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The Desert Storm War Wagon
The RV was a wasting burned out hulk on a car lot back 
in Texas, and in 1998 I bought it out of desperation so 
that when I lost my business I would have a place to stay. 
450 mind numbing hours of work, and all the scrap materials 
of my former shop went into making it road worthy. Well, 
I should say getting it to move - it was a daily job just to 
get it to start more or less run.
I lived in this thing from February 13th, 1998 to August 25th, 
2000. 2 and a half years of every kind of problem you could 
imagine. This was my life raft until I could find a way to 
Washington DC. 
But, in the process of bringing it to Virginia in 2001 the engine 
and transmission were giving out. 30 years of sitting had done 
more harm to this old rig than my driving it 9,000 miles. So 
began the process of rebuilding it for its new adventures in the Washington DC arena. 
I have been slowly rebuilding it over the last 2 years, and it has 
been quite a experience. I have learned how to weld aluminum 
and rebuild a 727 transmission from scratch. Mostly because 
I cant afford to pay someone else to do it.
As of September 2003 I finally finished building the engine and 
the transmission. A person donated a busted 727 tranny, and I 
had to pay to get a rare transmission mount made from scratch. 
Other parts are from buses and semi trucks, no sense trying to 
retro fit thirty year old stuff when sometimes newer is better. 
After fighting with so many ancient undercarriage parts, its 
become apparent by 2005 that its simply not worth saving this 
old hulk. The engine and tranny might hold, but there are too 
many other parts that could break from age for me to risk 
driving it myself. This is a project for someone younger and 
better condition than me. So Ive retired her as of 2005.

   1999 on its travels   
 2001 tear down
 2005 - The new War Wagon