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Website debunking the Special Assistant 
for Gulf War Illnesses
green line
Updated: January 22nd, 2007 
Come join our Organization as we face down the agency that lies about 
Gulf War issues. Deployment Health Support Directorate
1995 - 20,000,000 Gulf War military records declassified
1996 - 6,000,000 files given to OSAGWI to put on website
1996 - 1,700,000 files are medically relevant
1997 - 42,943 put up on gulflink.osd.mil website
At a cost of $150,000,000 less than .007% of the Gulf War Military 
records have been declassified for public release. 16 years later 
99.993% is classified , and the Pentagon has vowed to reclassify 
these records. This include Confidential Records that should have 
been released at the 15 year mark.
On February 14th 1999 I sent OSAGWI a FOIA asking for the bulk 
of its records names be declassified, and sent to me. I received a 
partial reply from General Vesser in a box with 2,877 pages, and 
two CD's. On the CD was the Structured database file and other part 
was a unstructured file. Again, only of the 42,943 files on the 
public server. In the Nov 5th1999 response letter from OSAGWI to 
me they explained they were processing the classified portion of the 
log sheets for me. That was the last I ever heard from them on paper 
concerning this FOIA. It remains mostly unanswered to this day 
on the other 6,000,00 files.
OSAGWI database file of 42,943 files 
OSAGWI response to me concerning partial response to FOIA
The Pentagon hides behind Executive Order 13292 so that the bulk 
of what happened in the Gulf remains hidden from the public. Except 
this is criminal intent to withhold information of neglect, misconduct, 
mishandling, and much worse during the Gulf War. The very same 
people who say nothing happened are the ones with full knowledge 
of those records, and vow to conceal them at all cost. The same people 
who lead us back to Iraq again under false terms, and created yet another 
disaster to live down.  
There should be FULL public disclosure, and we have the right to know 
what really happened in Iraq from 1990 to present.

How to complain to Veteran Affairs about your health care

Gulf War, and Operation Iraqi Freedom
November 9th, 2006: RAC in Dallas, IOM ALS, Gulf War Registry, Gulf War Review
On November 6th and 7th it had been hoped the SWU funding contract 
would have been signed by VA in time for the meeting, it was not. So 
of course it could not be discussed as where the plans are. So day 1 was 
fill materials on FMRI imaging techniques. Not a well balanced meal 
in the research circles. Day 2 had its good moments of which I will not 
discuss because DHSD is at my website every two hours trying to get 
a look. So for now I will remain quite on much of it, let them figure out 
the rest on their own. I won many battles, and I wont talk about it yet. 
Researchers: the Preliminary deadline for the DOD Gulf War Illness 
RFA proposals is December 1st 2006. Please send a proposal to:
After the resignation of Deputy Director Donald Rosenblum at VA, the 
Gulf War Review has no publisher. Supposedly VA is reviewing the new 
person but it also sounds like its just Mark Brown and Craig Hyams doing 
the reviewing which means a OSAGWI legacy plant will get in and make 
the Review worse. Its not even paper bound anymore but electronic, and 
Mark Brown could care less if any of us ever saw it again. Why should he 
care, he is not a Gulf War vet. 
July 2006 issue
The newest WRIISC, Gulf War Registry, OIF, Agent Orange, and other data 
for Nov 2006 has been released by VA. Here they are in order: 
Registry VISN report 
Korea Registry report 
WRIISC stats report 
EH Coordinators Phone Book 
EH Clinicians Phone Book  
With the advent of the Mandatory Anthrax vaccine being reinstated comes 
the announcement of the MBVP, the Military Biodefense Vaccine Project.
Teamed up with the NVIC - the National Vaccine Information Center they 
struggle to deal with the complex problems brought about by this totally 
unnecessary vaccine program that even the GAO has spoke ill of. Not to 
mention the Supreme Court Injunction to stop further injuries from this 
vaccine. If you have a Anthrax vaccine question or problem, here is the 
real source.
The Institute of Medicine of the National Academies will be releasing a
report, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in Veterans: A Review of the
Scientific Literature, on Friday, November 10, 2006 
I spoke at the Mental Health Task Force's when it came to Fort Hood 
on September 20th, and the transcripts show I got in about 22 pages of 
material concerning PTSD from 1990 to present. 
