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Website debunking the Special Assistant 
for Gulf War Illnesses
green line
Updated:  January 17th, 2020
This website is from the early days of OSAGWI and is reflective of the
beginning appearance.  It does not look like the last incarnation only
because that got so watered down. The military Gulflink keeps changing
hands and URL's to hide it. There eventual goal is to delete it outright.
Once I die off then this website fades, they win, and it all will vanish. Forgotten
chapter of America. Until then, this website is a reminder of those forgotten
vets betrayal by America.

DOD sits on a vast amount of records that the bulk have been reclassified Top
Secret to be hidden for 50 years. Under the guise of WMD clause in the
national security records review system. Originally the records were listed
and reviewed like this:
1995 - 20,000,000 Gulf War military records declassified
1996 - 6,000,000 files given to OSAGWI to put on website
1996 - 1,700,000 files are medically relevant
1997 - 42,943 put up on website

At a cost of $150,000,000 less than .007% of the Gulf War Military 
records have been declassified for public release. 16 years later 
99.993% is classified , and the Pentagon has vowed to reclassify 
these records. This include Confidential Records that should have 
been released at the 15 year mark. They were not, and not at 20 years,
25 years, or 30 years. To protect private interest that profited from the war
and protect government officials from over 44,000 mistakes made there.

On February 14th 1999 I sent OSAGWI a FOIA asking for the bulk 
of its records names be declassified, and sent to me. I received a 
partial reply from General Vesser in a box with 2,877 pages, and 
two CD's. On the CD was the Structured database file and other part 
was a unstructured file. Again, only of the 42,943 files on the 
public server. In the Nov 5th1999 response letter from OSAGWI to 
me they explained they were processing the classified portion of the 
log sheets for me. That was the last I ever heard from them on paper 
concerning this FOIA. It remains mostly unanswered to this day 
OSAGWI database file of 42,943 files 
OSAGWI response to me concerning partial response to FOIA
on the other 6,000,00 files.

The Pentagon hides behind Executive Order 13292 so that the bulk
of what happened in the Gulf remains hidden from the public. Except
this is criminal intent to withhold information of neglect, misconduct,
mishandling, and much worse during the Gulf War. The very same
people who say nothing happened are the ones with full knowledge
of those records, and vow to conceal them at all cost. The same people
who lead us back to Iraq again under false terms, and created yet another
disaster to live down.
There should be FULL public disclosure, and we have the right to know 
what really happened in Iraq from 1990 to present. Only, America has
no interest in the truth or the rights of her veterans. This is a shameful
chapter of our history that ended up sending troops back and back under
false pretenses then betrayed them as well. We even protested sending
the troops in 2003, proven right for doing so, and still glossed over as the
occupation of Iraq went sour. Now a 2 trillion eye sore that America wants
to forget. There is no justice for the vets that served there then or now. There
wont till everyone connected to this has been dead a long time. The truth
buried not for national security, but economics, and the millions of lives
it destroyed over oil prices.

January 17th, 2021

Distractions from justice, misdirection, business as
usual for America

Sadly, America now has all it needs to de-evolve into a police state.
The media twist the story to win favor with warring political parties.
Endless posturing. But, as the storming of the capital fades from view
people quickly return to the past methods of life. Momentum is lost as
things quickly loose meaning. Just deploy the troops, and build fences.
Thats what has gone for 20 years in DC and it has not improved things.

Started with George Bush need to drive out the grass roots groups back
in 2001. I watched the Pentagon wall itself off, and barricades go up
around the White House and Capital. Each year got darker and more
obscure. By 2009 DC cut itself off from the population and became a
closed city. Then Obama started signing executive orders to make it
more and more obscure. In comes Trump, and cut it all off hard. No access
and Congress walls itself off with indifference.

What we have left now is a divided country filled with factions that are
getting bolder because no one helps no one. The last few minorities willing
to try taking a stab at the capital the last year. Blacks got held back
military style, and the Whites over ran the Capital with little blocking them.
The double standards of both extremes, and everything in between.

What we have is a dysfunctional system living in the past that needs to
evolve. It needs to shed all the built up legalese and obscure laws that
clutter it books. Time to simplify, and let the people choose laws a
different way. By majority votes via the internet. Stop letting a dead
congress keep passing economic treacle that only the rich benefit from.
Repair our infrastructure, keep the money at home. Stop giving the world
hand outs that it spits on. To avoid becoming trapped by the extremist
out there planning the rise of fascism once more.

Nope, its more of the same that has done so well these last 20 years.
Where Americans give away there votes, and do not raise a civic finger
for anything. Till they all end up trapped at home waiting for death as
Covid wipes us out or the economic fall out of it. Dont think it can get
worse? Its already done so with troops deployed over DC to swear
in Biden. Bring back the darker aspects of the Obama days to finish
us off.

Change is the only real constant here. Will people accept it in time or
does America plummet into civil war over out modded concepts that
didnt work then or now. Backwards, or forwards? Clean house and
be honest, or go darker till all our secrets choke us off. More of the
same doesnt work folks, change strategy and think outside the box.

January 11th, 2021

Toxic country heading into the Inauguration

To me its stunning beyond imagination that half the country right is
still supporting Trump after the fiasco in DC. Im sure the only way
those people would feel different about it is if they had been there
that day. Seen it for themselves, and realize the wild glass eyed
mob mentality they dont see at home. Its one thing to see it on
TV, and quite another to be surrounded by mean spirited crazed
people coming unglued. Burn the ballets? Pipe bombs? Defacing a
national monument? A president demanding violence and walking away?

For me, Im very bitter and angry having protested long ago all over
the hill peacefully and being treated so badly for it - while these thugs
rip everything up while the police just watched. Its a massive insult
for all my work to save the troops from going to Iraq, who were betrayed
and lied to about the threat, and forgotten. Then have this happen over
a lost election. To keep a dictator in power if you ask me. Is that what
they want, extremism over equality? As Ive seen no justice all these
years for our American military, veterans, and the dead soldiers Trump
once called losers. It wasnt better for me under this administration.
The last 2 years have been pure hell as this country degenerated and
is even speeding up on.

Now I see this same mob is gearing up to destroy the inauguration or
do harm in some extreme manner. Trumps social media is cut off and
they turned off his access codes to the nukes. He and his followers
are a danger to the rest of us. Given the chance, he would do it all
again and so would his followers. Which sets the stage for a police
action executive branch the next 4 years just by there actions.

30th anniversary of the Gulf War, and the free world is spiraling after
we end up with a dictator on our own soil. Who loves Putin, and Kim
Jung Un and the protestors who wrecked DC. Knowing that half the
people around me support all this and its methods. A clear threat to
Democracy and equality. All the makings of civil war.

Disgusted by all this. A break down of society. But, I knew this day was
coming in many ways over 20 years watching what people would allow.
All I can say is, as you folks think in short term petty ways - it will come
back on you like a snowball downhill. Cant keep using short cuts and patches
to deal with all this. You will have to be civic to survive it, and what I see
are petty factions planning to trick, cheat, or trip up each other. No one
wins like this and the Capital hill siege shows that. Divide and conquer?
This is all so embarrassing and stupid. But, we combat veterans know
better about such things having seen how wrong it went for others we
had to go rescue. Then be trampled by those that have no idea what its
like in those countries. Too many double standards and very insulting to
us combat vets who know better.

January 7th, 2021

Time to clean house in the ranks of DC, get rid
of the legacy crowd promoting ill will

This is a systemic failure of the US government at all levels the
last few days. Its what happens when you have too many long in
the tooth good ole boys that lost sight of there roles. Because
this all had been snowballing all year long before yesterdays
spectacular melt down and Congress played a big part of that.

I tried to comment on the VAntage blog about the 30 year anniversary
of the Gulf war. I knew they would find some way once more to
block my remarks at all cost. They did. They created a Captcha
robot box to bar me. It would pose a 3 digit math problem, and make
sure the box would only allow a 2 digit response. Of which I went
to the only option I had, complain to the RAC committee and VA
public affairs. They responded back this wasnt there venue, no kidding.
Because VA got rid of any other ways to reach them on GWI issues.

