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Website debunking the Special Assistant 
for Gulf War Illnesses
green line
Updated:  March 3rd, 2020
This website is from the early days of OSAGWI and is reflective of the
beginning appearance.  It does not look like the last incarnation only
because that got so watered down. The military Gulflink keeps changing
hands and URL's to hide it. There eventual goal is to delete it outright.
Once I die off then this website fades, they win, and it all will vanish. Forgotten
chapter of America. Until then, this website is a reminder of those forgotten
vets betrayal by America.

DOD sits on a vast amount of records that the bulk have been reclassified Top
Secret to be hidden for 50 years. Under the guise of WMD clause in the
national security records review system. Originally the records were listed
and reviewed like this:
1995 - 20,000,000 Gulf War military records declassified
1996 - 6,000,000 files given to OSAGWI to put on website
1996 - 1,700,000 files are medically relevant
1997 - 42,943 put up on website
At a cost of $150,000,000 less than .007% of the Gulf War Military 
records have been declassified for public release. 16 years later 
99.993% is classified , and the Pentagon has vowed to reclassify 
these records. This include Confidential Records that should have 
been released at the 15 year mark. They were not, and not at 20 years,
25 years, or 30 years. To protect private interest that profited from the war
and protect government officials from over 44,000 mistakes made there.

On February 14th 1999 I sent OSAGWI a FOIA asking for the bulk 
of its records names be declassified, and sent to me. I received a 
partial reply from General Vesser in a box with 2,877 pages, and 
two CD's. On the CD was the Structured database file and other part 
was a unstructured file. Again, only of the 42,943 files on the 
public server. In the Nov 5th1999 response letter from OSAGWI to 
me they explained they were processing the classified portion of the 
log sheets for me. That was the last I ever heard from them on paper 
concerning this FOIA. It remains mostly unanswered to this day 
OSAGWI database file of 42,943 files 
OSAGWI response to me concerning partial response to FOIA
on the other 6,000,00 files.

The Pentagon hides behind Executive Order 13292 so that the bulk
of what happened in the Gulf remains hidden from the public. Except
this is criminal intent to withhold information of neglect, misconduct,
mishandling, and much worse during the Gulf War. The very same
people who say nothing happened are the ones with full knowledge
of those records, and vow to conceal them at all cost. The same people
who lead us back to Iraq again under false terms, and created yet another
disaster to live down.
There should be FULL public disclosure, and we have the right to know 
what really happened in Iraq from 1990 to present. Only, America has
no interest in the truth or the rights of her veterans. This is a shameful
chapter of our history that ended up sending troops back and back under
false pretenses then betrayed them as well. We even protested sending
the troops in 2003, proven right for doing so, and still glossed over as the
occupation of Iraq went sour. Now a 2 trillion eye sore that America wants
to forget. There is no justice for the vets that served there then or now. There
wont till everyone connected to this has been dead a long time. The truth
buried not for national security, but economics, and the millions of lives
it destroyed over oil prices.

March 3rd, 2021

Beware, here comes the 3rd wave. Covid isnt over.

OMG, you've got to be kidding me. This cant be real. The pandemic
is far from over and Texas declares all safe? When .07% have gotten
vaccines and mutations have taken root locally. Didnt we do this last
year when the governor lifted restrictions and things tanked HARD.

These pandemics take 2 years to pass. There often is a 3rd wave
and this is no different. We might not have 50,000,000 dead world
wide but America is on track to match the 675,000 that died in
America in 1918.

My track record is 90 days ahead of the nation, and the 275,000
more that will die because people cant control themselves. This
didnt need to happen. The vaccines are not in time to stop the
3rd wave or slow it. You needed 150,000,000 for that or more.


Pending March 10 RAC meeting

The committee is now trying to assure me the tech is ready for
the meeting coming up. They defend the method. But, bandwidth is
bandwidth and there is no reverse call to thwart the charges. This
meeting is designed to only be accessible to those that can afford
it but dont need it. The chairman knows Webex isnt easy to use of
that freindly. Said so to me. But, cell phone bandwidth and hotspot
bandwidth is limited to a few gigs even with unlimited plans.