Transcript of day 
News article: 
Soldiers tell task force of their struggle to find peace after war
October 16th, 2006: The coming election, and the anti-vets
The year is certainly not without it's surprises, and yet people always 
seem to be at there worst when it comes to Gulf War vets. What has
this country got against us, and why do things have to be so harsh.
The IOM will announce that though Infectious Disease are a issue among 
Gulf War vets, some of the more serious disease have little long term
problems. As I listened to the presentation I felt ill at the contempt the 
committee demonstrated, and the arrogance. Except, they did not care 
about the changes in diagnostics over the last 15 years in many issues 
like Leishmaniasis. There wasn't even any real testing done for this until 
1996, and it is something that is largely ignored in current exams. So when 
I pointed out that there were 22 confirmed C. Leishmania cases from the 
Gulf War, and the numbers might be much higher if a proper screening 
had been done  - the director of the committee said he didn't care if it was 
22, 200, or 2000 cases. That was not there job to address. Of course not, 
why start a panic by telling people they have a disease when you can 
ignore the diagnostics just like they do with OIF today. So they wont even 
put out a press release because they felt it wasn't important enough to do 
so. Yeah, that's right - don't give people a heads up if it could help them. 
Just put out press releases like the last one saying there is no Gulf War 
syndrome. This shows the IOM is the lapdog of VA, and especially Mark 
Brown at VA who ever since the PAC in 1995 has had a axe to grind 
against us. He oversees the contracts, and the way VA uses them.
http://newton. nap.edu/catalog/ 11765.html 
The Pentagon will once again force the Anthrax Vaccine on the soldiers. 
This is a unnecessary thing to do because right now there is no global 
threat to use it, and if Anthrax was used on troops point blank then no amount 
of vaccine will protect them. Why ruin peoples lives with this vaccine, and 
not give them a choice whether they will or wont take it. This is a sore 
subject with Gulf War vets, and a lie perpetuated on the military by use 
of technicalities to claim the vaccine is safe when in fact it is not. The 
vaccine should be scrapped altogether as no version of it has actually 
really passed live testing since the 1960's. Even the newest version have 
failed testing trials. That's part why there was a Supreme Court injunction, 
this damn thing isn't safe or fare to the troops. 
In November 6th, 7th, the VA RAC meets in Dallas Texas instead of 
Washington, DC. There was time to prepare in September, but several 
people have thwarted my efforts to get participation for this event. It is 
as if the people tied to this event want it to fail, which makes no sense. 
So I start this week soliciting people throughout Texas to attend what is 
the last Gulf War program left to us. I have asked the committee to make 
the recommendation to instate a coordinating board to take the strain off 
of them when it comes to non-research issues. I've made several request, 
and all I can do now is push people to just show up. Good, bad, or 
indifferent - people need to see how the system works. 
As I had said before, VA is going to wait out the $15,000,000 funding 
passed by Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. Why, because Dr. Haley wants 
to use some of the funding, and VA only wants him only to distribute it. 
There has to be a middle ground on this, where Dr. Haley uses some of 
it but assures that other credible researchers get some. Then again, 
I agree with Dr. Haley that VA would probably just want to fund more 
psychiatric research instead of genuine neurological. A example being 
the WRIISC putting out a study suggesting that 40% of vets coming to 
them have Neurotic Depression. A neurology clinic making a antiquated 
psychiatric diagnosis, sounds planned. So it looks like VA will kill off this 
Gulf War research program by doing like it tried to do with PL 105-368,
and just let this lie in limbo several years. They can't have something 
that works in our benefit, as VA wants to drive off ALL Gulf War vets. 
That's why they put out that Press release with the last IOM report on 
Health Effects, saying "No Gulf War syndrome" so they could grind us 
under there heals. 
The Bush Administration "HATES" Gulf War vets.
September 22nd, 2006: The need for real Government Oversight
Several events have taken place that I have not posted. But, I cant 
post these items because right now I have a higher Government 
readership than veteran. Still, I will comment a little bit as we head 
into October.
The bad guys in DC are using my website and mail list as a way to 
divert what support is left. So since July I have even survived multiple DOD 
and VA attacks on my website to try to even divert email to them. 
Of which I turned over to Government Reform. 