This is what Im talkiing about. been trying to reach Secretary of VA
for 2 years now trying to get Gulf War vets another channel besides
the now hamstrung Research Advisory Committee. The committee and
VA have done all they can to IGNORE all my request. Static and silence
is consent? Right?

The Secretary of VA needs to go, and so do the DOD deployment health
legacy people that made sure the September 2020 Gulf war medical
meeting in DC was a secret one. All these mean spirited government
employees that stayed on WAY too long, and keep promoting those 1995
agendas that poison Gulf war healthcare and benefits. I should know, Im
living it, and they are doing all they can to keep my numerous proposals
off the table even though members admit there good. Only because I wont
grovel at there feet, and play mediocre with them. I expect results, not
more of the same that didnt work all these years. Not hide behind that
tired line - its not my job. Apparently its no ones job and this blatant attempt
at censorship has been one of many. Like the phony Town hall meetings
where they pre-screen who gets to ask what. I sent them a screenshot
of my request to the Secretary of VA, posted it on my website, and they
pretended they never got it over and over. Said so to the RAC over and over.
All good ole boys making sure things dont get through.

More of the same isnt working. Whole tree needs a shake up. Needs to
stop being some American are more equal than others.

January 6th, 2021

Shameful day in America

Ive protested in DC, and Ive been in front of the White house
speaking on media. We never did anything like this. In fact,
Ive spent years in DC doing this kind of stuff including walking the
halls of the House and Senate during major protest. Even meandered
the basement of the Capital building back and forth between both
sides and never like this. This is insulting to those of us that did
this long ago, and kept our cool.

The President used his office to insight a riot, and he got one.
Really folks? You cant tell what that is? Ive got some very strong
words for anyone who thought this was Democracy in action.
You've only opened the doors to a police state.

Ive stood by this year watching the very stupid waiting to ambush
the rest of us for a return of the Nazi's. Force your will and beliefs
of others that its your way or else. No mask, wildly painted, breaking
windows, injuring law enforcement. What image do you think you
painted with this? Your heroes? Getting bolder and bolder that no
one will oppose you?

All of this was globally insulting, and demeaning. Because other countries
think this is everyone here is like this. Grab a Trump flag and oppress
your neighbors rights. I damn sure dont want others in the world thinking
I endorse any of this crap. Im not a radical even though some want
to label me as one. I live 3 miles away from George Bush who I despise
but never been any where near him. He let Crawford collapse, and he
abandoned the locals civic issues. If anything, he proved my point he
wasnt worth wasting time protesting - he doesnt care and the locals
kind of see that the last few years.

Now we have a country becoming a police state because of the mixed
up values and apathy letting small factions rise up to do harm. Nothing
civic about what happened today. Mob rules.

Im the outsider? This is the new norm? Alot of that going on a round me
locally with the dope smokers, dumb drunks, and hillbilly assholes that
dont think anyone can touch them. Mostly because no one helps no one.
Well, this is what you get - the opportunist think America is ripe for
the picking. The dishonest see a chance, and right now that is everywhere.
They think now is the time to strike, get there revenge, change America
to make us all there slaves. Because there not talking equality, its quite
clear, its there way or nothing - even if its wrong.

Someone waving a Trump flag now is someone saying "Im more equal
than you, and it should be my way or else". It damn sure does not come
off as unequal rights, he lost the election by a landslide. This is now
people who want unfair advantages over others. Democracy is turning
into a bar room brawl with the mob taking over milling about.

Then again, Im just some lowly combat veteran with no rights of any
kind occupying valuable land some much more worthy drugged up
backwards scumbag should have for his meth lab. Which is all
around me out here in the woods of Crawford. Land of the bottom
feeders and people out to spread misery. Yes, all around George Bush
out here are mostly excons, drunks, druggies, and losers who have
moved in because this is the perfect place for them to hide. He damn
sure doesnt care. Certainly a reflection on this country.

Im so embarrassed by all this, and appalled all the time. To me its
monkeys flinging poop, and people reduced to being animals. But,
Americans have lost there minds in this pandemic in a world that
will mow us down soon - take this away from us. They get that
this country is now easy pickings. No one helps no one.

This was the wrong message, and it only made the weirdos even more
bold that see a opportunity. Thanks for nothing folks. You all handled
it real badly on all sides. President all the way down. Self serving,
and serving no one in mass.

January 1st, 2021

New years rolls in, and more of the same

Yes, 30 year anniversary of the Gulf war. Saw the big celebration
on TV with all the fan fare and flag waving. Nope. No one is saying squat
as this is another excellent chance to devalue others hard work and
sacrifices. More important to make the druggies, drunks, scumbags, ex-cons,
and so on more comfortable. Americas real pride and joy. Are new number
one commodity so improving the country every day. ( sarcasm )

Its a contest now to see who can get who, and how fast they can
cheat others over nothing. So much negative energy being poured into
so many wrong things. The very stupid really dont get the hole they are
digging as they spit on all around them. Not wearing mask and licking
door knobs to prove there bullet proof and justified. So many people that
walk out that door each morning, and think its everyone elses fault.

What I dont see is almost anyone here learning yet. If anything, its like
someone poured some hideous stuff in the water supply to amp this up.
As the lowest of the low get bolder for all the wrong reasons. Im thinking
that they just cant be that pathetic and stupid, then poof - down another
rung on the ladder. Not even aware how they look to each other I guess.

Scared, hell no. Ive never been afraid of stupid people. Its just sad to
watch them parade around thinking there logic is going to save them
long term - when they think its working on some level. Negative energy
did what for them? There drunk idiot friend thought it was funny or cool.
The same one living for free with his parents, cant hold a job, cant pay
his bills, cant keep a vehicle, no one hangs out with him, and his drug
habit keeps him down. Yep, there is a real winner to pass judgement on
others. Whole country just like him. Way too many of them and in lots of
variations. But, we need these people so much more than those combat

So many trained people gone, we dont have enough to administer vaccines
to 10% of any projections. Then you have the medical staff that refuse the
vaccine because they see the reactions to it. There waiting for the Astra
Zeneca vaccine with the 100% rate in April time frame. Now, scale this up
if there were 100,000,000 does out there. You would lower the rate to
1%, and people would have to give it to themselves if they wanted it at all.
This also means the adverse reaction rate reporting would be less than
1% as well. False hopes here based on the start up. You can pretty much
guarantee this isnt being done right because its never been done like this.

The stupid are in charge, or so they think. More of the same and more.
Well, you have created chaos and a destructive atmosphere to chase
off people with good ideas. This toxic backward culture is taking the
"dumb and dumber" approach to life. Lets come at it backwards and
keep people in public doing the same things that helped Covid spread
all year long. It worked so well. The vaccines wont fix this folks, only
intensify it in other ways. You have some really bad mindsets out there
that want everything to fail. If they cant be rich, famous,and worshiped,
then they have to take us all with them and Im not talking about the
wealthy. The losers that would piss it all away if they did have it.

Seems like most Americans are delusional now. They dont see the
bigger picture and just want to observe what happens. Judge, condemn,
hate, and stop anything they cant twist to there own uses. Any collective
efforts Im seeing are mostly organized crime, and families on there way
to being crime lords. The others hoping each other fails, and the shitty
folks taking advantage of the lack of organization of any kind. Any
fake flag will do, like religion. God chose us. Really folks, have you looked
in the mirror lately with that beer can in your hand. That isnt a clue.

Priorities, there all wrong. There is no where for me to put my energies,
as I have nothing left to give. Used up by the Gulf War crowd. Watching
a country turn really dark on the anniversary of the Gulf War. I fought
for this? So people can waste it all, ruin it, and Im supposed to let them?
Those that never served, or even really raised a finger other than to build
shrines to themselves. Empty hollow gestures do not a country make.

Well, I saw it coming. Im trying not to join in the dark stuff. I know better
on so many levels how this will all turn out. Till people learn real modesty,
real empathy, or just die. Im able to see out in many directions, and
what is coming. The one thing I cant afford to do is live a lie. Its real to
me folks, and Im not waiting for others to fix my part. Americans wont do
the work, and what we have left in 2021 is a crumbling country now the
global joke others are ready to pick off. You wont do the work, how good is
your mandarin Chinese?

