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Website debunking the Special Assistant 
for Gulf War Illnesses
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Updated: April 23rd, 2015
Come join our Organization as we face down the agency that lies about 
Gulf War issues. Deployment Health Support Directorate
1995 - 20,000,000 Gulf War military records declassified
1996 - 6,000,000 files given to OSAGWI to put on website
1996 - 1,700,000 files are medically relevant
1997 - 42,943 put up on gulflink.osd.mil website
At a cost of $150,000,000 less than .007% of the Gulf War Military 
records have been declassified for public release. 16 years later 
99.993% is classified , and the Pentagon has vowed to reclassify 
these records. This include Confidential Records that should have 
been released at the 15 year mark.
On February 14th 1999 I sent OSAGWI a FOIA asking for the bulk 
of its records names be declassified, and sent to me. I received a 
partial reply from General Vesser in a box with 2,877 pages, and 
two CD's. On the CD was the Structured database file and other part 
was a unstructured file. Again, only of the 42,943 files on the 
public server. In the Nov 5th1999 response letter from OSAGWI to 
me they explained they were processing the classified portion of the 
log sheets for me. That was the last I ever heard from them on paper 
concerning this FOIA. It remains mostly unanswered to this day 
on the other 6,000,00 files.
OSAGWI database file of 42,943 files 
OSAGWI response to me concerning partial response to FOIA
The Pentagon hides behind Executive Order 13292 so that the bulk 
of what happened in the Gulf remains hidden from the public. Except 
this is criminal intent to withhold information of neglect, misconduct, 
mishandling, and much worse during the Gulf War. The very same 
people who say nothing happened are the ones with full knowledge 
of those records, and vow to conceal them at all cost. The same people 
who lead us back to Iraq again under false terms, and created yet another 
disaster to live down.  
There should be FULL public disclosure, and we have the right to know 
what really happened in Iraq from 1990 to present.

How to complain to Veteran Affairs about your health care

April 23rd, 2015

The new Research Advisory Committee meeting
Had been concerned what the new chairman would be like once
he sat at the table. Sure enough, a meek person towing the line 
hoping VA will take him serious. The meeting on the 20th was 
about a sleepy as they come.
VA never took the RAC serious since 2002 or acted on any 
of its recommendations. It was dragged into countless hearings 
defying congressional inquiries into the very topic. The members 
all but openly accused VA of fraud. In return VA gutted the committee 
in favor of a more docile IOM style committee they could more 
easily manage and ignore. Unless the committee made a recommendation 
to study substance abuse which VA would leap on. 
The new chairman will certainly learn what frustration is as he 
begins to see he was suckered into this job. Passive is just another 
name for forgotten in the annals of history. Just what VA wants of 
him, take the show into muddy waters and languish there obscurely.

