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Website debunking the Special Assistant 
for Gulf War Illnesses
green line
Updated: February 20th, 2014
Come join our Organization as we face down the agency that lies about 
Gulf War issues. Deployment Health Support Directorate
1995 - 20,000,000 Gulf War military records declassified
1996 - 6,000,000 files given to OSAGWI to put on website
1996 - 1,700,000 files are medically relevant
1997 - 42,943 put up on gulflink.osd.mil website
At a cost of $150,000,000 less than .007% of the Gulf War Military 
records have been declassified for public release. 16 years later 
99.993% is classified , and the Pentagon has vowed to reclassify 
these records. This include Confidential Records that should have 
been released at the 15 year mark.
On February 14th 1999 I sent OSAGWI a FOIA asking for the bulk 
of its records names be declassified, and sent to me. I received a 
partial reply from General Vesser in a box with 2,877 pages, and 
two CD's. On the CD was the Structured database file and other part 
was a unstructured file. Again, only of the 42,943 files on the 
public server. In the Nov 5th1999 response letter from OSAGWI to 
me they explained they were processing the classified portion of the 
log sheets for me. That was the last I ever heard from them on paper 
concerning this FOIA. It remains mostly unanswered to this day 
on the other 6,000,00 files.
OSAGWI database file of 42,943 files 
OSAGWI response to me concerning partial response to FOIA
The Pentagon hides behind Executive Order 13292 so that the bulk 
of what happened in the Gulf remains hidden from the public. Except 
this is criminal intent to withhold information of neglect, misconduct, 
mishandling, and much worse during the Gulf War. The very same 
people who say nothing happened are the ones with full knowledge 
of those records, and vow to conceal them at all cost. The same people 
who lead us back to Iraq again under false terms, and created yet another 
disaster to live down.  
There should be FULL public disclosure, and we have the right to know 
what really happened in Iraq from 1990 to present.