December 28th, 2020

Americans deaf on so many levels.

What really sucks is when you pour your heart out to people, and
you give them intimate details of yourself likes its easy - and
they trivialize it or really dont get what your saying. Like my telling
the RAC why Im trying to get a Patient Monitor with 6 channels.
VA has never put a 24 hour heart monitor on me and right now
my congestive heart failure is getting out of hand. How would VA know
if Im no where near them and they are certainly not listening. This is
a great idea during the pandemic to bridge communication data gaps
with these newer $400 units China is flooding the market with. Might
as well be talking to a foreign country, same indifference.

What really makes this bad is, people are being cruel over a job
there supposed to do as public servants. I know this borders on
a DMV joke, and a ugly one in some movies. But, when you dont
render aid and you shun people who are suffering - to me it
borders on cold blooded murder. They are waiting for you to succumb
to whatever. Like watching a person drown because no one else
is around to prove they didnt help.

When your not in peoples visual field, its so easy to ignore you.
Like with Covid. Families are not even allowed in the ICU's as a patient
dies. They die alone. Which is a large part of why the public doesnt
take the serious. There not seeing it. Media too busy keeping the
news white washed and polite.

The vaccine reactions are being played down. Im reading bits and
pieces of the types of reactions. Its what I expected, bodies dont
respond well to this type protein situation and react badly if they
have genetic factors. Which will be 5 out of each 100. Multiply that
by 330,0000,000 and that 16,500,000+ this wont go well for. The
idea of herd immunity doesnt mean everyone gets lucky. Wait till
your deemed a acceptable loss and they silence you as things go
wrong. Covid itself wont kill that many in 2021. But, because its a
vaccine reaction it wont be reported as Covid related either. They will
pad the numbers as collateral fall out and drive those people into the
ground. Like they did the Gulf War vaccines 30 years ago.

Real easy to be indifferent when all is well, real hard to live once your
on the other side of that equation. Outsiders have no rights. Your
neighbors will turn a deaf ear to you as they go on with there lives.
In fact, only people who will be paying attention are your bottom
feeder neighbors waiting for any opportunities. The druggies, drunks,
excons, and such casing your home. They know no one helps no one
and there out in mass. Your BS self righteous neighbors will even
help them to draw fire from themselves.

Any mistake you make now can be deadly. Once it happens, its
nearly impossible to recover because it takes large amounts of
money and kindness all used up in 2020. If your lucky, you might
have a nurse hold your hand as you die in a ICU. If you dont, months
in the ICU will bankrupt you. Same difference. Youll never recover
either way and people wont raise a finger because your a train wreck
to them. They might care at first, but people tire of illness and suffering.
You better have lots of money, or insurance - there wont be any other
avenues or donations.

As time goes by they will fade away because your not fun any more.
Especially family, who want to go on with there lives. 3 months out
and your very much alone in your new reality. Then the years go by
and you learn isolation like few humans every know.

It cant happen to you? Really, take that gamble with your life? I put
my life in the hands of this country and for 30 years Ive regretted it.
Decorated combat veteran means nothing to people. Because they
didnt live it either. What they dont see isnt real, like combat and what
it does to you inside. The horrors you silently carry for life that others
thumb there noses at. Same with Covid.

The stories will change in 2021. As the piles of bodies build and the
victims also build in numbers. Till that massive wave of people crash
over into every day lives of others in unhappy ways. The boat people
of Covid become too large to deal with by indifference. Cant be ignored
forever as inconvenient.

Taught myself yet another trick. How to auto populate formulas into
excel spreadsheets. Sounds easy, but for a year it was beyond me.
Plugging local Covid data by hand month after month. God it got old.
Looked on the net for answers, and microsoft was no help. So I out
right tinkered with every damn menu item. Finally found out that
it was paste special, and select formulas only. Copy the first window
in the column, pasted into the rest like this. How annoying. Why doesnt
this come up in search patterns I used. Wrong keywords? Well, one
of hundred of things I solved alone in 2020.

Stimulus money? What a joke. The poor ride out the year for this?
Its so much like VA disabilities percentages. Smallest part of the
budget they fight the most over. Compared to bloated operating cost
the rich screw into the ground. There saying, screw the poor. Yet,
kill off the tax base and you loose. Ironic.

Based on what I see, people are largely too stupid to do what is
right with all this. Let it ride? Well, till everyone is miserable I guess.
Has to be universal and thats where its going.

December 21st, 2020

Postal workers still not being contacted about the vaccine

Guess people think just because the CDC and FDA implied it then
no need to go further. Only, I have been asking and talking with
every postal employee I can find. They say no one has said a word
to them or implied a vaccine time frame. If its planned, its silent

8,000,000 doses out and its not urgent enough to tell these folks any
details now its out. When do they get told? In the spring?

This is just like the Anthrax postal attacks 20 years ago. Internally
no one is told anything, no logic ensues, and after the fact they shut
down on them rather than protect them. Only, I was warning postal
workers and post masters up and down the east coast practical decon
for dealing with tainted letters. Brentwood and others found out later
on they would be slowly silenced and forgotten over all that.

Im not being silly here folks. Its what is said, and what is done that
Ive always watched out for. Postal workers are nearly never treated fair
for the work they do, so thankless. Much like the farmers right now
getting 10% of what they would normally get for what they grow
after all the other things going on. Specialty growers like the cranberry
crowd that may not survive all this.

COVID itself wont wipe us out, its the behavior it magnified as people
show there contempt for society. Letting everything fail, and even trying
to speed it up for others with blind ignorance. Each part of the puzzle
that collapses is something huge that may not be repeatable or
easy to rebuild. The postal system is one of those we cant live without.
Yet, who cares - let them die? Not me.

As far as Im concerned, there isnt a federal level any more. The people
I try to talk to might as well be cardboard cut outs propped up by phones.
Same difference. All that is left is local, and its barely there. I take all
this very serious only because its in a form of chaos teetering on much
worse at the first sign of routine has broken down. As long as people have
a daily routine, all is well. No vision past the end of the day.

Right now, its becoming a self fulfilling prophecy for the knee jerk fake
christians to wait out. Must be end of days, cant change this. So they
will let other suffer because its destiny? When all it would take are
a few phones calls to ask about progress outside the local regions.

Im not a observer, Im trying to interact. But, I cant change any of this
alone and that contempt shown the veterans has now grown to pretty
much everything beyond peoples grasp. Which leaves the George Orwell
scenarios now in play. Our founding fathers would be appalled at what
democracy is right now. How silly its become. 2021 will be horrendous
because folks are out numbered by the never-do-wells and others own
lack of action. Doing nothing is silence, and silence is consent.

December 18th, 2020

The vaccine double standard, postal workers not  front line?

Talk about important people being ignored, I consider postal
workers some of highest risk jobs in America we desperately
need - and there not on the vaccine list right now.

Eldery and sick non-functional people come before them?

Wrong answer. Some of the most important people in this country
right now are our postal workers and we cant afford to loose them.
Post masters must be the most thankless job of them all in
America. Which that shouldnt be that way at all.

Surplus vaccines out there? Give them to the postal workers. Then
over to UPS, Fedex, DHL, and so on. Lets save our shipping
networks. Literally delivering the vaccines they cant get. How cruel.

Wake up America, your burning the candle at both ends till
this all collapses. Its so much harder to rebuilt than to shore
up something. These people deserve better for there hard work
and personal risk. Poor folks, Im taking them some cookies each
chance I get and thank them verbally. Which Ive done all year long.

December 16th, 2020

When is too late? After the avalanche usually

Im stunned at just how stupid the people are of all this. Mostly
because its not personal yet. Only after someone dies or
tragedy strikes.

The schools here had been lucky because those that got Covid
didnt die of the variant. So they keep reopening increasing the
chance of crossing into that realm. Gambling they can ride out
a wave of numerical progression. Of which right now is a figure
with 15 zeros in it that can hit multipliers of 10,000 in a hour.
This is a surface disease, hands touching, then to the face or
the mask. Thats mostly it. Contact. With huge numbers lying right
in front of you that you cant see even with a optical microscope.