The last RAC meeting was loaded with neurological information, 
but left out the audience. So the RAC meeting at the Dallas VAMC
in November 6th, 7th should be better as far as public participation. But, 
VA has already stepped in to try, and stop participation by technicality
just as its trying to to kill the SWU funding by keeping Dr. Haley from 
using it. Dirty pool. 
The IOM Gulf War Health effects Volume 4 report was a travesty 
of wasted effort, and missed materials. Even the press release was
written by Mark Brown at VA to do the most harm possible. He 
denies he wrote it, but by even saying this means others have said 
to him he wrote it. Mark Brown is the worst thing to happen to Gulf 
War issues, and desperately needs to resign. As does Kelly Brix. 
The IOM reports show a malicious intent he pushes from behind. 
My phone has rang off the hook from so many things to include the 
Mental Health Task Force that came to Fort Hood. This meeting at 
the Plaza hotel was a planned disaster, hardly anyone was notified 
till the day it happened. Still, I showed up with about 7 others as we 
challenged the board to do more than it was. Major Duda was the 
audience plant to make the committee look good, but was as phoney 
as a 3 dollar bill when he spoke to them. All in all General Kiley was 
a impressive character in all of this, and surprised me many times. 
But, his fellow panel members looked like they could care less to be 
The lack of notification no doubt was on purpose so they could report 
back to Sec. Rumsfeld that there are no problems at Fort Hood. They 
will probably do the same trick to other bases in the future so that the 
report will look like what they want it to say. What is missing are the 
OIF soldiers themselves that the system isn't taking care of and will 
continue not to if this committee continues as is. 
Walter Reed finally wrote a report stating that blood transfusion of 
Leishmaniasis has happened. Ironically I had pitched to the FDA in 
2003 that Iraqi Leishmaniasis was a threat to the American blood 
supply. Little was done to protect it, and now its happened. So 
increasingly I am seeing more and more soldiers at Fort Hood that 
Darnell Hospital is not taking care of on Leishmaniasis. One case I'm dealing 
with now has gone on for 3 years, and he faces boarding. But, not a 
medical retirement he is entitled to. Without even being seen by Walter 
Reed for his aggravated condition. How many hundreds of troops are now 
Viseralizing and DOD is hiding the fact. Much less even getting a full 
post deployment screening. Talk down here is Darnell both doesn't care, 
and treats these cases with shame. Even allowing positive cases to 
donate blood, a story the Killeen Daily Herald locally decided to drop 
for whatever reasons months ago. 
Iraq has been a 15 year legacy where American troops received 
substandard care, and apparently the OIF troops are doomed to 
repeat. I've watched it through out these many years, tried to be 
proactive in 2002 with DOD on much of this, and find the soldiers 
carrying the burden as DOD drops the ball. The walking wounded 
carrying the wounded for 15 years, and I guess for 15 more. 
Gulf War troops are treated worse than ever, and having got away 
with it DOD / VA are doing the same to OIF. We need Government 
Oversight so badly, and there is none. 
Why wont anyone really help us, and stop just saying they are?
July 14th 2006: Southwestern University funding in jeopardy
With little fan fare, the VA / DOD cloak and dagger strategy to try 
and Welch on the Southwestern University $15 million a year funding 
is becoming a issue. The claim now is VA General Council is drafting 
a contract to negotiate with SWU on how the money will be spent.
More likely this is a repeat of 1998 PL 105-368 wherein VA waited 
out the budget deadline for the WRIISC center. After two years the 
$241 million dollar budget lapsed, and VA didn't have to build a stand 
alone center. Instead, the teamed up with Walter Reed Army Hospital 
to trivialize the program down to a small number of rooms in a VAMC 
in DC and New Jersey. Sec Anthony Principi parades it out in a 
different package that was designed to fail. A bastardized version of 
what had been presented on the hill, and down graded as well as 
repackaged until it passed as a sliver of the original PL draft.
In the back ground DHSD was hinted working with the media to help 
write a slam piece article of the Southwestern University funding. Its 
not hard to understand why either. If DOD / VA kills the University 
funding - it doesn't revert back to VA and they finally get rid of Gulf 
War Illness research altogether. The goal is to drive vets away, and 
this is something I have witnessed personally year after year on the 
hill. Its criminal they are funded to run interference rather than help.