How to complain to Veteran Affairs about your health care

February 20th 2014

VA screams "screw you" to Gulf War Vets and 
no one bats a eye
Its truly stunning. Ive predicted so much, called it out, and yet these 
folks are just jumping straight into the fire like Lemmings. 2013 was 
a vile year for Gulf War vets as Congress betrayed us on March 17th 
with a lame hearing titled Gulf War: What Kind of Care are Veterans 
Receiving 20 Years Later? Even with the whistleblower Dr. Steven S. 
Coughlin telling all - the shameful committee let VA off the hook. You 
could literally hear that cash register cha-ching sound in the air as the 
committee rolled over to let VA laugh at us. That was the death sound 
of the Gulf War vets being plowed under into shallow unmarked graves. 
VA by this point has broken ties with all the grassroots groups and has 
its eyes solely on gutting the Research Advisory Committee that 
prompted the hearing. In June they announced they would alter the RAC 
charter so it could no longer chastise VA research. Make only 
recommendations which till now VA has totally ignored. The committee 
fights back but only to save its members which sets them up for the 
pending gutting of its chairman and staff. The new committee would be 
docile, and ready to produce substance abuse ideas in conjunction with 
the IOM in order to vilify the veterans rather than help them. Congress rolls 
over even more to help VA do this and not ruffle feathers. 
Its complete failure at VA by this point. COS Gingrich is found out that 
he is not a true advocate. When he resigned he took Gulf War with 
him. The supposed GWI Task Force was such a lame joke. It never had 
any teeth other than the generate negative ideas out of public view for 
some of the crustiest people who would not die or retire. So the semi annual
GWVIS reports where gone, and so any other kind of similar accounting 
reports as VA decided they could be one time events. The Pre and Post 
911 reports were fabricated to be useless and vague, and for some reason 
one time reports rather than recurring. The Gulf War Review hasnt seen 
light since 2010 though it has a budget for publication. The only thing VA 
could fund or pay attention to were highly biased reports like the "Gulf War 
and Health, Volume 8: Update of Health Effects of Serving in the Gulf War" 
which is nothing more than toilet paper. It was heavily criticized in the 
veteran circles while VA raved about it. 
VA even played dirty and leave out the 1990 veterans in a Open Burn Pit 
Registry law passed in January 10th, 2013. With some bitching we got the 
1990 crowd included though ignored. OK, then January 10th 2014 passes
a year later and the registry is still not up. Law broken? Congress could 
care less even after asked. HVAC is little more than a call in phone line to 
a black hole when it comes to this. 
The Dysfunction is mind boggling at the WRIISC, Deployment Health, 
Environmental Health, Policy and Planning, OMB, as VA has a total 
implosion of mediocrity and total contempt for veteran opinion on its 
methodology. Normal hospitals would be closed under these conditions. 
In Texas the VA healthcare and Benefits handling becomes the worst 
in the nation. There is no reporting system, no reports of any data that 
is sent in, and no tracking of any disease trends other than self reported 
in one really badly done survey. Its like VA has said "give us the funding 
then go away". Who put North Korea in charge of Gulf War VA healthcare.
What is missing are the veterans complaints in one spot that is easily 
found by all that VA cant control. What is needed is some kind of petition 
either at the Whitehouse or in public domain that could scream back at 
VA how much they suck. To demand change and put things right. Instead 
there are less than 20 people now involved of which none will work with 
each other unless they can be in charge. They went to Congress to try 
and get funding for research outside of VA and Congress laughed them 
off. The rest dont have the talent, personality, or skill to pull this off so 
they just attend meeting to listen and languish. VA has gutted the RAC
which is most of them, and since the focus is largely research they will 
butcher that. There is nothing left for the Gulf war vets out there and VA 
is laughing it up. 
Department of Defense and the National Archives are so confident that 
they dont have to respond to military FOIA's that they got rid of the military 
director at the National Archives in Suitland. So if confidential records were 
to be released at 15 years, no longer. Secret at 20 years, no longer. Top 
Secret at 25 years, no longer. All the records from the Gulf War came out 
to over 25 million that got reduced to 6 million. Of that more than 1.7 million 
are medically relevent. To this day only 46,000 released though the confidential 
records ( over 2 million ) should have already been released by now. Not 
as long as the people with money that broke laws during the war are still 
alive. Even after Norman Schwarzcopf died Nara has not made his part 
of the Centcom records public that should have been released years ago. 
The veteran community gave up rather than fight this and so without proof 
of all the criminal things that took place in the war, its our word against VA 
that anything happened and VA is happy to give us the finger. 
How do I know these things? Because I call, write, testify, and participate 
in this damn travesty every day. I served on a federal advisory committee 
VA buried and wrote off too early. Have been doing this now 17 years and 
seen far more than I ever wanted to. I remember the very smug personalities 
at the Presidential Special Oversight Board and how they turned on there 
own members who tried to talk in 2000. I remember the meetings with 
OSAGWI, MHVCB, and others who routinely lied to us or even worse told 
a dark secret every so often only to retract it like the tissue samples at the 
AFIP they managed to conceal. Even how in the center of all this when 
at a Pentagon SHAD surfaced in the middle of the conversation and how it 
had been hidden for almost 40 years of America using live chemical and 
biological weapons on its own troops. People dont know I was the last person 
left trying to save Stars and Stripes from a hostile bid by the Pentagon of 
a paper that was privately owned since the civil war. It was a hot paper in 
its day and not the rag it is now. Then my opposition to the 2003 deployment 
to Iraq that got world wide interviews. Later, my fight over drug resistant 
Acinetobacter Baumannii the troops brought back from Iraq or the huge 
surge in 2004 Leishmaniasis cases DOD did not want to report and its 