Exocrine Functional Impairment

Im just now beginning to under stand the last 2 years Ive been in a form
of pancreatic failure. Was thinking diabetes, and then last few days it
came together drinking the Mango juice. Amylase, lipase. Ive lost the
ability to produce Amylase. My pancreas is almost gone for that.

VA did all it could not to test for Triglycerides, HDL, LDL, Amylase, and
lipase the last 2 years. Did they know and block me from getting these?
I no longer think this is a accident. Dont ask, dont find has taken a rather
sinister turn for me. As now its really bad and Im in so much pain.

Turns out EFI is common for OIF, and OEF troops. Gulf war its glossed
over. But, burn pits suggest a common cause and VA doesnt want to
take them serious. Organ failure and a very painful death - is that really
fair to American veterans? Im facing a horrid morbid death soon screaming
in agony, Im sure that gives VA great joy knowing that. This ends in pancreatic
cancer or worse. They really relish in my misery, as do the mentally ill sickos
of the world out to ruin America. Wrong people in charge of all this.
Masochist. Sociopaths.


We've been betrayed

After the Dr. Haley DU study and others doctors behavior, its obvious
they sold out to get grants - the only ones left they could get that VA and
DOD would pay for. The bad kind. The Play on words types that start
with terms like substance abuse, or self induced in the title. Rigged to
fail and lacking objectivity.

For 2 years the bulk of the doctors in our ranks that used to talk to me
wont answer phones any more. Its about getting media attention and the
PDICI is standing on there necks to tow the DOD line. I predicted 10 years
ago that DR. Hunt and the PDICI would sabotage our issue and they did just
that. To the point these people meet in secret with VA staff and do not
publish what they discuss. Closed door society. Only, its bean counters
waiting for us to die. Certainly drooling right now that my death is close
at hand.

Right now, Im the loudest voice in the room people and Im no where
near 810 Vermont street. Its a show down as I play beat the clock to
get what I can on the books before I die. As I have no one to continue
my legacy, this all dies with me.

Your about to loose your last really loud voice. Then its really silence.
Silence is consent. I will try my best to be a poltergeist haunting them
from the grave if it could be done. More than likely, Im just another
silent grave no one will notice.

February 27th, 2021

RAC's new meeting format, from bad to worse

The RAC posted its new meeting in the federal register for March 10th,
They do it on a Saturday so no one notices it going out. This is meant
to fly under the radar so everyone misses it.

Its all new format. Only, Its Webex and a new conference phone
line that isnt VANTS. Which means unless you have mega unlimited
bandwidth and a very fast connection - you cant follow it. The phone
line is designed to keep this one sided and no disruptions. Like we
really need to see them all.

I wrote to the committee just how bad this was, and at first the chairman
got my sharp ended remarks. Then his skin went thin on the second
email as he wanted a easy out. I did it on purpose to show he grabbed
at the anger flag to dismiss me once more on a technicality. That he
does not understand what "damaged vets" are like to work with. Made
it personal and did what he always did with me - found a reason not
to respond after the first bombshell. This only furthers my point they
want to anger vets and drive them off. Provoke, or do that pandering
thing of "I hear your pain" and it goes no where. Every time Ive dealt
with him for 2 years now has been pandering, and then nothing.

But, my suffering is very real to me here at home. This winter has been
hell on earth. The house and what Ive had to do to get back up. Which
fell on deaf ears, as long as its not them then it doesnt matter. I feel
its a reflection of VA's cold aloof feeling that keeping us at bay is working
just fine for them. No dissension, silence is consent.

This next RAC meeting will be a new low, and much worse one. Just
be the committee members smiling happily at each other, small talk,
rainbows, and unicorns. Those like me wont be able to follow, and most
certainly not be able to interact at all. Spectator only.

Yet, only the NGWRC cares as long as they get to sit at the table.
Observe, keep the intel to themselves, make sure only they get to
talk with VA senior staff, and tell them only there story. Very bad joke.

Im not welcome. Im little people. What could I possibly know or have
to offer these gods on high. My suffering has no value because I am
a non-person. This committee has gone to great extremes to make
that obvious. Not that anyone there is making any progress or cares
as long as they go on building shrines to themselves and future careers.

See, Im angry in there eyes, and that must make me a bad person. How dare
you criticize us. But, I demand results or some kind of progress. Nope, VA
demands we remain stagnant, and run off vets. We hear your pain, beep.