So all I can say to people is, compare this to a avalanche. The
ground is saturated, squishy, but no other signs. Only way to
avoid is is be no where near the mountain. If you have to walk
there, then stay way from the obvious areas. Be super diligent.
Letting your guard down is when it happens. But, everyone is
so tired they arent being careful. Then its about where are you
in the debris field when it lest go. Millions of small objects now
working as a huge whole coming at you from every direction. Even
luck isnt good enough here. Its all about scale now.

Most everyone is busy stomping about the mountain saying it
wont happen to them. There gods chosen ones. He wont let them get
harmed right up to that crash, boom, and its over. Then you can
fuss at god personally about why he let it happen to you. Its the
old man with the bible living by the river joke I hate so much.

As for Christmas, Im equally appalled. All the people flaunting the
holiday while other folks suffer and die. 40,000,000 right now having the
worst days of the life and there neighbors have to show off the
holiday during this? You dont celebrate during a national disaster.
This is certainly reflective of the national attitude of who cares.
Until someone you know dies. Then this doesnt feel festive for you, and
you resent all the other happy people who didnt suffer. People need
to wake up and stop being so apathetic. Not knowing and not caring
isnt going to work coming into 2021.

The next 4 months are going to be epic beyond measure. The scale
of this is so vast and bizarre. The vaccine will become the joke in
all this because the numbers will be almost as bad. 10% get hurt
no matter what. 33,000,000 Americans no mater what. Guess you
will care when your one of them. Not until then.

Then your in no mans land, no recourse, and shunned by society.
Boo, hoo, hoo, its not fair. No one cares. Welcome to my world.
Then  you have to survive this forever changed and now your hands
are tied behind your back. But, you have to keep up with others
that arent. To cold indifference and cruelty. You really have no clue
what this is like. Because its not obvious after the fact. Better loose
a leg or arm if you want folks to care.

America, you have no idea just how bad 2021 is going to be. Misery
loves company and maybe then you might get a clue. Not the best
way to handle this, but there it is - how sad.

December 12th, 2020

Sinister attempt to silence me

When you talk like this, people go all conspiracy theory or worse -
want to vilify you as a nut. But, when things happen like they have around
me you notice it doesnt happen to others on this scale. At some point
it just becomes too obvious, and weird.

My Gulflink mail list as operated at Yahoo groups since 2000. 20 years
its posted all manner of daily events. Reaching its height in 2003 with
international attention over troops deploying to Iraq. We had media attention
everywhere including China. People recognized me on the streets of Germany
when I spoke on the Johannes Kerner show. The list was feared by the
government as a watch dog they took serious.

Last year about this time Yahoo gutted the archives section, deleted the content
so that no one could find any of the past messages. Very unceremonious.
This year, it told me come December 15th they would kill the list completely.
No backups or alternates. So I killed it myself on December 10th 2020 to
take that pleasure away from Yahoo on the 15th.

Then I tried to put together the names of the mail list to contact people to
see how many may stay on, knowing most of the addresses are either
defunct or dead people. Sent it. BOOM. All hell broke loose. The mail
server kicked back dozens and dozens of rejections. Then I started getting
other kinds of notices. Next thing I know, it shuts down the outgoing
pop server without telling me. I cant email anyone. Cant reach for help.
Worse, this is my recovery email address with my server so cant even get
notices what went wrong.

Argued with GoDaddy, and they are very cavalier that I need to spend more
to have the option to bulk mail. Ive paid $72 to have this email basket and
I cant even use it? Heavy handed and some what sinister. But, it was clear
that they just want me to keep spending more and more money to do less
and less. So Im moving away from GoDaddy as they have lost sight of
what customer service is. Right in the middle of a crisis for me.

So there is a all out effort to silence my mail list, silence my personal email,
and if I dont have enough money then make my life hell reaching out to others.
What Im seeing are violations of my free speech and right to public opinions.
In essence, only the rich have those rights now.

The last 2 years Ive watched VA and the RAC ignore my presence and ignore
my very good recommendations. All the while having really none of there own
on the same level or content. Let me elaborate some.

When the newest incarnation of this committee kicked off with Lawrence
Steinman 2 years ago I read off a laundry list of issues to them in emails.
To me the most pressing being that Gulf war vets have no channels to deal
with healtchare and benefits issues. My former VA advisory committee wasnt
taken serious by VA in 2009 and they ignored the final report I dissented on.
In that time, VA didnt counter with outreach - data collection - or pressing for
any external reports on this. It shut down the Gulf war Review and opted to
make it all Post 911 era. Then didnt keep up with that. All silent now and for
8 years plus.

Then VA and DOD have a very quiet hush hush September Gulf war illness research
meeting in DC with no announcements I could find. Had the nerve after that to have a
meeting in November to talk about the meeting and not post that content till
3 days before it after I hounded them to post it some where. It had only gone
out in the federal register up to then and Im the only person in the Gulf war crowd
that reads that every single day for 20 years now.

So lets spell this out:

1. I asked that VA create or reinstate a Gulf War Veteran healthcare and benefits
advisory committtee once more. Even posted this question on Sec Wilkes live
VA town hall video conference which he ignored over and over. Still does for
over 2 years now. Ive posed this repeatedly to the RAC committee in emails.

2. I asked the RAC to look into getting the GWI vets blood samples complete
genome sequenced from the DOD cryo HIV blood vault before the war and current
cryo samples Robert Haley is sitting on in at UT Southwestern. Do a comparison
of the genomic changes between the two. It would show the specific changes
that might spell out the casual relationship to illnesses. Its very cheap to get
it sequenced now. Nothing but silence even though the chairman recognized
my email and it being a good idea.

3. I asked the commitee to look into Dynein and Kinese protein issues in the
metabolic transport mechanisms in Gulf war vets. This would also reflect RNA
and other anolamalies in protein enzymes functions. The chairman recognized
this withn zeal and personal commentary. Then nothing since then.

4. I asked the committee to look into the new 12" patient  6 channel monitors
China is pumping out for $400's these days. Could be used to track veterans
over all BP, HR, O2, resp rate, and even ECK /EKG strips over a 24 hour period.
Could be uploaded to VA healthe website via USB so doctors could get medical
baseline of vets that cant come in due to COVID. Also chimed about needing vets
do complete blood labs 3 times a year to track that baseline doctors might
miss in all this.

5. The committee  and VA did not contact me about the DOD meeting
in September or post any materials about it on any VA website at that time
or a month after it. The attendance was nearly exclussive to RAC members,
there buddies, VA and DOD's inner staff. Then the NGWRC which also kept
it to themselves. They posted a DOD flyer after the fact in the agenda notes.

OK, the committee doesnt want my input. But, what is it doing in place of it.
There internal meetings are not posted, they meet exclusively with Sec Wilke
staff to discuss things, and yet the RAC website is a black hole of information
not to mention the VA Gulf war webpage. If there the only game in town, how
can they sanction this type of isolation and shut out. Its because VA designed
it this way to sit and spin in place. Keep people like me at bay even if my
ideas are "outstanding". Hell, I think Im the only one left making valid external
recommendations so silencing me gets rid of the problem. Of which I firmly
believe Sec Wilke wants and knows about.

Tell me, none of this sound sinister to you? Do you also want my silence?
Am I really a nuisance, and none of this is valid? Who out there beside me
is even saying anything remotely like this? All is well?

Trust me, 2021 looks horrendous, and with either bad or no leadership trying
to solve our issues. If you dont want me, its because your fine with all that.
All is well and VA healthcare - benefits work just great. But, if they dont -
then where do we go to make head way? Where is the soap box? Its not the
people Im talking to and there in charge for now. Until vets speak up for real.

