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      The July 12th, 1999 VSO meeting at Pentagon

    On July 12th of 1999 Dr. Bernard Rostker spoke to the Veteran Service Organizations
    about closing OSAGWI. The conversation started of how they felt their job was about
    over, and they were looking for input from the VSO's.

      Venus Hammack was the first to speak up stating this decision seemed quite premature.
    She elegantly stated her position, and observations, which then sparked several other
    areas of interest.

      Ed Bryan was concerned with the Oil well fires, and wanted more research.

      Kirt Love started with personal records, bunker demolitions, silicosis, mycoplasma,
    and his own personal experiences with Rostkers staff.

      Paul Sullivan, and Dan Fahey droned on about DU, which got groans from everyone.
    Then Paul asked for Dr. Bernard Rostker's resignation, and handed him a small
    stack of FOIA's. A few times James Tuitte stepped in to question Bernie, and like
    the rest found Bernie sticking to over simplified answers.

      Bill Frasure ( VVA ) was quite unhappy with Rostker, and his team - he spoke his fill
    and then sat back.

      Matt Puglisi ( American Legion ) stated some facts, and commented.

      All in all the meeting was pointless, other than the fact that most did not agree with
    OSAGWI shutting down. DAV rep was quite happy with this idea, but it seemed
    the general census was more needed doing.


      What caught my attention was after leaving the meeting room at the E-wing, I was
      approached by one of General Dale Vessers assistants. She handed me this very
      letter, and asked me if I understood what she had given me. I laughed and said I
      had gotten earlier.

      It looked like OSAGWI wanted to scare me about how they handle outside classified
      materials. This letters states its either them, or Department of Justice, with no terms. Its
      not hard to see why so many walked away instead of giving their material to OSAGWI.
      The NBC Logs had been a learning experience for all, and no one wanted to end up
      in the same position.

      Ive written a variety of letters asking OSAGWI to use their executive authority to
      grant special immunity for people to come forward with materials. To this day they
      act as if Executive Power doesnt mean they can do anything about this - yeah right.

                    Here is the letter for your review, see what you think.