Well folks, your silence is consent, and with each passing month you loose
a little more to them. Right now, there isnt anything left. They just want to
make sure this is dead, and no one can find there way in to complain. That
if you do it goes circle file 13, and vanishes right after that meetings. This
is vile, and horrendous, and they know no one cares. No rallying, they
made sure of that. Im the litmus test, ignore me till Im dead. The most
outspoken person in the room, once gone, joyous silence. Make up any
story they want unopposed. As the other handful is too busy groveling at there
feet for scraps to dare challenge them.

February 26th, 2021

If you go by the numbers, they say a different story

There is a bunch of fear mongering going on with Covid that is making this
frustrating in so many ways. So if you go by the media and the national
numbers this is a out of control fire on paper. But, anything can be made
to look that way.

A year ago I expected 6% to 7% mortality or higher with this. My projections
were on a more lethal bug given its predation in other countries. Its a year
later and what Im finding is this. Covid relies on beating down people with
bad diets, bad lifestyles, weakened immune systems, bad genetics, and
a dozen other circumstancial situations that allow it to beat down certain
folks more than others.

Ive also noticed high profile high exposure folks that a year later are
right where they were before. Maybe already had it and its over for them.
There not door knob lickers flirting with death. They limit the exposures
and may have not gotten a full on dose of the virus, but a gradual amount
they could fight off. Did you get a few hundred, a few thousand, or millions
at your first dosing in your environment. That first bump into it could be
gradual enough to give you a chance. Those that got a big hit with millions
or billions of the virus at once didnt stand a chance. This is true even
with bio-weapons like Anthrax, its about delivery amount per dose.

Strikes me this is a opportunity bug and not as lethal as once thought
because Im pretty sure its under reported by a factor of 10. Im positive
that more than 15,000,000 Texans alone have been exposed, and most
are not reporting it. Those that are have symptoms they can see, the
rest do not or think this is a cold, allergies, whatever. But, county by
county around me its running from 1.1% to 1.7% mortality depending on
the size of the metropolitan city in that county. Nothing like what I had
expected back in April 2020. Its the scale of the infection that makes
this notable. People spread it quickly, and I think mostly out of spite. As
the "never do wells" know they are sick and go out in public on purpose.
Saw that yesterday, greasy rag tag guy with no mask coughing at
people in a store. Jerk.

But, I was pointing out mutations back in October and generational
variances long before anyone else said boo about it. Because a virus
borrows RNA from others when two kinds share a cell. There not complete
and when they recombine they end up with extra materials around them.
So places like Africa that have harsher situations only add to this. The
life cycle of mutation here is 1,000 fold compared to humans. Numerical
progression of exposures amplifies this to hourly when its millions of host.
Now billions in the next few months.

Im very glad this isnt what I projected. The question now is the vaccines
and if they have properties long term that make this worse. As I now see
them as having more long term effects having been rushed into the arena.
Which is worse, Covid or the vaccine. Im sure the people that died would
have rather had the vaccine. But, I think herd immunity has already begun
without it and after the stupid people get done trying to get it we will see the
numbers go down. Those that want to party, lick a door knob, and say its
not real. Which we have a bunch of around me.

So far Ive seen high risk people use common sense, and stay out front
alright. If more people became aware of there surroundings and kept up
sanitation - they will see like the schools that isnt a wild fire. Isolate
and contain has worked locally. Scale is everything and metropolitan
cities are the most vulnerable. Too many people close together.

February 25th, 2021

The winter of our discontent

Last few weeks had been brutal on us all. In Texas the grid folded and
nearly everything failed or came to a stop. Almost half the population
of Texas lost something from power to water. Then you had the run on
food and other commodities, wiped out the stores.