December 10th, 2020

Schools gambling with children's lives

People over all have a very poor understanding of viruses. If it didnt kill
you yet then its not going to. Please, this is a game of chance on
all levels including the genetic variants and how fast they pop up. The
life cycle of a virus so to speak is accelerated compared to ours. You
can have a hundred generations in a day. So running into a person
with a susceptible genetic weakness its going to get hijacked and
incorporated quickly, mutation are faster than you think. Thousands
happen that dont work, then comes that one pure chance moment it

My daughters school called me about them planning to reintroduce
children back into the classes after Christmas. I gave the principal
a 20 minute run down on why this is so bad. Mostly, this is a game
of chance before the right perfect moment comes along and the
mutation version kills children. Went into so much detail. But, I had
also made predictions all year that were better than others - even the state.
Like the last time they said this and literally that same day they
pulled out putting Kayle back in when the infections surfaced. Only
the Crawford high school cant keep it in check now.

People arent listening to me though my predictions are better than
anyones around me or the executive levels. Not until they see bodies,
and how bad someone looks that died of Covid. Too much effort to hide
this from the public which breeds this contempt for the virus. Put the dam
image on TV and show a bloated distended body shutting down. Stop
holding back. This will make people take it serious. Scare them damnit.

COVID is in Crawford, and law of probability is now in play. Its the
one in 100 that goes down hard. That person carries the gene the virus
will hijack and spread to others. That mutation will kill. Once enough children
die then comes all the law suits. After the fact stuff. Its not the 99% we
should fear, its the 1% variable that changes the game.

Im on a roll on many things now. Very unusual circumstances keep
happening and Im getting closer to that break out moment in the media.

Then Yahoo sends me a email telling me there killing my Gulflink
mail list after 20 years. Shutting it all down. More and more weird things
trying to silence me. Yet, now people around me are beginning to
believe me of just how bad its going to get. Im still nailing much of
my predictions between 82% to 89%. Ide be a billionaire in Vegas
with those odds. Sadly, people dont learn till after the fact. I could have
saved lives and people dont care or will let me. My spreadsheets show
a real horror show from February to May 2021 and Im only off by .07% my
month out day to day predictions.

Not all of of us are idiots out here, certainly tired of them being in my
way on any progress. Now my daughters life hangs in all this. I dont
struggle to be wrong, its my life in the mix and I cant afford to be
careless. I take all this dam serious. Why the hell am I fighting this so
hard, and surrounded by people that DONT get it at all. Huge disconnect
out there threatening our very way of life.

December 9th, 2020

Beware the terms of the COVID vaccines and VAERS

Its just occurred to me that this vaccine roll out resembles the Anthrax
vaccine program and how it got approval. Under emergency executive
terms which allowed them to falsify the adverse reaction rates.

These roll outs are between 90% to 95% effective. That means there are
5% to 10% this wont go well for. Which is a higher rate than the
actual infection rates.

Your waving your rights when you take this shot under current laws in
place. If you get sick, or have a bad reaction you wave any legal rights
to recourse under several executive provisions. This national pandemic
falls under the guidance of some really bad laws from 12+ years ago and
more. All of which will silence you so the public doesnt know how bad it
going for that minority - just like it does its Gulf War veterans with our
shots from 1990. They rolled that out, it failed, and they buried the data.
Never saught out or double checked the vaccine reports over time. Used
executive priveledge to keep giving the vaccine after it was discovered the
lots were not even made according to there licensing or given correctly.

Herd immunity is important, and knocking back COVID. But, people should
not be cheated doing it. There is something sinister about this roll out
and we wont know till long after things have happened if at all. But, this
I will tell you - it WILL happen to some that will suddenly becomes third
world citizens like me to shun you. Only those with money will ride this out.
The poor will pay a heavy price. We did from the Gulf War.

Take the shot, but beware its being done under circumstances to protect the
manufactures from any prosecution. 5% to 10% of Americans will suffer
no matter what in all this. Which is better? What are your odds?

December 8th, 2020

RAC medical recommendation blow off

Is it really job security to ignore people like me, or are they being paid
to ignore me. Whatever the case - its tax fraud that a federal committee
who's job is to make recommendations to VA to improve veteran health
care and avoid the white elephant in the room. Arrogance, or worse.

I put it to the chairman, staff, and others of the VA RAC about using a
new 6 channel home patient monitor for $400 that could be used to
send VA doctors a veterans 24 hour stats. Which could help the docs
develop some helpful base line material about the patient without
having to go into a clinic. As VA has been really unable to get good
baseline data this year much less blood labs enough to show a chronic
condition. Not worth dying to go in for a blood draw much less BP / HR

Nothing, silence from the committee.

What is there magic answer or version?

Ive been doing this kind of work for 24 years now, and mostly from
my own personal experiences. Enough so to be on a federal committe
of my own that VA has totally ignored for 11 years now. To what, it
hant gotten better for me or people I know. I cant get in and get the basics
done to solve my own issues. Im trying to think outside the box here on
ways to get this to my own doctor. They cant get a bead on my now rather
severe problems as Ive lost 32 lbs to recently.

What is the point here if a GW vet cant even get in for basic medical care
or establish baseline data, and the very committee I would run this by
could care less what I have to say or offer? Are they really doing that
good a job? Or, are they doing the one VA wants them to do - run vets off?
Last RAC meeting was a sure sign of that.

So rather than get any help, I some how have to scrounge $400 to get the
patient monitor myself and try it out. See if I can get a 24 hour baseline
of my primaries, and maybe show the cardiac arrhythmias and other patterns
I live with daily. Print out the ECG and such.

Why does VA even exist if we vets have to diagnose, treat, and solve
our problems without them or other institutions. Because right now how
can they do medical research if they arent doing basic draws, labs,
and data collection less than 10 minutes a year on vets like me. Oh, they
can make me wait a hour to see a clinic - then get bum rushed out right
after a rushed exam or draw. No quality time to get down to the issues.

Any strides Ive made, Ive largely done alone. I push and push till a MRI
is positive, CT scan is hot, or you can see the dam bulge on me like a
volcano from orbit. In the last 3 big items, nearly 2 years after the fact each.
The 1cm polyp could have been out earlier, the 2 inch tumor in my foot
didnt have to cripple me for years, I dont have to live in agonizing back pain
without pain medications because others abuse them,  and so on.

How do you collect data if a vet is trapped in there house by Covid? Well,
the RAC sure the hell doesnt care if vets get any data collected. Is this
what the Secretary of VA endorses? Seems like it to me the last 2 years.

Job security, or a darker path. Whatever it is, vets dont have access to
the devices I recommend and I guess VA is secure with that fact. Who
cares if you cant diagnose yourself, as long as you dont bother us with it.
Even a basic device that might show medical issues without a lot of work
or money involved. Like VA is doing better without it and me.

December 1st, 2020

Holiday season and other unworthy pursuits

Look at how many people decided it was worth dying to visit
family this Thanksgiving. Really folks? Few months and the
vaccines start pouring in. Cant wait for that, your bullet proof
and not a carrier. Your certainly not thinking there is a season
a year from now free of Covid if you would do the work.

What do we not see? Stimulus help for the poor in the dead
of winter. How about a COLA increase for all us veterans that
survived on less this year. Nope, all the worry and concern
was disputing the election - then make sure people spend
money into the holidays. How vile. The rich skimming off the
top and the poor acting like Covid isnt real. So much damage
being done globally, and with total apathy for all.

All Im seeing are druggies, drunks, and general scumbags hoping
to cheat there neighbors out here. One group has organized and
now robbing the local big businesses. Hillbillies that think they
are above the law and even flaunt it now. The locals wont do what
is right and so the losers are casing targets right and left. So many
self righteous idiots setting themselves up to be next just because
they hope everyone around them get it first. You can feel the IQ
dropping in the air as they literally de-evolve into poop flinging
monkeys. All the while the very stupid think there brilliant now
only because there is no peer pressure on them. Regression.

I on the other hand have been pioneering all manner of electronic
gadgets, as I learn to salvage what is impossible to most. Build
what cant be built. The kinds of stuff Im doing I literally cant find
on the internet. So far Ive created 5 things this year that I cant
find evidence others have done. Desperation has born inspiration
as I keep delving now into theoretical electronics. Not all of us are
busy looking for others to solve our problems. Now its all about
having enough spare parts to think outside the box. Mosfets,
chokes, inductors, capacitors, and so on. Im no longer even bound
by normal power supply constraints. Not staying factory on any of
my projects, time to upgrade - and do it for pennies on the dollar.
Patent it all, hell no. Not telling anyone any more.