Army Denies it Sought to Hide Troops' Chemical Exposure in Iraq

In October 2014 The New York Times published a lengthy series 
based on documents acquired through Freedom of Information Act 
requests and interviews with Iraq War veterans, including 17 who were 
exposed to chemical agents. The Times said that about 5,000 chemical 
warheads, shells or aviation bombs were found by U.S. troops following 
the 2003 invasion.
I was so irritated with this article because it just scratches the surface 
of all those FOIA's out there that asks so much more about Iraq. Yet, now
that OEF and OIF are over DOD wants to pretend even this didnt happen. We 
need the media to dig deeper into the massive fraud that is the whole 1990 
to present 2 trillion dollar fiasco in this region. So much is being concealed
from nuclear, chemical, and biological events as well as experimentation
on troops. The items left out in the open sand from 1990 that waited for 
us to trip over them in 2003. The cover up of the EOD personnel who had 
to deal with these aging relics that often fell apart or blew out on them. 
Not to mention the on going burn pit saga of those down wind of them.
How can we be so blatantly ignorant of the waste and fraud committed in 
the mishandling of this region by our government the last 25 years. From 
the cover up of what happened then to the missions in between ( Desert Fox )
to the out right invasion and occupation in 2003. Only to loose it to another 
radical group in 2015. We need to come clean on the whole mess and stop
living the political lie that more than 5 million veterans live with today. 
Now we have things like Leishmaniasis loose in the blood supply as 
thousands of soldiers donate blood that shouldnt. Ones with dormant 
L Major, L Tropica, L Dondonavi, and so on. This can hardly be found 
even when your looking for it without a PCR DNA test which they are 
not screening for. How long will this go on before people come forward 
asking why they have it and how they got it. Only to find the FDA wants 
to wait out the carriers hoping it wont infect too many people before it 
resolves in one generation. They can wait 40 years for it to pass.
The carefully orchestrated VA plan to drive the vets 
and there advocates away before the 25th anniversary 
of the Gulf War
You had to be there to see it, and even then so it was stunning that 
it was ignored by all as it happened. In 2008 the Advisory Committee 
for Gulf War Illness published its report and disbanded. It was the only 
one of its kind to address benefits and healthcare. Then VA carefully 
removed all evidence of it from the VA Gulf War web page.
They got rid of the Gulf War GWVIS stats report. Said they would write 
Pre and Post 911 reports reports to continue that reporting. They did 
not. In effect, removing all forms of statistical tracking data from the 
public. No way to gauge any health impacts if no one has data to 
compare for it. They then focused on the Research Advisory Committee 
which they set out to gut on a technicality. 
The RAC tried to fill many shoes, and venture out of its comfort zone 
by commenting on as much as they could about VA's GWI short 
comings. VA took this poorly and decided that rather than act on 
even one single suggestion from the RAC, it was easier to remove 
the people complaining. They did, and by September 2014 it resigned 
Jim Binns and other key staff from the RAC. 
Congressional HVAC committee tried to get involved. But, could not 
rally support from Congress to support legislation meant to realign 
all this. They failed to act, and the final decision became that of 
Bernie Sanders in the Senate who killed this. Who put a dollar figure 
on GW vet lives and let us all down. 
Then VA turned to the IOM and let them know there would be no 
more IOM studies of Gulf War Illness. Which kind of eludes there 
with the RAC gutted this lets VA off the hook to counter any RAC 
reports with bad IOM science. Rather ominous. 
All the while DOD has decided that even though the Gulf War 
approaches the 25 year mark this month, they will not be releasing
any of the records from the war. 25 years is the time frame for the 
release of "Top Secret" records to the public. But, no request has 
been made to the National Archives and other repositories to 
release these records. A violation of record keeping law in DC, 
and still no one speaks up about this. 
You would think there would be some outrage in the veteran circles, 
and the veteran service organizations. Who are not even commenting 
on the anniversary of the war much less how much time has lapsed. 
The lack of medical record reporting, disease trends, death rates, or 
anything related to GW veterans of any kind. Much less the Burn Pit 
Registry data they collected from us this last year. Nothing. 
All of this has gone horribly wrong, and VA seems quite content to 
sit back and let this languish without purpose or direction. That 
they sure seem to want this defused state to say all is well and 
let obscurity dispel rumors of medical issue needing addressed. 
No one is welcome at the VA table, and we have no spokes persons 
left in DC that can even approach the Secretaries office much else 
get a response back. Its a totally closed door system now. I know, 
I try all the time.
Im not some obscure rambling lunatic here folks. I served on a VA
federal advisory committee for Gulf War veterans decrying the very 
things that would come to pass. No stranger to Congress, GAO, 
IOM, RAC, PSOB, OSAGWI, and so many others that came and 
went over the last 18 years in Washington DC. 
http://www.dod.mil/pubs/foi/administration_and_Management/FOIA_Logs/ http://veterans.house.gov/hearings/hearing.aspx?NewsID=538 http://veterans.house.gov/hearing/gulf-war-what-kind-of-care-are-veterans-receiving-20-years-later
http://www.publichealth.va.gov/exposures/gulfwar/ http://www.publichealth.va.gov/exposures/gulfwar/reports/gwvi-taskforce.asp
The question stands is, will any of you out there speak up about any 
of this in such a way that Congress would take notice. Because right 
now the House Veteran Affairs Committees are the only opportunity 
to alter this destiny if a few folks would rally to a few common goals. 
Provided its done in a public fashion others can witness. 
Email me your concerns to congress@gulflink.org and lets see if we 
can get something going other than stagnation. Maybe we can send
a joint proposal to congress they could work with. Its a good year to 
at least try and make something happen. Its been 25 years, hasnt 
that been long enough a wait for our needs to be addressed.  
The suggestion page for your Congress emails sent here: 
Congress proposals for 2015
      Kirt P. Love 
      Disabled Gulf War Veteran 
              Former member: VA Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans
      Contact: Kirt Love 
                   P.O. Box 414, 
                   Crawford, Tx 76638
Note: We continue here at DSBR to ask questions, and ask 
that you join our discussion group at GulfLINK Mail List.



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