This week its the run on building supplies, and contractors running a muck
cashing on on the misery. Major chains like Lowes, and Home Depot that
were too big to fail could not keep up. In the end to repair my plumbing I
had to go to obscure out of the way suppliers off the main stream. They
have it because no one even knows the exist. Once I got what I needed
I helped broker between them so that the supply store in Gatesville could
have vital repair pipe and fittings from another to remote for people to find.
Then told everyone in 3 counties about them including the local water company
so that they could help others get back up. As none of them had answers
and were too busy digging out to know these things. As there was no good
reason for these shortages, these larger companies dont take disasters
serious enough to stock pile for true national issues. This was a failure
of both Federal and state planners on a crumbing utility infrastructure that
refused to upgrade, and then the building supply community to plan ahead

For me, it caused a week of hardship. But, I had already been in the process
of upgrading my plumbing so most had been set aside before hand. I was
digging tunnels to get to the aging pipes. Slow, painful, tedious work. Then
the cold snap caused a phenomenon called flash freeze at 6am February
16th that took all the pipes out in a 30 minute period. They worked, and
then 30 minute later nothing at all faucets. Hour later I had water in my
green house at the line closest to the main feed. Then the water supply failed
and I had no water coming in for a week. There main pump failed, and there
backup was junk. Went out and tried to help them, I could have rebuilt it
in 3 hours and had them back up - they didnt want my help. Frustrating.

Im cutting out a mishmash of weird pipes and 40 years of bad repairs to a aging
home. A spider web of bad thinking down there before I even came along.
It was over due, and this week forced me to bring it all to a end.

I had to tear out my bathroom floor, ruining it. Then swim in ice cold water to
cap blown lines or put in cut off valves. This was true horror show for me
as 3 times I turned water on only to find other breaks. Stories had gotten back
to me of others having water moccasins move in under the houses during the
storm. I was slipping down into a dark tight space in black icy water with possible
angry snakes looking for a target. Alone, with Kayle at school. The pipes crumbled
any where I touched it. Brittle. Further flooding underneath. Pushing my water
bill up with every thousand gallons I lost.

But, I had been homeless and in a war. Those were still worse than this. Going
2 weeks without food. Shivering in my car in 20 degree weather with no heat
and a broken foot I couldnt get set. Lost in Iraq at night in them middle of a fire
fight as I had fallen a sleep from exhaustion at the wheel then drifted off at the
worst moment. The list goes on and on of the bizarre things that happened to
me long ago.

Thought my plumbing through, changed the layout. Hardened it off at each step
with triple redundancies. Slowly regained it all. Hot water is shielded now. The
kitchen, washing machine are back. Im on my bathroom now as I take those
pipes up to current. Better layouts with greater control. No more rotting steel
lines with black goo and rust in them. Its getting better and the water is gone
underneath the house.

Did anyone come to my aid, offer any help, ask? No. My neighbor knew of it
and seemed to delight in trying to make things worse in his own sad small
way. The local druggies and drunks were busy trying to antagonize each other
hoping to push people over in a crisis. The town of Osage is mostly bottom
of the barrel people from around the county that have no where else to hide.
Good thing I dont need them, or care. Let them ruin there own lives, they have
to live with the fallout of there own behaviors in a crisis and they dont get that
yet. Im not looking inside a 8 mile radius, My outreach is much further than
that, and I dont operate at a 2 digit IQ like the folks here. I lived all over 11 counties
and Im not limited to local resources. Cant afford to be narrow minded.

My point is, I survived worst case scenario and Im not out very much. After this
part is over I will have very solid plumbing despite the shortages. Im not being
raped by contractors. I dont have to rely on vile neighbors that betray each
other for scraps. Not looking to others for emotional support or hints of kindness.
Because this is a war being fought in America. A war of mediocre personalities
setting out to ruin what they cant control. Rather than people pulling together,
most choose to use this as a opportunity to spread there petty misery thinking
it wont come back on them. Strike while people are distracted or hurt.

I helped people in Crawford, McGregor, and Gatesville. Provided support to
suppliers, utilities, distribution, schools, and stores that go unappreciated for what
they do. Because in the end big business has failed us, and local infrastructure is all
we really have. Unlike here in Osage where the petty choose to be even worse
human beings than they were before. Fooling no one but themselves.

Cant live a lie people. You cant use politics, religion, and other vices as a means
to cheat others. This is survival in a major crisis and all those crooks out there
that cheated America are cashing in any way they can. They have no plan to
rebuild, build, or save anyone. They plan to bring back darker things to give them
the upper hand much like the Nazis did. Its all around you. The never do wells
will bring this country down.

