, like the heavy health damages
of the ex-soldiers shows.,1872,2033856,00.html

A decade has passed since their use in the Gulf war, the event, that has changed their life drastically. Many think the soldier positive at that time from the war today differently. However independently from their personal fate and their commitment against the war - America has put the points, much indicates another use. American reality on a day " shortly before Baghdad "...

Kirt P. Love

Sick person heroes 
     Kirt P. Love is Gulf War veteran. The at that time 26-year old, athletic man was an ardent soldier, who took part with full conviction in the operation "of Desert Storm", he was started at the front. Kirt Love was one of those, that directly the dearest until to Baghdad would have gone. Today, the situation looks quite differently also like his conviction. Admittedly the military-doctor released him as healthy man, however Kirt Love is sick. He suffers from the so named Gulf War syndrome, causes through chemical Intoxination during the war. Embitter judged the momentary situation he critically in his Invaliden-Dasein. If he would have the election again, he would decide against the war and by no means to the military would go. He dissuades all young people to go to the war, because he has had to experience as it feels to "burn".



 VenusVal Hammack

Boy invalids  
     The professional soldier Venus-Val Hammack was during the Gulf war in Saudi Arabia. Also like many other soldiers, she was abandoned with attacks toxic materials several times. Today, the 47-year old also suffers from the Gulf War syndrome and is Invalidin. Venus and Kirt have learned to get themselves through their illness with a symposium. For five years, they have been longtime companions and fight for it together that Gulf War veterans, who have the syndrome, as disabled are acknowledged. Both were ready to put their life for the USA on the game, had to experience both, that they were left after the war of her state in the lurch. Venus warns of it that the danger consists of another intervention that close combat-troops had to would fight on infested battlefield without suitable protection-clothing and would abandon itself exactly like 1991 life-threatening materials.

Andrew Yates
Heaviest injuries  
Gulf War veteran Andrew Yates is a former "Ranger". he belonged to the hardest troop and was before Baghdad "truly" shortly, namely only few miles remove. There, he has marked "goals for the air forces" in the solo run with the laser-pistol at night, illuminated therefore with a laser-ray, so that the Missileses meet their goal. Later, he was shot down in his helicopter - only five soldiers survived, he was one of it. Andrew Yates suffered heaviest injuries and lost his memory at times. Still, he suffers from fear-conditions. Today, Andrew Yates works as airplane-mechanics - however he is a broken man.


Daniel Schmidt
Second round 
     Daniel Schmidt is Lieutenant of the U.S. Army and has participated in the first Gulf war at the front. He/it is the single of the protagonists, that comes back into the gulf-region this time is put in he in the " second row " however. He is responsible for the logistics of his division, organizes the supplies at ammunition, arms, tents, clothes and foods. In the first war, he was still afraid, to this war, he goes far more fatalistic. He has done no will. His conscience tells him: I don't shoot at innocent people, I defend myself only!

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