Article from 23 February 2003/source: Sundays view
SonntagsBlick - online ( Switzerland )
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Kirt Love and Venus Hammack make mobile against the war
Bushs hardest opponents
War victim: Kirt Love and Venus Hammack are ill since the Gulf War - now they resist a new war.
As a war hero Kirt Love wanted to come to the Gulf War home. As ill a man it returned. Now it fights against its suffering, against the government and against a new war.
"I am very much disappointed." Kirt Love tries to remain calm. In vain. "the government does not want to see their debt!" For ten years he suffers from the Gulf War syndrome. The Gulf War
veteran had two years on that Report institutes of the OF Medicine waited, which was published last Tuesday. 600 sides. Result: One found no cause for its illness. Mechanic was Kirt Love at that time in the US Army, when he was sent with 26 for the employment in the operation "Desert Storm" from Nuernberg to Saudi Arabia.
"I thought, we Kuwait would release and as war heroes would return. Naively, not?" By December 1990 until May 1991 Love was stationed in the Gulf region. "we had to obey the instructions, so laeufts in the Army. We stood like cattle in a row and got thirteen different inoculation. No notion, which."
After its return to the USA Kirt Love became ever more kraenker. "I could not breathe, had chest pain, digesting disturbances and paralyses. When eating it felt, as if I down-swallowed a package of nails. I went to 1993 nearly drauf, the whole year into emergency photographs. In my inside it burned like hell." Love became acquainted with Venus Hammack, a fate companion. Those today 47- Jaehrige worked in the Gulf War as Rechtsberaterin in the staff of general Norman black head.
She was a favourite of the press, the beautiful black soldier, who fought for a "fair thing". Since Hammack at the Gulf War syndrome suffers, the US press is not interested any longer in her. "before a few years weighed it still 44 Kilos", says Love. "more lived you in hospitals than outside. It is worst that their memory is concerned."
Both veterans live today together in a little house in Shenandoah Valley, in Virginia, one hour from Washington DC far away. If they go away, they have always a wheelchair thereby if one of both needs it. The water, which they drink, the air, which they breathe, are filtered. In the food it may not have preservatives, outward eats lies not in it. "soup, milk, Parfum, everything makes us ill", thus for Love. "and the medicine, which helps today, works no more tomorrow already."
Love received 103 dollar monthly for the fact that its life is destroyed. After lengthy fights before court there is today 600 dollar. Love and Hammack created, collect 1997 the "Desert Storm Battle Registry" data over the Gulf War syndrome, document everything, write daily offices and organizations.
In a peaceful solution Kirt Love does not believe however any longer. "Bush goes it around the oil - like many for it to die, is all the same to it." But the war will cost its office to the presidents, is safe there itself of Love. Bitterly it adds: "as surely as in the fact that the policy of the Bush clan cost more the health to than 243,000 Gulf War veterans."