Dont brag to me about what a great country this is. Because way too many
right now are not making it great. Im operating alone surrounded by people
that are poison to all around them. There not learning any humility in the
face of bizarre issues eroding this country. They choose to add to that in
some backwards logic. Seems entertainment is all they crave and spreading
misery if they dot get it. Beer is more important than survival? Drugs?

Im not deterred by that. Just sad that it will take 10 years for others to eventually
catch on to all this after they suffer more than needed. I have to baby sit idiots
that cant grasp the obvious and wait for them to grow out of there ID complexes.
Till they finally tire of wallowing in mud. Which with the fall of the Roman empire
took nearly a 1,000 years. Americans might not catch on in time after all.

Till then I use reason, not color things. No illusions. Fix what I can and wait for
people to grow up or die by there own hands. As common sense is gone and the
every man for himself rule is in play. You wont win like this people. It has to be
the true social common good with no strings attached. No one person is more equal
than others. No one is fooling me right now, Im on my guard and watching others
cheat themselves. Your wasting valuable time people and finite resources. Its
more like watching rats scurry around chewing up what is left with the same
regard for there surroundings.

Your teetering on the edge of two choices right now. A true collective effort that
your part of on a grand scale, or a collective organized crime ring like the
1920's that will take 20 years to bring in check. Sadly, I already know what
the out come is because "you cant make me" is all I hear out there after a year
of Covid ravaging the land. People rather put negative energy into things and
be petty. Simian instincts rather than higher evolved. Politics and religion wont
save you, you have to save yourselves, and not at others expense.

February 19th, 2021

Survival in the 3rd world country that once wasnt

Here was a epic 100 year winter on top of a global pandemic that you
just cant predict with anything including historical. What matters in
all this is that people behaved so badly towards each other, and the
over all situations they handled badly. All that attitude and mediocrity
survived when things were easy. Now status quo failed when nature
threw us several curve balls. Really? Good for her. America deserved
it for being so snide about every day life.

Preppers like me at least didnt panic as things fell apart. You adjust to
the new norm and reason your immediate surroundings. You count your
remaining assets and set you standards real low. Like zero expectations
as things get worse. Out here is Crawford the drunks came unhinged and
attacked people like cowards with beer cans at night. Thats your answers
you sad little monkeys? These are the people that brought America down
and we certainly dont need. Good luck finding compassion because your
not using a survival strategy and no future to speak of. Sadly, we mostly
have these rather than civic minded folks. The local bigger farms and businesses
hire them, make them indentured slaves of sorts, then lean on them to
drive away others not on there payroll. Its come full circle out here, and
now desperation has made them careless and over confident. More stupid.

Ive been hit very hard in a dozen ways. But, I dont panic. Unlike others
who have to pay contractors to save them, my issues will pan out at
.10 on the dollar as I do all my own work and have most of the parts
I need stored around me. Once the water comes back up, I can figure
out the plumbing leaks, and use what I have in reserve. But, I wont know
how bad it all is till we spend a week above freezing. 4 degrees one night,
0 degrees the next, and 196 hours way below freezing is historical record
country down here. Will take time to thaw and then see how bad this really
was after the fact.

Weird part is I spent two weeks getting ready for all this, and it went
20 degrees cooler than first predicted. I would have been fine at 9 degrees,
and got through 4 degrees alright. Then we hit 0 degrees and everything
tanked at 6am. Nature just kept going down trying to find that failure point.

We lost everything here in Texas. Complete collapse of the grid on all
levels as if a nuclear bomb hit us. The black outs were tough. 10 million
still in the dark. I learned what galloping electrical lines are as they ice
up and bounce real bad in the wind. That shorts the breakers they cant
find easily. We lost the mail, shipping, grocery stores, and then the water
companies here folded in unison and turned there phones off. I was over
run by rats that chewed up my van wiring and ate my green house plants.
Both vehicles went down in the extreme cold. It kept coming hour by
hour as the house plunged inside below 55 and could not get it warmed
back due to the extreme cold air. 84 year old house just cant stay warm
in arctic conditions. Then birds dug out the leaves protecting my plants
and the cold killed all my gardens.

OK, biblical stuff here. Then again, Ive been homeless, and in a war. Ive
got other moments that match this and I made it through those.