threat to the blood supply as DOD let them donate blood that should not. 
Oh no, Im a very colorful person who lives in a police state. Trapped in 
my house in Texas with no hope for the future where anything goes and 
there is no justice for the poor. Living out my days wishing that the 
veterans would pull together and watching them only get worse with 
each passing year. Dont worry folks, no one is coming to your aid and 
your letting them do that. Im powerless and little more than a observer 
as with each passing year watching more freedoms being lost. My only 
comment now: Why couldnt Snowden have gotten the DOD records 
vaults and released those. Half the nations of the world would have turned 
on America just over the radiation fallout across Europe that has been 
kept a secret over the bombed reactors in 1990.
Beginning of a bad year for Gulf War Vets
Its sad that we have such a corrupt government in place that defies
its citizens openly. The election was a dead give away that the 
general public has a short memory and little knowledge of what 
goes one in Washington DC. Worse yet after the election it did 
not even clean house at VA after Shinsekys / Gingrich performances
did little to benefit the veteran community. 
Nothing changed throughout 2012. Gulf War vets had no say in
 there healthcare or benefits. VA didnt even publish the Gulf War 
Review as its Gulf War Veteran Illness Task Force met in secret 
throughout the year. The GWVITF ignored the public comments 
from the veteran community in its annual report as they followed 
the private agenda of VA employees to rail road GW vets rather 
than offer them alternatives to there defunct ideas. The key push 
would be to endorse its Seattle psychiatric clinic under Dr. Stephen 
Hunt and relable Gulf war vets under the term CMI rather than 
Undiagnosed Illness. Then ask the IOM to do the same in its pending 
Chronic Multisymptom Illness report in January. 
The IOM even went as far as to ignore its findings in there "Gulf War 
and Health, Volume 8: Update of Health Effects of Serving in the 
Gulf War"  from 2010 in favor of trying to revert back to even 
more antiquated ideas of 1997. They gave them new terms but 
then had the nerve to use bad science terminology like Somatic 
Illness. This was of course to guarantee VA would give them a 
paycheck rather than fuss over the content. The report
Gulf War and Health, Volume 9: Treatment for Chronic Multisymptom Illness 
was presented to the public Wednesday, January 23, 2013 to the 
dismay of the veterans who listened in on the phone call. Chairman 
Bernard M. Rosof acted hurt by the public comments but stood firm 
the report was sound. The IOM will be blasted by the veteran 
community for years to come over this vile piece of literature that 
took so much for granted due to the peer review document method 
they chose. The content is such a joke of poor taste. If followed this 
would continue sending veterans under very narrow terms, through 
as very small referral window, to one visit programs that do not operate 
on a continuing basis. In essence, seeing less than 1% of 1% of the 
total volume while giving them mostly psychiatric clinic visits. This 
is the Gulf War Referral Centers all over again. The WRIISC? Right 
in this criteria of "one visit, one problem" visit over 3 days and no return 
visits provided you could get the first referral through. Ive tried to be 
seen by the WRIISC the last year and they dont even bother returning 
But, this would be one of many rubs this month. On January 10th the 
President signed the 'Dignified Burial and Other Veterans' Benefits 
Improvement Act of 2012" which created a VA Burn Pit Registry for 
OIF / OEF vets from September 11th 2001. VA signed off on this 
happily excluding 1990 Gulf War vets like myself that are sick who 
were on burn pit duties 22 years ago. Really? Those that served in 
the same region doing the same thing 22 years ago dont count? This 
is discrimination, censorship, exclusion among other things. Certainly 
not a accident as several of those that sat on the GWVITF task force 
also reside over this. But, not a new tactic for VA to ignore information 
that might produce physiological data in favor of just ignoring vets 
under the right circumstances until we are dead. 
Then VA moved the Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' 
Illnesses meeting from December 2012 to February 2013. It lingered 
claiming that due to a Congressional review that was hindering travel 
due to the VA Florida Conference fiasco. In the end it knew the RAC 
would be critical of the IOM report on Chronic Multisyptom Illness so 
they reduced the meeting to teleconference for one day. Now the RAC 
meeting on February 4th will have little time to do anything but discuss 
there Scientific report to replace the 2008 addition, and little else. 
The biggest issue in all of this is the defunct GWVITF that operates in 
total secrecy deciding monthly on Gulf War issues with no external 
input. No website, no blog, nothing. Just pushing the careers of its 
members ( Dr. Stephen Hunt ) and his PACT so that they can bring 
back very tired ideas and methods of VA 1997. Largely in part from 
influences at DOD ( Kelly Brix ) and other anti-social legacy personnel 
who literally bring nothing to the table of scientific value. 
There is a disease trend marker out there being ignored too. Gulf War 
vets have been sick for 22 years now. Being sick reduces your ability
to function, and through a more sedentary life you will manifest 
symptoms along those lines. Higher rates of heart disease, diabetes, 
stroke, kidney disease, respiratory, digestive, and so on. VA is studying 
the fact that 25% that served in the Gulf War have GI issues. But, only 
looking at bacteria and not parasites. Really? When 77% of the worlds 
population has parasites. The point is this is a physical symptom caused 
by external factors from a foreign country. The overall look should be to 
look at any new evidence that might surface to include possible disease 
trends. Then how is it they can ignore the ever so simple 'sedentary" 
model which might be elevated. Much less things like if we had worked
around burn pits as I had. 
VA has no objectivity in any of this. It has no new ideas and clings to 
the careers of folks that are true dinosaurs of there era. VA does a 
grave injustice to its Gulf War vets on so many levels and excludes 
all to include myself from any real input. It needs to clean house and 
remove much of its management that cant think outside the box other 
than to just out spend there budget. There is way too much contempt 
at VA to be healthy and it does not serve the greater good to treat its 
veteran customers like it does the 1990 Gulf War vets. 