July 6th 2006: DHWG 2004 /2005 Annual reports to Congress
After two years of DOD simply ignoring Section 707 of Public Law 
102-585, they finally release the annual Gulf War Research reports 
to Congress. But, the reports are little more than observations of others 
work than a note worthy attempt at recommendations for research. 
Its so frustrating to read the 129 page report because it says so little 
in such a gigantic volume. But, you can see they hide behind global 
research that is not even Gulf War to pump up the volume. The lack 
of strategy, guidance, or long term plan is clear as this waste of tax 
payer money ignores possibilities in favor of psychological research. 
Gulf War medical research is in desperate need of fresh government 
blood, and not these stodgy legacy personnel relics of the OSAGWI 
administration flavoring the hill with there animosity toward the vets.
Gulf War Report to Congress - 2004
Gulf War Report to Congress - 2005
June 29th 2006: D-cycloserine for PTSD
A drug used for years to treat tuberculosis is being tried 
at the San Francisco VA Medical Center as a way of tapping 
into the circuitry of the brain that unlearns the fear response. 
What some fear is this is a repeat of the mind control experiments 
in the days of MK-ultra. If you screw with memory and learning, 
then what you have is mind control - as like depicted in the remake 
of the Manchurian candidate. 
This doesn't sound like a good idea.
June 16th 2006: IOM on Gulf War PTSD
The IOM published the "Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Diagnosis 
and Assessment" report. Which turned out to be a surprise in that 
it wasn't the usual VA fanfare of other IOM reports. 
It offered some good observations, and then blew it on the 
co morbidity survey and analogies. Most noticeably missing in 
this like most government reports is accountability of leadership, 
and that military leaders in the field can get away with murder 
while subjecting enlisted to all kinds of atrocities. Then afterwards 
the military hides behind the Feres Doctrine to avoid legal action. 
It just shows the "Army of One" recruiting strategy was well 
planned to isolate a soldier from help when things go wrong. 
Leaving the soldier even more traumatized by the time they 
are drummed out of the military on something like "Sports 
related injury" or worse. 
PTSD is very real, but there is a darker side that still is being 
glossed over that will backfire with Operation Iraqi Freedom. 
The troops don't come back deprogrammed, and don't decompress 
in time to reintegrate into the American rat race. There will be 
a noticeable rise just in traffic accidents of deployed bases of 
those that drive like they are still in Iraq. With that back thought 
of driving to avoid the IED's. and road rage of a different kind.
May 15th, 16th 2006: RAC meeting
With the newly appointed panel it was hoped that the RAC 
might be heading a fresh direction. Instead when the 
meetings started it was clear that VA had picked ringers 
for the board to support its agenda. For two days board 
members droned on obscurely about themselves while 
the points were not driven home. Worse yet, Dr. Clauw 
towed the Somatization wagon in a really negative way.
Many feel he is on board just looking for funding.
It looks like more of the same from the RAC. More years 
of nothing while passing itself off as productive. 
As usual the audience was treated with disdain as if it 
had nothing to offer the committee. Still, I was able to 
pitch a 28 slide PowerPoint in 5 minutes at the end of 
the day with multiple valid points. 
Its not hard to see the RAC will not survive much longer, 
especially without its golden child Dr. Robert Haley who 
had to resign over the Southwestern University funding. 
Though he will continue Gulf War Research at UT with the 
new $15 million a year program, it has to operate separately 
from the RAC to be ethical.
April 6th 2006: WRIISC, GW Registry, DHWG, IOM, CCEP
These are the VA Registry stats for Agent Orange, Ioninizing
Radiation, Gulf war, Gulf War II, and the WRIISC in DC as of
April 6th 2006. 
I talked with Cpt Brian Jones today who is a member of the 
Deployment Health Working Group. The ones that put out the 
annual reports to Congress on Gulf War Illness medical 
research. I pleaded the need for the DHWG to be a public 
program with a public website. That there failing to produce a 
2004 and 2005 report to Congress hurt the veterans issue. 
He was unable to comment on behalf of the committee, and 
left that upto the non-responsive Mike Kilpatrick of Force 
Health Protection to answer. To date the DHWG has been a 
secret entity that operates outside of public view or opinion. 
Part of the Force Health Protection program campaign to 
hide in plain sight, which has only worsened since 2001. 
Though the Clinical Comprehensive Evaluation Program was 
killed off in June 2002, the Deployment Health Clinical Center 
websites own words says "CCEP is not going away".