Im all about the impossible. All my life. Im going to redefine homesteading
and survivalism in the coming years if I survive this winter. Teach people
how less is more. Not just be consumers. Because right now the
world isnt about survival. 2021 is going to be shocking year of those
learning what we lost, are loosing, and keep loosing for years to come.
Complete indifference wont make it much longer. Its getting too hard
to survive this year for the poor as it is.

People wont do the work, let someone else fix it. So the only people
trying right now are the opportunist wiping out what is left. Well, 2021
your going to see that status quo is going to collapse hard. More of the
same is not a answer. Right now, doesnt matter what Covid does - its
only magnifying a weakness in humanity that went unchecked too long.
Once Covid is gone, still be bad decade ahead till people change.

November 24th, 2020

Covid tracking, the bad math

Here is a example of the math they do on Texas Covid reporting.
Yesterday was 1,100.979 cases, today is 1,115,371. The
difference is 18,998 cases in one day. What do they show
in the side bar, 13,998 with a blurb about 394 cases added
from before older information. Thats 14,392 cases, what about
the other 4,606 cases?

Tomorrow will be even higher, and the math wont add up. Best
guess is true 21,205 cases if I go by the past math. This is a 24 hour
projection. We will see by 6pm tomorrow night if I was close
or not. But, following the numeric trends.

You dont want to know my December projections when the first
true arctic blast hit the states.

November 23rd, 2020

Hollow gestures and hidden meanings

I didnt post about the RAC meeting right off because I found it so very
depressing. Mockish, joyless.

Monday they finally put up the meeting information 3 days before
it started. I had spent the weekend pointing out there was nothing
up other than the federal register notice till then. Karen Block was
either not getting the point or she didnt want to. Others were even
worse with there silence but I wasnt wrong. I saw the federal register
notice when no one else did. Been reading that bastard every day
for 23 years now.

The meeting was so badly done from a technical aspect. The adobe
audio was tinny and vague. Had to call in while using the net to
follow the presentations. Noticed that as soon as it started they
killed the chat room features so it was totally silent the whole time.

It was heavy handed promoting the secret DOD CDMRP event as
they made it sound like a massive showing. Only, this was just
just the RAC, VA, DOD, and the NGWRC. Designed to keep away
opinions and criticism they didnt want. This was very familiar of
the deployment health days. They had a hand in that.

I found myself completely censored in every way. Finally even said
so by the only tool I had available, my login name. Not that anyone
noticed or cared. They had want they wanted, a private showing
and still able ignore people like me year after year right in front of
them. Public comment didnt matter, no one listens to it or acts
on it. They werent going to let me speak then either and didnt.

I guess the other advocates are fine with that. Only, they forgot
what happened to the big 5 back in 2002. They allowed the driving
out of the grass roots from events, and then VA / DOD started
leaving them out too. The big shut out.

Cant turn to the VHAC, they arent taking calls. Seems Congress
is now in on all this also. So that has become a dead end.

The RAC meeting was so terrible this time. A all time low that
now paradoies some of the worst DOD meetings back before
the 2002 shut out. But, to me this is tax fraud and waste of
tax payer dollars to privatize this in such a non-productive manner.
Only, for some reason I have no civil or constitutional rights these
days. Being a combat veteran means nothing to anyone.

Doesnt matter that Ive lost nearly 30 lbs this year to illness and
problems Im fighting daily. VA isnt helping because of the Covid
pandemic, so my blood labs and are not consecutive or of the
right things. 2 draws in one years wont help find a new baseline.
All the lipid and triglycerides panels were left out. Yet, Im sure
there up around 400 to 500 right now. Which is like being on 20
cups of coffee a day. Cant sleep mat night, maybe 2 to 3 hours.
Keep in mind Im loosing weight like this, not gorging.

Thanks giving? Thankful for what? The world is spiraling inwards
and the stupid running a muck. Been the worst year of my life in
this pandemic, and every sleazy shitty drugged up asshole out
there taking advantage of everyone around them. No one cares
what is right, and they screw each other over in these bizarre
ways that just come off petty. Anything goes, and out by me
at least 5 ex-cons and druggies have free reign to mess with
the whole area. The others around them dont see it or dont care
what the truth is. Have 2 large outfits out here that hire them, and
probably know they are doing what they are. Makes this organized
crime families. Double standards abound. Im saving the video for
the sheriff to show which ones are habitual.

What I see in America right now is a fairly universal contempt for
the country, and people cant or wont do what is right to save the
country or there own neighborhoods. Why should I expect better
of RAC and VA when they are a reflection of all around them. No
leadership out there of any kind.

What I resent is, having been nearly spot on much of the year
and it means nothing because I have no PHD. There is so much
arrogance out there. Yet, I saw the October spike back in April
and made sure to prepare for it. Far more than anyone around me
or the school, state, government did. I cant ask for help, its not
there. Knew I would be abandoned by all. That was from my homeless
days when I saw how people treated me then. Spent my whole life
preparing for that again, so wouldnt have to ask for help that wasnt

Denial is a terrible thing, and subjective clouded reasoning. Half this
country is WAY off the mark, and dragging the other half down.
How exhausting that others spread misery, and expect the kindness
they dont give. Its too easy to inflict pain, and if you dont feel it
then its not real? That kind of sadism is going to end badly for a
bunch of folks out there. You might not remember, but those you hurt
will. Those that inflict today, your on the way to getting soon - as you
whine how its not fair. It will be your turn because of denial.

Americas is no where near doing what is right for its people. Its own
people are making that happen, the bad half. The other half sits at home
waiting for someone else to fix it. Totally dysfunctional. Which is why
Covid is out of control. The stupid making sure that no one else can
make a difference. Cancel each other out.

How can I hope for progress when there is no honest platform for it.

Another note. There is a reporting anomaly with the Covid infection rates
that is out of sync with the disease. Every Monday they under report
the infections and then Tuesday over report. Wednesday ends up
being a peak reporting day when it shouldnt. This goes back to the
beginning of reporting and seems constant. As well as being short
several hundred a day during large number events. Ive kept a spread
sheet from the beginning for Texas and follow it zealously. Backed up
in multiple ways to prevent data loss. Dont trust what you hear in
the media. Its running about 10% below on average and they use
a catch up system that isnt math driven.

November 13th, 2020

Thanks of a ungrateful nation?

Ironically, the President right now is certainly a reflection of at
least half the country. The ignorant defiant part that says Covid isnt
a issue and ignorance will reign no matter what. Those non-mask
wearing people coughing in public that think the rest of us dont
matter. So many mean spirited folks out there stomping around
thinking this is there chance to be petty, malicious, and what are
you going to do about it. Not realizing the long term implications
of spreading any form of hardship. Others dont forget.

Sick vets like myself have had a really bad year out there. Those of
us that have lived with hardship the better part of 30 years now
cant afford to play loose and fast with our lives. On the anniversary
of the Gulf War people are behaving like veterans dont matter. The
day to day things that most take for granted, we struggle with in
the middle of a pandemic that only magnifies our own health issues.
This is a act of brutality on the part of the inconsiderate that dont
think about what health related hardship is like. Half of America is
out there spitting on the other half every day, and thinking this
will go one forever. Its the earmark of civil war that treading on others
is acceptable. Yet, they go on doing it with indifference.

Mostly this is people who dont know what real hardship is not caring
about those that live it. If they can get away with it, they plan
to spread misery while the opportunity is there. Anything goes,
life doesnt matter any more. Folks, you crossed a line in this country
that cant go back. From the White House on down, anything goes.
Let them eat cake. Only, that didnt turn out well from France did it.