The rats were no doubt from the idiots around me that brought them out
here. Killed them off which was a real trick, rats are smart. I got them
into routines then switched up on them. After that I tackled what I could
as the hours went by. Cant go under the house as it flooded after the
pipes burst. So worked at it from trap doors from above and capped what
I could till later. Ive got lots of cut off valves to begin with. Built my own
CO monitor out of a arduino nano and a MQ2 sensor to keep track of
the levels in the house. Hard part was splitting wood in these conditions
outside. Plowed through it.

My point is, locally everyone turned asshole, and showed there real colors
in a crisis. Thats going to follow them. I was shoveling snow off the road to
keep it passable for 175 feet. I asked no one for help as I know out here
no one helps no one, and they didnt. Quite the opposite, the drunken thugs,
and dope heads saw this as opportunity to spread misery. Over played there
hands. Became obvious. Sloppy.

See, your all out there cheating each other. So many people living a lie
and living for the moment. The cry fowl when things go sour. What about
you? As far as Im concerned your all out to cheat each other, and no one
wins. The loss is yours, not mine. I will do what I always have done as
a abandoned veteran in a hostile country - survive by my witts and not trust
people to do right by anyone. See, I spent years getting ready for this
moment and you know what? It happened. I was right about people and
what they would do in a crisis. Reach new lows, turn on each other, and
certainly not look out for the greater good. Which isnt a departure from
what Ive lived with after the war. People here dont care about suffering
till its theres, and they dont show empathy to others for real. Until its
misery everywhere and no one is happy. I saw that coming.

Year after year I make so many accurate projections about so many
things in life. Then people cant wait to thumb there noses at me, and
go right on making the same mistakes. VA and its crowd is the worst
of all about this. But, over time I couldnt even reason with what seemed
to be normal people down here. Denial, or themselves and there over
all surroundings. Even as I predicted the Covid issues out past 90 days
better than the government did no one cared. So much arrogance out
there and then the storming of the capital by more idiots. Then warning
people here about what artcic weather is like - Ive lived it. Nope,
everyone out there are way too smart for me - I must be clueless because
they can imply it.

Its the story of the grasshopper and the ant. Im preparing and doing the
daily work to ride out a bad winter - and the grass hopper ignores the
warnings to live for the moment. Mock me, and yet who saw the reality
coming and prepared rather than hoped it would just work out. Life dumped
on me, and I just kept plugging along. So far, only thing Ive seen is mostly
people try to make it worse rather than fix anything. Till homes are dark,
and people are staying at others homes to find shelter any where they can
get it. Your not going to make it this way folks.

Man oh man, my worst fears about people manifested themselves all these
years later - and the worst is yet to come. You didnt learn, you cant wait
to go back to status quo, and yet the future is already very different even
if you cant see it. America has to go totally dark before the idiots get that
its in trouble. Could have been better, but you just dont want that do you.
Hoping your neighbors fail, and die. Only, they take you with them.

My reality maybe a dark one, buts it reality. It doesnt scare me and Im
going to make it some how. Because all this was, is practice for worse.
Find weaknesses to patch. The new norm is way worse. People will do
the one thing Ive always know them to do, get worse and over confident
heading into disaster. Just like back in the war, and also what people did to
me when I was homeless. Humans are not the noble creatures they like
to think they are. When things get bad, they turn animal, and you see the
real them in action. Only, I refuse to be a animal or get reduced to one.

Oh well, its your problem - Im not going to add to it. But, I also know
that others will only try to add to mine. Americans suck and the world
community will cut our throats once this is over. The "personality war"
that ruined America for good. Thanks for nothing.

February 18th, 2021

30th anniversary of the Gulf war, the Feb 17th VA RAC meeting,
and VA's feable gala to the war

I think yesterday really did represent the overall national persona at the
virtual RAC meeting at VA. On so many levels. It was sad, frustrating, and
quite pointless. Yet, those that think they are in charge are quite happy with
it because there the people there now. Didnt matter it had like 17 people
at it and almost all deeply tied to the former Gulf War Illness Task Force.

