Nerve Agent Pre-treatment Set

Pyridostigmine Bromide

In the following pages you will find a compendium of in-depth information about Pyridostigmine Bromide. Most of the information relates direvctly to 60mg MESTINON tablets as data sheets for 30mg tablest don't seem to be available.

Because Pyridostigmine Bromide is a Carbamate, a synthetic organophosphate, I have incuded a Health and Safety leaflet, MS17, regarding biological monitoring of workers exposed to this stuff

There is a also an extract from the London Gazette which details the licence granted for NAPS

Also included are three study papers relating to NAPS. One, the Duke Uni report referres to an Israeli report which I dont have, if anyone has it, could they please forward it for inclusion here.

Finally, for your persual, there are a couple of letters to and from the makers of this drug, Solvay Duphar and Roche!

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