September 7th 2012

Year in Review, or should I say the lack of....
What a disappointing year with VA. Little by little its been unfolding 
that they intend to play dirtier than ever. But, that shouldnt be a 
surprise since this is such a lame Congress with no teeth. Both 
House and Senate committees with there subcommittees are in 
collusion with folks at VA to do back door deals that pretty much 
go unchallenged. Reform, Armed Services, VA, and even the little
ones like Ethics ones just roll over rather than upset the rich power
brokers lobbying them for more contracts that conflict with national
interest. So why shouldnt VA just ignore the poor vets in favor of 
satisfying the corrupt administration it serves. Why not just ignore 
the vets cries outright and say out loud "look at how we serve them".
Im here to tell you that Gulf War vets like me are continually insulted, 
demeaned, and treated harshly by VA with total contempt in 2012. 
Thank you Barrack Obama for your super crappy term, god help 
us if your elected again. Then again, people did re-elect Bush which 
was such a bad idea. Obama will certainly destroy America in his 
second term as he helps the rich grind us under there feet.
The contempt at VA was so high towards Gulf War vets in 2012 
that it openly opposed the VA Research Advisory Committee this 
year. Enough so that the committee responded back publicly in
June with a hostile letter addressed to Sec Shinseky and COS 
Gingrich disputing there staff choices and methods towards GWI
goals in the future. VA's response was total indifference as they 
are above the need for critique. That Shinseky is above the law and 
can do whatever he wants regardless of commentary from any 
advisory committees. Just make it sound good like it helps while 
in fact what is there is a dead horse propped up with a stick.
The Gulf War Veteran Illness Task Force has demonstrated its a 
total sham now. It promises little and truly delivers nothing. They 
have no real teeth for policy since they bow to corrupt ORD 
employees that have long since out lived there terms. They keep 
appointing DOD operatives as secretaries to the committee so 
that Deployment Health can crush any promising opportunities 
that might come along. In the end creator COS John Gingrich 
turned out to be a DOD / VA policy puppet trying harder to make 
them happy than any truly needy Gulf war vets on the outside 
needing real help. Again, if they had any teeth there would be real 
changes at VA. Instead its a total shut out of advocacy and grass 
root groups while the iron fist of VA slams down on any outside 
efforts that would bring veterans back to the table to discuss policy 
and programs. Right now VA dictates to Gulf War vets they are 
Somatic and it uses phony doctors like Dr. Steven Hunt and 
Dr. Charles Engel to push ancient agendas designed to label 
Gulf War vets rather than serious medical science to look into 
physical causes. Yes, you dont want to find physical symptoms 
that demonstrate anything other personality disorders. Quacks.
The IOM has played dirty pool all year on its "Treatment of Chronic 
Multisymptom Illness" to include hiding meeting times from the public 
so that vets cant attend or protest this sham study. This is a ugly 
study that is designed not only to fail on purpose but push the VA / 
DOD agenda of GW psychiatric medicine. That was real clear in its 
April meeting. So over confident they are they wont allow public 
comment or written public records for the meetings of dissent to 
these folks methods. Its just a pay check to them to make the 
contractor happy. That is when I challenged them they didnt 
allow it. Ive attended these meetings since the 90's so its not like 
I am a new comer. My name is in some of the reports. But, leave 
it to IOM to find ways to make it sound like vets are happy with them 
when the BULK are not. Hey, find me one Gulf War vet out there 
that is not a civil servant and ask him if he is happy with GWI 
IOM reports. Only folks happy are VA. Then why do we fund this?
VA's contempt comes across loud and clear with the "Gulf War 
Review" as it spirals out of control. Its current creator hasnt 
bothered to produce a copy since July 2010 and from what I 
have been told openly defied any attempts to publish recently. 
Gosh, where do I sign up for a job that I dont have to produce 
and can spit on my employer if they ask me to produce. There 
are too many folks at 810 Vermont street that over stayed there 
positions. What happened to having a civil job required skill and 
the desire to serve the public trust. 
VA is once again trying to play down Gulf War veteran numbers 
as it did in 2008 with its GWVIS. My committees report outlined that 
of the 700,000 that served in the 1990 combat arena over 290,000 
filed for benefits. That was 2009. Which if you do the math is 41.4% 
of those that deployed versus what VA said in its recent press release
titled "Almost Half Of New Vets Seek Disability " on May 27th where 
they say only 21% of GW vets have applied. 
Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans Report  
VA created a new department it calls Deployment Health and it 
put its ringers on it to produce a very devious survey. Its members 
are above public scrutiny and certainly detest even casual inquires 
into there work. If your not one of there internal cronies, then dont 
worry about them every answering a  phone. In the 15 years Ive 
been doing advocacy Ive never seen so much out right defiance 
of public involvement as I have with all this. 
Hey VA, you dont like what I am saying? Then try something new 
like stop stiff arming me and the vets like we are going to swallow 
your super crappy programs like they are ice cream. As you get 
worse so will be the back lash from vets like me. The only reason 
your getting away with it is we have a lame Congress right now that 
cant wipe its butt without pooping on its hands. 
Let me put it this way, I helped create and serve on a VA Advisory 
Committee for Gulf War vets. The committee was rigged  
and produced a thin report I disputed in the end. Since then has VA 
tried to work with me? It has played games with me, lied to me, 
and has made every effort to black ball me from any of its GW 
activities while it does the very things I disputed. What this is 
saying is they want no form of oversight or outside involvement in 
Gulf War Illness policies that conflict with there internal agendas to 
wait us out till we die. This is a devious and malicious administration 
that needs to change as it does not serve the public good.
Critique of VA handling of Gulf War vets in 2012

Try as I might I cant find anything positive to say about VA's,
current GW issues. The attitude there is pure contempt while 
they let things languish. They have cut veterans off completely 
while there circus keeps defunct legacy government employees 
on payrolls that should have moved on long ago. Dinosaurs of 
logic and malice that should have sunk into the tar pits they 
are trapped in. 
This commentary is quite hostile because since I was on the VA
ACGWV committee VA has gotten infinitely worse in its handling 
of our plight. How can it go backwards it has in so many ways. 
The recent February IOM meeting over Chronic Illness was 
such a travesty of justice that needs mocking from the highest 
mountain. So forgive me folks if I offend you, this posting for 
2012 is not for the faint of heart. As for VA, thanks for nothing 
as you folks screw the Gulf War vets.
IOM on Treatment of Chronic Multisymptom Illness?