Walter Reed is having to revise the website so that this 
misleading fact doesn't screw up the release of the VA 
EH coordinators $60,000 training materials discussing 
this very program. 
The IOM is scheduled to release its Gulf War and Health 
Volume 4 (Health Effects of Serving in the Gulf War) report 
at the end of May. But, in a surprise move they are moving 
up the release of the Gulf War PTSD study to June 2006. 
This would be 6 months ahead of schedule shortly following 
the Health effects report. Word on the street is that VA wants 
to say that Gulf War vets suffer from substance abuse, and 
that Gulf War Illness is not real. The IOM reports in May and 
June will no doubt reflect the hostile position of VA towards Gulf 
War vets. They are in no rush to release the IOM Infectious 
Disease study scheduled for release in January 2007.
http://www8.nationalacademies.org/cp/projectview.aspx?key=HPDP-H-04-04-A http://www.iom.edu/CMS/3793/26245.aspx 
VA is close to announcing the its Gulf War Tissue repository 
program, to take the place of the Armed Forces Institute of 
Pathology secret program. It was the unwillingness of the AFIP 
to cooperate with researchers that lead to the new VA program. 
The Gulf War Review will no longer be printed. Instead it will be 
released on the VA website. Agent Orange and Ionizing Radiation 
Reviews will still be printed, as those programs are still Congressionally 
funded. The Gulf War Registry funding lapsed on December 31st 2003, 
and is slated for shutdown early 2007. 
Last years public laws that were passed to get both VA and DOD funding 
for Gulf War Illness Research are in limbo. $30 million is tied up 
in processing issues that will lead to it remaining unused as was the 
2005 Gulf War Illness research funding. With no Government oversight 
in place the things continue to worsen, as there is no centralized 
organization to govern it. Only informal alliances in DC that have 
privatized it on both sides. 
Government Reform is taking a half hearted stab at investigating a few
Gulf War issues right now, but the subcommittee's history of no prosecution 
of Government Gulf War issue violators has made it a joke in DC. 
14 hearings and no DOJ's. Its as is if they were supposed to fail at this, 
which implies a heavy Republican influence on the subcommittee.
May 15th, 16th the Research Advisory Committee meets in 
Washington DC to cover the 2006 Gulf war Research agenda.
February 27th 2006: Acinetobacter Baumannii 
After a detailed discussion with CHPPM, I was alarmed to find out that 
since Acinetobacter is only considered a infection - its not being tracked 
by the medical community or reported as a disease would. So though 
there were 280 cases mid last year of this infection in military troops, 
there are no Government policies in place to disclose this. 
So at Landstuhl, Germany patients swarming with the colonized infection 
on their skin are coming into contact with other patients as they pass 
this infection along. Even the privacy curtains in the rooms become 
a transmission source as not only do the patients touch them, but 
much of the hospital staff there as well. As little as a handshake is 
all it takes.
So three Canadian soldiers come into contact with the American 
soldiers at Landstuhl, and bring the infection home to Canada. 
Hospitals around America are in the same boat as these American 
soldiers come back from Iraq spreading Acinetobacter from one 
hospital to the next. A super bug that cant be wiped out by normal 
means, waiting to infect sicker patients who have weakened immune 
systems. A uncontrolled potential epidemic because of Government 
policy loop holes.
February 18th 2006: The Soldiers Ride 
Disabled veterans from Iraqi Freedom ride there way across Key West 
Florida this weekend for charitable donations to help wounded soldiers 
returning from Iraq. DSBR is happy to sponsor part of this trip as a
loyal supporter of the troops in Iraq. 
Soldiers Ride - donations for wounded soldiers
February 17th 2006: IOM post PTSD presentation 
These are the links to the Monday IOM presentations.
Fw: Gulf War and Health: Stress, Open Meeting, Presentations and St
February 15th 2006: Save the Gulf War Registry  
DSBR, and members of Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation meet 
with Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison staff Wednesday to discuss several 
programs. In this meeting I call for a extension of the Gulf War Registry 
program from its December 31st 2003 end date to Dec 2013. 
OIF troops are generally unaware that they can get a GWR exam. So 
VA is asking around to see what the problem is with the program. 