What I heard online and saw on Adobe connect were individuals that
pleaded there case only for themselves, and the villains of our issue there
that drove away everyone else of value. So you had a circle of people that
each was talking at the crowd but not really to each other. It was nearly
comical watching the banter on the chat bar as the manipulators did there
best to build themselves up as national heroes, and yet watch them, do all
they can to keep people away from the media and other sources if it was
want about that one person. This has had made the NGWRC a joke now
because it even has put it on odds with its long time loyal supporters who
speak quite ill of them offline. They dont care, and they dont realize the
ploy with VA to keep them as they are. VA knows the dynamic and is
fine with how they work because it creates this bottleneck to progress.
In the end, it was the vets fault for things crumbling - not VA. So they want
others to think. The NGWRC has totally lost sight of what it has become
and its outer image versus what it thinks it is. Yet, Ive heard first hand what
the service groups have said about them. The service groups have a code,
never berate them publicly. Behind the scenes, one called Jim Bunker a
lying bastard they cant stand. I was stunned at who said it.

I tried to interject during the meeting, and make same old points. At times
I could not tell if my remarks even made it into the que. But, it didnt matter.
The committee and others had made sure that no matter how good my
materials - they are to be avoided at all cost. There are now nothing but
burn outs on board each trying to carry there own torch. You dont sing there
praises, then watch out. So all that is left now are a dozen armies of one
trying to vie for air time not getting that information isnt going any where.
Its a fielding mission to find vets, humor them, and then blow them off.
Find the last of the dissenters that might threaten VA's internal records or
findings. As 2 years of watching this committee has show me these people
only get heard if they become part of this inner circle. You become a good
ole boy paying homage to the committee, you might get to sit in on one of
there secret meetings with the VA secretary or his executive staff.

Then came this really sad moment as they did there little 30 year anniversary
dance to the Gulf War. Im looking at the people on the sidebar, and was truly
disgusted with the attendance in many ways. The GWVITF of 12 years ago
and its inner circle following was mostly the bulk of it. I could not stand how
one sided this was and commented on it. How is this honoring GWI vets if
there are only these people basically honoring themselves. I pointed out that
the very things I dissented on my committees report in 2009 have come to pass
right the in front of me. How vile the PDICI is, as its meant to either drive off
vets or or label them as somatic. That Gingrich had blown off my request while
on my committee heading out. How these people disbanded and pretty much took
everything with them. Leaving 10 years of NOTHING.

So here is the irony in all this. Its a broken dysfunctional dynamic VA is
very happy to keep as is. VA has made sure only its ringers get air time and
that it never has to address healthcare and benefits with GWI vets. VA has
made sure that the RAC never publishes or give any rallying points. Just go
on meeting with VA staff in secret over the years issues. The NGWRC keeps
its death hold on its now ludicrous position as there lackeys, and that no one
outside its little ring get heard - which VA is fine with. Blinded by there need
for self glorification even if its quite distorted. To what now, as vets have no real
program to go to other than the throw away singular WRIISC program failing
us in a spectacular fashion.

Noticeably missing? Congressional committees that used to attend. If they
are there I cant tell. Like HVAC that used to champions hearings. If there is
oversight right now, I see no evidence of it. Are they relying on the NGWRC?
Its one of the big reason why the last hearings failed as the NGWRC made
sure only its following testified. They go out of there way to keep others like
me in the dark.

I cant fault any of these people only because Americans in general have taken
on the "Army of one" approach to life. I just want for me, and not others. There
are no collective efforts any more other than minority extremist now seeing there
chance to rise up in the ranks unopposed. Gulf war veterans mostly walk around
with there hand out, and walk away when benefits are still hard to come by. No
loyalty other than can you get them a rating easily and then walk away. Ive watched
this first hand for 20 years the people that showed up, wanted something, then
left when it was too much for me. People used me up, and even switched sides
if they saw opportunity for themselves. One is a committee member now that
runs interference for VA., There is no Gulf War service group because the vets
wont rally at Congress to charter one. It happened with the Korean war and now
with Gulf war. The results are the same, Korean war vets died in obscurity. VA
was fine with that to.

How can anyone win in this arena? You cant. It cancels everyone out. The people
left in the arena have every subjective value systems versus true objective. To
keep there positions even if they are wrong. Because some how they will right
things even if there perceptions are distorted or totally off. That person in the
mirror is never wrong, and never makes mistakes, and never apologizes. Its
everyone elses fault. Dysfunction. So you have misery in charge and they enjoy
others misery. A stone wall to progress, and you cant reach them because right
now there really isnt a moral code in this country any more. You cant argue or
reason with them either, there not wrong in there own minds. Who is going to
hold them accountable? God, they know he is hands off on all this. Free will.