The last meeting February 29th was by far one of the worst
IOM meetings probably in 7 years. You would think with Mark 
Brown gone there would be room for contracting improvement
and this happens.

Oh my god, the speakers were so bad this defied all venues
of explanation. What? No one else would volunteer to speak 
at this or did they really hand pick these folks. Sounds more 
like dead head zombie Kelly Brix picked these folks out so 
she could keep grinding her private axe against Gulf war 
vets. Man, talking about reaching all the way back to those 
pitiful GWIC conferences back in 2000 that she tanked. How
is more of the same Somatization crap a new breath into

VA realized there needed to be public comments on this having 
received hostile correspondence denouncing this train wreck
of a meeting. Where is the veteran presence in this? Veterans 
stopped going seeing that the IOM could care less about the
opinions expressed by anyone other than its precious contractor.
Can you say "meal ticket" and not wanting to upset that balance
of a sure pay check even if the report is awful or heading that 
way. This is heading to a Congressional hearing soon enough.

You knew this was a joke just seeing Dr. Charles Engel on the
speakers list. Really? Him? why not just some arbitrary stranger
walking by that day - same difference on content.

Look for yourself. Read the presentations. Its shocking in
its absurdity. Treatment, we havent even got to proper diagnosis
yet. Undiagnosed? It wouldnt be undiagnosed if we had vets
going to real doctors rather than foreign national interns that barely
speak english. Where is your current monitoring data?

These IOM contracts need to be stopped so the money could
go somewhere else useful. Certainly not to the IOM, they enjoy
looking down there noses at sick vets in the room and then
blowing them off for contracting legal jargain. Peer review means
so little these days.


Meeting 2: Committee on Gulf War and Health: Treatment of Chronic Multisymptom Illness
February 29, 2012 (10:00 AM Eastern)


Gulf War Review

Last report July 2010, almost 2 years ago. Publish it 2 to
3 times a year? Thats what they promised my VA committee
back in 2009. Did they? No. Who was there to promise that?
Mark Brown and Steve Sloan. Steve is still there and in charge
of this. Why? If I was in charge of this and produced 1 review
every 2 years VA would not keep me. Then why keep him?

That was the 2 years anniversary of the Gulf war. Its now 22
years later and the war is less important? You cant produce a
peice of shlock like this when you have no content and thats why
it doesnt publish. Its expensive toilet paper and treated that way 
in the hands of VA environmental agents. I take great offense 
at this that they cant be othered to give us something to even 
offer the most basic annual news.

More of VA's very hollow proimises in action. What, all these 
folks are dramatically healed and no longer need this? Its 
very much like a homeless shelter that has a open sign on 
it but the door is locked.

July 2010 - Vol 17, No 1
Secretary Shinseki Marks 20th Anniversary of Gulf War with 
Renewed Pledge to Improve Care and Services to Gulf War 
Veterans, VA Seeks to Cover New Illnesses for Gulf War Veterans...


Pending Gulf War Survey

If this is not a medical research tool then its basicly a anecdotal 
device for collecting non-scientific information. Worse, its designed
to fail on purpose. Then why fund it?

We need a survey that has a purpose. Like having vets come
in for a full medical exam that this rides back end on. Why not 
collect current physical medical evidence that would benefit the
veteran as well as back up hard line data. Nah, lets just ask 
them psychiatric questions and brush them off as somatic.

This survey is a ruse and vets should not participate. Its meant
to do harm.


Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses Task Force 2011 Report

Its my understanding that after 2 months of stalling this final
report will be posted in the Federal Register either March 19th
or the 20th next week.

Rather than post public comments verbatum its been editted
to narrow these ideas down to concepts. Sounds more like
censorship to take out the sting of veteran criticism of its 
content and that they left out public comments altogether 
the year before.

As long as ORD controls this task force its little more than a
invisible internal entity producing heavily biased documents
in favor of VA employess that fail at there jobs. What it should
be is reviewed by the GAO to produce a bit more biting
commentary on VA policies or lack of.

Based on last years report this and the prepress version of this
one - it should just say "go away GW vets". Thats what has
been going on for years and a bit closer to the reality of how
VA treats vets as well as advocates.