All over entertainment, and boo hoo they cant get to a restaurant
this week. Way too much emphasis on living it up or being social
when its not appropriate. Quality of life matters, but not when it involves
someone else loosing out for it. Each act of cruelty, indifference, and
thoughtlessness is building around people as resentment grows
out of check. Your playing with fire, and it will back fire. Too much of
the "its someone else fault" crap while people spread problems and
dont think its them. The druggies, drunks, fake Christians, religious
nuts, political nuts, gun nuts, hate mongers, ex-cons, mentally ill, and
so on looking for victims. Not near enough civic minded folks that
dont get this isnt conditional, not some are more equal than others.

The double standard line has been crossed, and now its going to get
so much worse in 2021 as people cancel each other out. No one gets
ahead now. How dare one person do better than others. This is
reduced to animal behavior and in the wild nature pretty much bitch
slaps the ignorant. Your not going to win like this, no true mutual
goals or civic projects. Mob rules?

I was at the Waco VAMC this week. I saw a picture of Trump on the
wall with loser, and a swastika drawn over his face. Ive never seen
graffiti likes this on a executive posters openly in a VA. Yet, Ive
been told this happens often there in front of cameras. Its in a
stark quiet front room with almost no one in there when it should be
full of patients. If that is not a sign of the times then what is?

The ignorant ruined 2020, and 2021 your going to find short tempers
as Covid reaches the silent majority deeper. Your playing with fire
and now there is gasoline everywhere around you. The haves are
flaunting in front of the have nots - and its growing past 40,000,000
looking for targets. Look in the mirror folks, you dont really see what
is there right now. Grow up about this, become aware of others. Its
too late once all the real crazy stuff erupts. Then 40 years of misery
just like after the french revolution as the world goes stagnant.

November 5th, 2020

How low can you go, how low can you go?

Federal Register puts out a notice of a RAC virtual meeting on
November 18th at 11am. To discuss the secret August 18th
DOD Gulf war state of science meeting that wasnt announced
publicly. Only the good ole inner circle was told that wouldn't
defy them or cause ripples. Certainly wasnt posted any where
including the RAC website.

Guess what, this isnt up any where either so if you didnt see
the federal register that day then tough luck. Its 8 days out and
nothing on the RAC website including the meetings page. Boy
does this take me back to the IOM meetings that were not
announced and so on. Had to fight back then to find out tiny
details and now its none.

Keep trying to call the HVAC at Congress only to get voice
mail straight off on all the lines. House Veteran Affairs committee
must be taking a very long nap.

Talk about rolling back to 1999 and the same tricks with the
DOD research committees then. Didnt miss a step.

OK, what did the RAC, WRIISC, WRAMC, or anyone pioneer the
last 2 years that works broad scale. How about a little bit. How
about anyone even getting seen by a doctor much less the
WRIISC? Vitamins, acupressure.

This is what the veterans have to thank for in DC, nothing, and
lots of it. Which the burn pit crowd sure has found out.

Deployment Health is at the center of this and they got what they
wanted. Silenced anything about the records from the war, and made
sure all forms of external reporting is silent. Now they wait us out
after 30 years of nothing, and keep it that way till all the GWI vets
are finally gone. Saved the country big money cheating us, and keeping
us at bay.

Sad the RAC is such a tool for the bad guys now. Make sure that
whoever is groveling at the table cant get any traction. Make sure
Congress doesnt look into it. Just sit, and wait.

November 5th, 2020

Predictions in the face of 2021

My predictions still hold up. Like with the local school. They wanted
to put Kayle back in, and stop home schooling. I protested that
it was not a good idea. I had predicted by late October Covid would
be in this school no matter what they did. Get the call yesterday,
Kayle can go on home schooling - about 4 days from it happening.
Covid hit Crawford like others. 3 schools in Waco closing and so on.

Well, Ive been pounding the numbers and based on my spreadsheet
more than 15,000,000 Texans will have or had Covid by the end
of next year. Unless some big game changer comes along. Only, Im
not predicting 6% mortality unless a serious mutation hits by February.
I still think like 10,000,000 have been passing it around already and not
know it. Mild symptoms. That like 7% go down hard. That would reflect the
current state numbers. Its the complications that get you.

Ive come to a realization with the election though, more than half this
country is really messed up. Stick there head in the sand total denial
of reality types going backwards. I had wondered the last 20 years
just what the hell was going on out there with people. The things they
allow, the apathy they show. Well, last few months I see that people
are going to allow America to fail hard, and point the finger at others
while not looking in the mirror at all. Not raise a finger, and even add
to the misery whenever possible. Which is why they are going to bitch
and moan as everything falls apart, only making it worse,

Got to start with the basics. Rebuild the infrastructure. Power, water,
sewage, roads, bridges, farms, postal and shipping. Then cut off foreign
aid to the world and let them go screw themselves. The money stays
home, period. Lastly, cut off the big spenders and pro rate the whole
damn industries like medical, real estate, banking, and other abuser.
Then, cut off credit card industry. Get control of the 4% skimming it all
off the top for themselves. The rich arent helping any of us right now
buying up, and selling off what is left in pieces. Lastly, limit the executive
branch to flat taxes and random drawing for positions like the Spartans
did 1,800 years ago. No one is in long enough to get fat.
Makes me so mad that people cant and wont do what is right much
less lift a finger these days. Someone elses fault, blame others,
help no one, get revenge. The stupid are ruining America and its like
a perpetual motion machine defying reality. It cant and wont work
in reverse. Which is why 2021 is going to even worse than 2020 in
so many ways. Till almost nothing is left. Fix it way after the fact.
As right now its super messed up, and all too real for me right now.

Not all of us are blind, or follow blindly. Doesnt mean we want anarchy,
but status quo means failure people. Change is coming either way.
Either we control it, or it controls us. The fear mongers wants status quo.

October 4th, 2020

Election, Covid, and a year gone wrong

Its been such a sinister year over all. So many rotten people just
making America worse every day. Zero accountability in the middle
of a global pandemic that didnt need to be.

The rich rushed out to put everything back as it was so they can
go on skimming off the top. Cutting each other throats, till the
infrastructure has degenerated into 3rd world level. When Briggs
and Stratton went under, I knew this was very bad. This was a
company we needed, not some of what was propped up that
we didnt. The whole economy needs to revamp, go another route,
and conserve. The days of surplus are gone.

VA is still very much happy with all this. No organized vets on
there doors making demands. Burn pit crowd is trying, but the 9-11
mentality that drove those civil servants to early graves is very
much alive. Fire fighters that died for there country, and it betrayed
them for it like it did the GW vets. Drive anyone away that wasnt
part of the wealthy keeping the 4% in charge.

Well, as long as the GW vets continue being self serving and focus
only on themselves, VA won. No one helps no one. They walk up
demanding benefits and get turned away being "Armies of one". The
so called advocates pretty much disbanded to go build shrines
to themselves. The RAC committee sits in limbo doing VA's bidding
to keep everything quiet, internal, and do nothing that VA doesnt
want. A few remnant researchers on the outside plod on is small
singular ways. Being waited out. The Secretary of VA has a closed
audience so no one can trip him up, and keep anyone at bay with
ideas or demands. I should know.

30 years after the war, its still 96% classified and those records sealed
for 50 to protect the criminals from prosecution that profited. Anyone
that was in the higher ranks sworn to secrecy to protect retirements.
Only people with no rights, are the lower enlisted that suffered all
these years in forced silence.

You would think these would be election issues. But, so much distraction
going on and struggling for survival - no one poor can organize. The rich
made sure we have no platforms or ways to rally. Its a total shut out at
the executive and judicial branches. The people themselves too easily
swayed by petty squabbling to organize in meaningful ways. Your being
forced to settle for the former Obama team that shut us out or the
current regime that walks on our backs in this election. I for one would
rather do a write in vote for Morgan Freeman. He has style and played
both versions better than anyone in films. But, I imagine he would hate
the job and I would not blame him.

Common sense and decency are in short supply. Covid is now ramping
up for a deadly winter here. The stupid are every where making bad choices.
Its a baby sitting job on all levels these days because all the wrong people
are out forcing there idiocy on others. To me, America is little more than
a bunch of monkeys flinging poop at each other. Reduced to animal instincts
and behaviors over rational concepts. Locally, its even lower than that
because animals get tired of the smell of poop - the morons here sink
lower every day because Covid didnt kill them yet. Only, there getting
older and others see them for what they are. Not that people will do whats
right these days to fix it. Some one elses fault? Wrong.