Legislation Proposal before VA Subcommittee
February 13th 2006: PTSD - IOM meeting 
Its a massive turn out to hear what the medical community has to say 
about PTSD, and Iraq. Turns out to be better than expected except for 
the remarks of Sally Satel who hits a sour note even with the IOM staff. 
The Vietnam Vets turn out out in mass for this, and a few OIF troops. 
Sadly, I am the only Gulf War veteran at what is supposed to be a 
Gulf War IOM meeting.
IOM meeting February 13th 2006 - Gulf War PTSD
February 9th 2006: The politics of PTSD 
Writer Denise Ford shakes up the blogger community with a sweeping 
article on the politics of PTSD. About the same time the Doonesbury 
cartoon strips is making similar remarks. 
Blaming the Veteran: The Politics of PTSD -- Part 1
February 7th 2006: Leishmaniasis, Fort Hood 
Since December I am arguing with Walter Reed Army Hospitals point man 
LTC Peter Weina about the reported numbers of Leishmaniasis in Iraq 
among the troops. Articles had been posted that by Dec 2005 the numbers 
of positive cases are around 840. As I pointed out, Chppm shows that there 
were 1,178 cases by November 2004. So how can there be less cases 
in 2005 than 2004. DOD is covering up the numbers.
LTC Peter Weina response - 1,178 Leishmaniasis cases in November 2005
Worse yet, Darnell Army Hospital at Fort Hood is telling soldiers they can 
give blood even if they tested positive for Leishmaniasis. Apparently they are 
not aware of DOD blood donation policy on soldiers testing positive for 
Leishmaniasis. Its a PERMANENT deferral. That means lifetime ban.
Armed Services Blood Program
January 20th 2006: VDBC - Anthrax Vaccine Presumption 
Since August 2005 I have argued with the Veterans' Disability Benefit 
Commission about the fact that VA is not granting Service Connection 
for the Anthrax Vaccine though in Title 38 its says they do. Turns out 
the Secretary of VA has never signed off the positive association, so 
they wish to ignore the issue.
Dr. Meryl Nass presents to the committee on January 20th of her 
understanding of the Anthrax Vaccine program's problems from Gulf 
War to present. To include this problem with Title 38 on Presumption. 
The committee acts like its the first time they have heard of this and 
show interest. I for one have my doubts the VDBC is sincere in its 
efforts, and question if this committee really is trying to help the vets. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gulflink/message/9158
January 17th 2006: Temple Texas Teague VAMC 
I stopped into the Temple VAMC to check in on the Environmental 
Health coordinator. As I looked around the lobby for literature or 
displays to find this person, ( and finding none ) I was approached 
by a staffer. She asked me what I was doing, and I said a unannounced 
inspection. I was then escorted to security where I was held for 30 
minutes as they grilled me on who I was. After I called DC VA for 
back up, they sent the EH coordinator to rescue me from security. 
She turned out to be great. 
After our visit I was asked back up to the directors office. After a 
few more questions they asked me if I was chartered by Congress, 
I said no. Then the next question, was I non-profit. I said no. They 
then said "Then why am I talking to you". And it was over. 
Its this paranoid over reaction of this facility that makes me wonder 
what they have to hide. In the 13 years of visiting VAMC's nation wide 
this was the worst treatment I ever received at a VAMC. To include
the very same facility back in 1994, when it wasn't near this bad. 
How can this center lead the nation in Gulf War vets exams if its so 
openly hostile towards them.
January 15th 2006: PTSD 
Increasingly the question is rising on what level are the troops being 
effected by the daily carnage in Iraq. The IOM announces a public 
meeting in February to discuss it in more detail as a research issue. 
The final report to publish late 2006.
January 6th 2006: No more Hoptel at WRIISC in DC 
A disgruntled vet gets angry at VA, and cracks down on them refusing 
his wife a Hoptel room for one night in DC. The WRIISC rebels after the 
stink by cutting off Hoptel services to spouses of soldiers staying at the 
WRIISC in Washington DC. Once again VA vastly over reacts to a 
situation by punishing the veteran community if they do something 
wrong. This is a really poor idea as this part of DC is not a safe place 
to walk at night, much less stay at a hotel down the road. 
New hiccup with WRIISC clinic in DC - No Hoptel anymore

We continue here at DSBR to ask questions, and ask that you join
our discussion group at GulfLINK Mail List.

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