VA's Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses Task Force 2011 Report
How VA will transform medical care and services for Veterans of the 1990-1991 Gulf War


The GWVIS and the Pre/post 911 reports

At least with the GWVIS there were reports several times each 
year even if they were always very late. I bring up the huge
February / August 2008 variations to my committee and they
scrap the program. Then take almost 2 years to produce a 
revised edition which they publish once and then think they 
are done doing more.

There will be a post 911 report by mid 2012. Then a another
pre 911 report hopefully by December 2012. Once someone
there at VA can get away from there video games long enough
to write a few pages to be picked apart by ther ever brutal 

Like many things VA does with "deployment health", it takes 
the name fo the deployment out to white wash the event data.
Instead of this being "Gulf War" it now has to be about 22 years 
in Iraq to diminish that data. Like how VA contracted the IOM to
study "ALS in Gulf war vets", then change it to "ALS in the military" 
to diffuse the numbers.

VA Gulf War Era Veterans Report: Pre 9/11  (3.08 MB, PDF) 
Statistics on use of VA benefits and health care by Gulf War 
Era Veterans from August 2, 1990 to September 10, 2001


VA Research Working Group

Here is another example of VA contempt for Gulf War vets.
The annual report to Congress on research proposals by

Whats that you say? They havent filed since 2009. Its 2012
and there isnt even one for 2010. They have lots of great 
ideas dont they. No. Then why do they control this if they
dont feel the need to post anything.

Its because we keep these legacy government employees
that long since out lived there usefulness. It will stay that 
way as long as Kelly Brix, Joel Kupersmith, Tim O'Leary,
and William Goldberg keep dancing the yellow brick road 
to the OMB emerald city of defunct ORD.



July 2011

Navy researcher links toxins in war-zone dust to ailments
I had said since 1999 that there was a problem with the 
soil contamination in Iraq after my sand sample was analyzed 
by CHPPM. The results are posted here: 
Now DOD is finally admitting that Iraq's very fine sand is a 
serious hazard to American troops. Its the fact that in the 
cracks of the silica particles alot of things can be carried. 
Such as fungus, bacteria, virus, chemicals, and metals 
from industrial dumping. It shows up in lung biopsies as of 
current troops. Well, that was also reported to the PAC in 
1995 that has been ignored on purpose by DOD / VA. All 
this carried down by the Shammal winds towards us.
RAC meeting in DC June 27th and 28th
This is a dead end only because VA has so undermined the 
RAC that they just dictate content to them via VA OR&D.
The research angle has been jinxed and VA has no intent 
of fixing it. Dont look to the GWVITF to fix any of it, these 
guys dont help with anything while they hold there monthly 
secret meetings at VA.
Gulf War Syndrome: A role for organophosphate 
induced plasticity of locus coeruleus neurons
Don Cooper Ph.D will be published July 8th 2011 with a 
paper titled "Gulf War Syndrome: A role for organophosphate 
induced plasticity of locus coeruleus neurons". This study is via
University of Colorado, with some funding from UT Southwestern 
of Dallas. As per there words "the first evidence that 
organophosphate pesticides alter an important brain region 
involved in arousal, attention and substance abuse." This 
will effect VA in future issues of organophosphates either 
in IOM studies or research issues into treatments. 