This pointless election will only continue status quo, and lack of change.
Real change will happen when people organize for other purposes than
trying to make minorities the priorities. Its all or nothing people, and
all the efforts other than true social are wasted. Personally, if you go based
on primate behavior - humanity is screwed. Better wake up, and realize
that no one wins if this keeps being which ape has the most bananas.
Apes would kill each other off rather than cooperate as a whole. They
work at top down barely, and it never ends well because of that. Right
now its like all the interbred Neanderthal DNA out there has rallied to get
there revenge for homo sapiens bumping them off. Im surprised there
isnt a effort to bring back woolly mammoths for them to hunt once more.
You know the types, got to have gun in there hand and shoot around
peoples homes. America in 2021, lets get back to 100,000 year ago.

There is being smart, then there is being ruthless. Not enough of one,
and too much of the other. Keeping everyone disorganized. Focus people.
Your not thinking about the future at all. If you are, you cant be alone
in it. Your stuck with each other and its not conditional.

September 5th, 2020

Genome project and Dynein - Kinesin protein functions

Had a brain storm the last few days over the glutamate metabolism
debate. What is the smallest feature of this from the cell wall to the
inner workings that hasnt really been addressed. I caught a youtube
video of the Dynein protein walking along a micro tubule that seriously
weird-ed me out. The ATP chemical function on its motility struck a
nerve on transport methods in and out of the cell. Glutamate s have
a effect on this. This takes it all down to the atomic level of chemical
interactions, nothing below this feature from the mitochondria to the
cell membrane.

Today I pitched this to the VA RAC, attached to a email from a year ago
about the before / after genome projects to map GWI's genes to show
the DNA changes after the war. Nothing has been said about this the
last year on the genome project. Had been saying for years we need
to nail down the protein / enzyme abnormalities ( 4,000 to 6,000 ) that
would apply. Genome segments would narrow down to 40 areas that
effect this.

First post on my website I had said this got no reaction. A few hours
later I got a email from Lawrence Steinman ( chairman ) saying my idea
was great. But, he started talking only about the Dynein and left out the less
stable Kinesin protein. So I had to send out a second email asking
they look at both equally. This conversation seemed awful familiar
to a year ago when he said my genome project was great also and
then that went silent.

Im such a undervalued resources in this crowd. So much arrogance
and contempt from people spinning there wheels. But, I know I dont
want on this committee because VA would hamstring me the way
it did on my VA advisory committee 10 years ago. They play dirty
and look for ways to silence brilliance or inspriation. The RAC now
is gutted and planted with ringers short of Dr Baraniuk. But, he is
not a team player either and over time they will use that against him.

Of course this will all go no where. We have no oversight, much less
people that even care. This is about singling out people like me and
wait us out till we die. So VA can go on making Gulf war illness a mystery
that cant be solved. Just like DOD still hiding the bulk of the records from
the Gulf war out to 50 years thanks to Obama. If it went well, why is it
still 99% classified 30 years later? To protect the corrupt politicians
that profited from the war. Im fighting on 2 fronts between the records
and the medical care to a silent arena with no platform.

There is a tremendous sense of cruelty in all this, as vets like myself
are vilified and kept at arms length for serving out country. Day to day
life is mostly hardship that no one cares happen. Living with 30 years
of health issues that VA went out of its way to insult, and trivialize.
Average American looks at me and frowns Im not missing a arm
or leg. You cant be disabled, you dont look it. Which makes it easier
for them to be judgmental and treat me badly. Too many people now
that cant wait to find someone to take there crap out on, and veterans
are easy targets for cowards.

Where do I go with all this? Im looking for answers. Im closer than
anyone to them as I pay attention. but, America is so backwards now and
all the wrong people are in charge day to day. The reason I say this is
you look for the simplest answers, and you resolve them. I expect
results along a time line. Thats where Im different, I expect tangible
results that fix things - and most are just out feeding petty emotions
or base animal revenge. You need a start point, and build up. Americans
are too busy tearing down what is left till Covid finishes them off.

August 5th, 2020

At a total loss in the American wasteland

Spent the better part of the last year chronicling the Pandemic
from the view of a lone vet in the wilds of Texas. Been through
a hellish year trying to prep for the devastation that would come
from a arrogant over confident population spiraling out of control.
In the end. nothing I said or did mattered in all this. So what if
I was prepared. Who cares I knew better about anything at all.
So taking all that down. Keep it simple.

Then it occurred to me, the attitude and indifference I had been given
the last 24 years as a advocate was only a reflection of what would
happen to all over time. Rome is burning, and people have given
up on doing what is right or caring. Which made it easy for the
minorities and others this year to try and kick off attempts to
champion there causes and fail to the same apathy. Now only to
become the hunted as the public backlash kicks off.

Where am I now in all this? How do Im advocate my fellow vets
and my own plight in such a hostile arena. Hostile? Absolutely.
The attitude when you step out the door is: Every person thinks
they come first and we owe them, so how dare anyone put there
needs ahead of them in any way. This bizarre contempt is only
building as no one helps no one, and those that used to help people
burn out from being over loaded. So Covid runs amuck while folks
sulk that there not worshiped. Waiting for others to fail, hiding at
home doing nothing, using up the last of the resources watching
the infrastructure collapse.

VA certainly cashed in on this. Works out so well for them. They
can hide from public opinion, hold no public meetings, and simply
let Covid do there job for them. Doctors dont even have to leave
there office or touch a vet. No medical baseline labs to track there
health. Worse yet, since GWI vets have a series of immune
problems Covid will seek us out and kill us off first. Then VA
can make up any story they want without opposition. Opps,
all the GW vets drank themselves to death - was substance abuse
all along.

The GW RAC is certainly no exception. Research? With nothing
but ringers on board and the flimsy veil of interest in public comments.
Reduced to one virtual meeting this year. The content of that July 7th
meeting was such a let down. Covid, DU, PTSD, stress. Its 1995
all over again thanks largely to Dr. Hunt. That old deployment health
grudge match to insult veteran to death firmly in place. Its all
somatic folks, vets are faking it. NOT. Jerks.

Then there is Congress. Who cares if veterans can survive the
new financial hardships. They didnt even have a plan with the
1st stimulus checks so that vets saw them. Much less meet
the skyrocketing cost of living in a crisis. Took a while just to
get that sorted out. You can tell they plan to wait us out and see how
many make it without help. There wont be a Cola increase or aid for us
this year. Maybe for what is left at the end of next year. Once they ranks
have thinned.

Im reduced to a spectator, watching the flood come in and only can
ride it out alone. Been right most of the year about my predictions,
more than the country, and its leaders. But, no one took any of
this serious and now the dread of August has come. How do I or
the rest of the sick GW vets make it in a country tanking hard. Where
thee is no clear leadership, plan, or method to solve the many leaks
in the dams about to burst. Survival in the coming year will be mostly
luck, random luck. Of which for me has mostly been bad for decades.

People out there wont do right by others, or themselves. World community
is watching America implode with glee and horror. As the golden goose
they picked at dries up. Not realizing the true devastation to come
by being petty. Was too easy for most to make it, had to ruin that
for others. Well, its all going backwards now really fast. As we slip
back to the 1800's. Cant just pick it apart.

How do I use this website to help anyone, much less me. Not sure
what to do or where to go. Last man standing? Thats not a reward
if all I have are turnips. ( Gone with the wind - ref ). Surviving in a
wasteland isnt survival. Believe me, been there a long time like that.
At least Ive got experience at this and be far more ready than
most. Sure going to miss it all though. Hell, already do. Im hustling
scraps like I did in the wilds of Iraq long ago. Im there once more.
      Kirt P. Love 
      Disabled Gulf War Veteran 
              Former member: VA Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans
      Contact: Kirt Love - ( Email updated April 5th 2020 )
                   P.O. Box 414, 
                   Crawford, Tx 76638

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