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Sun Bo - former Chinese Diplomat 
to Kuwait - 1990-1991


"My name is Bo Sun, and I was a Chinese Diplomat in Kuwait
during the Gulf War  (1990-1991). After the Gulf War, I returned
to my hometown to teach in the English Department in
China's Yantai University."
April 19th, 20th, 21st, 2003: A Chinese Camera crew came to shoot
myself as part of a duel documentary. Sun Bo would be filmed
in China, and I here in Virginia. Both are sick from our time in
the Persian Gulf in 1990-1991. This would be the last I hear from
these people.
November 18th, 2004: Sun Bo and I finally met in Washington DC.
He tells me his personal story, or lets just say as much as can
be covered in the few hours we talked. It didn't occur to me that
he was held by Iraqi troops in the occupation of Iraq, or that his
story would be of such tremendous difficulties so similar to mine.
Only that he was there a full year, and out in the thick of it. That
his illness would consume his life, and drive him to push so hard
for answers as to how he became so ill.
Since this is early in the story of our meeting, this page will be
updated as there is more details to work with. For now, dialogue
is ongoing as we try to set him up with American Doctors to give
him a workup. There is work to convince the Chinese Embassy
to allow him back for more medical test, and also talk with American
Gulf War medical researchers of his parallel conditions.
Article about Sun Bo:
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