VA Gulf War Era Veterans Report: Pre 9/11

Statistics on use of VA benefits and health care by Gulf War
Era Veterans from August 2, 1990 to September 10, 2001.
What you will find missing are the 2008 GWVIS reports from
there VBA historical page which via the GWVIC committee that
found critical flaws in them. The report now focuses on OIF/OEF 
and tries to play down the Gulf War as a small aspect of this 
regions 20 years of problems.
January 2011
The 20th Anniversary of the Gulf War
As expected the few glory hounds out there with less than 
spectacular careers have done there own private ceremonies 
to boost themselves but not the whole. So the media ignored 
them as did the veterans community. The Army of one continues 
to plod on oblivious to its own nature, these so called advocates 
are just part of a greater problem. Thus the anniversary passes 
quietly in the media rather than the news firestorm of 1997.
George Bush senior had a really expensive and quite pointless 
event in Bryan College station that I attended. Talking about denial, 
the liberator of Kuwait and his merry band of fellow cabinet members 
sitting around talking about the war from there stand point like it 
all went well. Hmm, he left Saddam in place that lead to 20 years 
of problems with Iraq. Then turned his back on his troops and left 
us to fend for ourselves after 310,000 filed for disability. Even today 
he and his former cabinet have no hand in trying to help the vets of 
that war. Not to mention that if the war went so well then why is 99% 
of what took place still classified 20 years later, even though we 
occupy Iraq and its not a threat anymore.
VA saw the opportunity to take advantage of this break down in 
the vet community to further alienate them. The promises made by 
John Gingrich late 2009 and early 2010 are now distant memories 
as he shows he has no intention of truly changing VA or listening 
to the vets. He pretty much ignored the commentary by the vets on 
his Gulf War Task force discussion site and proceeded on making 
useless recommendations that have the appearance of helping Gulf 
War vets. Yet, the benefits afforded were nothing more than adding 
diseases presumptions from the Gulf War that veterans have long 
since died from. What is missing is a two way communication with 
VA on internal policy as they now completely shut out all contact 
with the veterans. This qualifies as "do as I say and not as I do". 
Most notable is the ongoing attempt to conceal the fact that in 2008 
VA committed fraud by trying to cook its books on GW vet numbers 
in VA system and seeking benefits. I caught them on it while on the 
ACGWV VA advisory committee. Now its two years later, no new 
GWVIS reports, no public explanation of what happened in 2008, 
and the new report to replace it has been deadlocked since September 
2010 as VA keeps rewriting to hide the truth. I ask every two weeks 
and they tell me its about to go out - month after month. They just 
want to wait out the anniversary time frame of the war so that the 
report less damaging. 
As a veteran of the Gulf War I am absolutely insulted by the contempt 
and arrogance of VA as well as DOD on this 20th anniversary of the 
war. Nothing has changed, we have no places to go for treatment or 
real healthcare, and very lame "undiagnosed Illness" presumption law 
on the books rather than a totally revamped deployment presumption 
for serving in Iraq - the most toxic battle field in history. Worst of all, 
VA/DOD has completely cut all outside contact with veterans and 
advocates to shut us out from commenting on there numerous failings. 
Thus hiding in plain sight.
The Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans
It had been a long time since I posted to Gulflink the website 
mostly due to the fact that while on the ACGWV federal advisory 
committee my every move was being watched. It was just easier 
to post some items to the mail list and not give VA as well as 
others too many heads up. After a while I forgot the website and 
focused on the committee activity. 
Things didn't go well on the committee. Simply put DOD had a 
heavy foot print in our work and the end result was pushing the 
bastardized version of the PDICI for Gulf War vets. This wasn't 
my idea and I still oppose it. The committee work was supposed 
to be about benefits and healthcare. Not about creating a national 
psychiatric program for GW vets. 
The end result report was a thin joke because it was censored 
down by the chairman until it just said little of nothing. It certainly 
didn't address benefits in any hard light and let so many like the 
IOM off the hook. In the end it didn't even do a single thing for the 
spouses and children of Gulf War vets, and I am very disappointed
at that having written that request in the letter to VA Sec Peake. 
The failure of the Title 38 section on Undiagnosed Illness totally 
fell short of helping vets, but in the end it was recommended to 
keep this section rather than create a new section for service in 
the Persian Gulf.
Veterans should have been part of the committee selection process 
so the committee wouldn't have had so many ringer friends of the 
Chairman, and seats filled by people who didn't attend or have 
much of anything to say. It was designed to fail. Then add the 
deliberate short life span and the chairman's desire to close it way
before that deadline made it impossible to dig deep or get answers. 
Veterans stopped coming to our meetings towards the end when 
they realized they weren't being heard. That was not my desire or 
intent but I was just one voice in there. VA didn't put out a press 
release for the final report. I think that was largely due to the fact 
that I opposed the PDICI in the final report, and that letter of dissent 
effected the outcome of this because I created the committee. 
The Gulf War Veteran Illness Task Force
This was a wolf in sheep's clothing. The Chief of Staff John Gingrich 
spoke before our committee about forming this task force to 
continue on in essence what our committee had started. It was 
touted as being big, fast, and provide a report in a few months. 
I asked him that I wanted to stay a part of this effort though our 
committee was disbanding, and provide input when there wont 
be a channel for it. 
Sure enough the task force was all internal VA employees 
meeting in secret through out the process. I warned people there 
was a problem here because it was invisible. No website, no 
public meetings, nothing while policy was being decided. Sure 
enough when the report was finally published it was a joke in 
that it wanted to bring back DHWG and the IOM like they had 