Kirt, the picture you paint - you offer no options. Yes I do. Wake up people
and study your value systems. Where does this really start. It starts with you
having to realize that your in a community / society that is driven by numbers.
If you dont fight the greater good for real, then your not part of it. You whittle
away at the cosmetics till you find common basic points and you move as
a collective towards those goals. Means you have to get along with others
at some point and agree on a simple aspect as a group. Which means getting
laws passed at Congress that force VA to serve its vets. Not grossly over fund
them to turn us away so they can play games with masochist in its ranks.
The people in charge of VA now are burns outs that rose to the top of what is
left of several bad administrations. These are folks getting revenge for all the
imagined wrongs they sat through in the ranks. Decimators that fired all
around them that threatened them. Like bad leaders did in the Army.

Im not going to further worthless careers, I want tangible goals and progress
in realistic manners. Either you create, or you destroy. Im running into a
massive network of people who destroy. Thats all that is left, grudges
matches to progress. People have to rally outside this, and pick a new path
that puts things back on track. Not anarchy, just not blindly following the
broken methods of the past. But,whatever you champion - you need to stay
on board and stop worrying about building a shrine to yourself. People will
screw this up, and you cant just walk away because others cant focus. Stay
to the simplest item and get everyone to support that as well as you. If vets
stopped making this about them, the personality war would be over and the
goal becomes key.

Americas "personality war" is a very sad chapter in its history. The stalemate
it created made Covid into a nightmare. "You cant make me" and "come
and take it from me" are not battle cries, there big huge flags of those that
destroy rather than create. When the smoke clears, humility will mean
something again as the posturing got no where. Stand your ground is more
like standing in quick sand and not moving. Got to see it for what it is and
not let your ego color the moment.

Im not standing in anyones way, and Im tired of waiting for anyone else
to get past there own anger of why others dont worship them. There arent
330,000,000 noble people in this country seeking greater goals. Once
even a tiny potion of that finds focus, things can and will change. It has
to start somewhere, and its waiting for people that see more than there
own personal needs. Almost selfless, but enough to make progress. Takes
a true cause. and staying with it for the greater good. True Objective reason.

February 11th, 2021

30th anniversary of the Gulf war

No one cares what happened, and now its a real sore point with Covid
to get any VA care or help of any kind.

No accountability, and the vets let VA off the hook when they shouldnt.

Why is this website so short now? Because ruffling feathers is pointless
if people are picking away at the infrastructure. Armies of one that help no
one but themselves. Sticking your neck out only to have them whack it
looking for freebees or ways to cheat you for helping them.

There are two sides to this story, and for 20 years Ive grown to understand
that the Gulf war vets are as quick to cheat people as the government
is out to cheat them. Stale mate of sorts. Who cares versus who cares.

So Im pulling my information, and commentary. Im on top of all manner
of issues and events, so what. Like others can do a better job than me.
If they did, this website wouldnt exist. Well, go out there and find out what
I already know. Do your own damn homework. Why should it be at my
expense when so many are making it worse, and others dont care. Either
way this has become moot.

Covid has brought out the worst in this country, and running this website
is a drain on me for all the people out there that think there entitled at my
expense. Ive nothing left, and things could not be worse in DC right now.
But, people like me faught and faught for others for decades and right now
people say "what have you done for me today". Well, get off your own butts
and do your own work. There is nothing left and no where to go on this
topic because the vets couldnt even muster the slightest support any more.

Its gone folks, and you let it happen. Now watch what VA does with that.
This isnt the worst part yet, and Im already disgusted where it is now.
Both sides of this are terrible. Ive done more than I could every imagine
in this arena and deserve better than be yawned at by mediocre people.
Make a fascinating book. Too many tell me so all the time. Only, Im not
going to write a book about failure and look for sympathy. Now is not the
time given how bad things are. But, I have nothing to prove any more either.
Get back to me when people do more than stick there hands out.
      Kirt P. Love 
      Disabled Gulf War Veteran 
              Former member: VA Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans
      Contact: Kirt Love - ( Email updated April 5th 2020 )
                   P.O. Box 414, 
                   Crawford, Tx 76638

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