always helped Gulf War vets. It was clear that ringers within VA's 
ranks wanted to trip up the Chief of Staff so that things would end 
up going back to the way they were or make it worse. There 
was however a opportunity to interject with the creation of a 
public comment section to the report. The backlash filed on the 
website was swift as 250- pages of materials poured in by mail 
and internet over the 30 day period. By the end the task force 
was realizing that public opinion wasn't all that happy with them. 
I had kicked it off by trying to create a writing style and method 
to post a response in the cryptic and over simplified website. 
Having started posting in most of the categories in the first 3 
hours of operation others caught on. But, I pushed and pushed 
this website far and wide goading people to post.
The Task Force tried to sneak its materials out on Saturday to 
through the media, and its report brief was ugly in that it pushed 
things like greater DOD involvement. What? The last thing Gulf 
War veterans need was DOD involvement. It was clear things 
were going backwards.
The Uservoice website was disappointing in that it tried to coach 
generic 21 responses to what VA wanted of the vets. After a bit 
people just wrote to the first topic and then posted what they wanted
hoping to get top billing. It stopped being topic driven and then things 
became a bit anecdotal. The saving feature was the voting system 
which drove interest up.
The GWVI Task Force wasn't what we wanted though. Its still 
a invisible entity with no outside involvement. They even went as 
far as to alter part of my committees report to seem like a endorsement 
of the PDICI, of which I am most displeased. Anything done with 
Environmental Agents as a alternative should not mirror the failed 
clinical program in Seattle. That is VA trying to step backwards 
again rather than make VA EA do its job in a more robust fashion 
with a architecture already in place that wouldn't require large 
amounts on money to gear up. I am being silenced on this and 
heavily censored to keep this idea at bay though I fought the whole 
time I was on the committee for it. 
Congressional subcommittee a joke
Since September the House Veteran Affairs subcommittee has 
gone out of its way to cater to VA while trying to sabotage its 
intended Gulf War hearings. The last 2 Gulf War hearings had 
been pro-government jokes that all but endorse the IOM. Now it 
was time to make VA look good once more. 
The line up for the pending hearing in November would be designed 
to make VA look like it was making a difference. It would only parade 
out VA best, and make sure that only Chairman Cragin from my 
committee would present for us. That though I dissented on the 
final product and created the committee that I would be censored. 
This looked more and more like the subcommittee staffers bucking 
for a job promotion in other arenas like VA and DOD. But, the hearings 
got bumped because the GWVIS ( of which I had attacked on our 
committee for its Feb 2008 to August 2008 alterations ) and the Task 
Force report were not finished. Well, there was also the IOM report 
they wanted added.
Then there was to be a hearing in February 2010, and that was 
scrubbed to give VA more time. Then in April, then in June, and 
so on. By this point the full committee was supposed to step in 
and take over the hearing from the subcommittee. Well, there 
was the announcement for the July 27th hearing but it doesn't 
seem possible since the GWVIS and the the GWVITF are not 
ready for the deadline. But, it doesn't really matter since this 
hearing is rigged to fail as well. 
Collapse of any descent medical research, clinics, or trials
The VA Research Advisory Committee had failed Gulf War vets 
year after year. Its good ole boy mentality and non-rotating 
monopoly of ringers had kept it lingering. Worse yet, they fully 
endorsed the 2005 Hutchinson earmark legislation that would 
put all our eggs in one basket. I warned them all back then it 
was a bad idea to put it all at UT Southwestern. Well, as I had 
expected VA waited in ambush knowing that given time the 
situation would line up in there favor. Sure enough, Dr. Haley 
made enough mistakes that VA could cut his throat. The funding 
was never really there though, and it was a attempt to bleed UT 
Southwestern dry by finding excuses not to pay them once the 
money was committed on UT's side. 
I fought on my end year after year to get a Gulf War clinic set 
up at VA through some channel. In the end here in Texas it 
came down to the problem that none of the VAMC's here have 
space left for such a clinic. The Temple VAMC took it a step 
further and tried to get me in trouble with VA HQ for trying to 
get some kind of clinic there. The Temple VAMC had become 
outright hostile to Gulf War veterans and even took down a 
kiosk in the lobbies rather than put GW materials in it as I 
had asked. There is is much more, but I digress.
The push now with VA is to try and make much of this about 
PTSD and fire up a mental health campaign. If the clinic is to 
be built it will be mental health. Yet, Environmental Agents is 
a untapped reservoir already in place to find physical ailments 
that might environmental in nature. Its just been mismanaged.
There could have been rudimentary dietary trials in place by 
now. There could have been unique benefits and better ratings 
reviews in place by now for us. The could have been different 
medial clinical care in place for GW vets. Instead we have things 
being decided for us right now by legacy government personnel 
determined to take us back to the stone age. 
What could make the greatest difference right now is visibility. 
That a Gulf War vet could walk in and see a familiar face they 
can identify with. Both at the bottom and at the top. But, attrition 
has been one of our greatest enemies these years. Then compound 
that with a invisible program and hierarchy that you cant find, well 
you have the past repeat itself. So on one finds anything new or 
stays around long enough for the next person to learn of it. 
You also need a clinic not based in traditional old style medicine. 
Not based on the tired ideas of hack retired hack doctors from 
Walter Reed who feared too much testing was bad. But, doctors 
who deal with global medicine or at worst 3rd world industrial 
medicine that at least deals with the kinds of injuries that happen 
in those regions. American doctors are the worst as well as 
American medicine. Getting paid for failure. They don't do that 
in other countries, you get paid if the patient lives long enough
to do it there. Here, medicine is a expensive joke. 
I can go on about the numerous failings around me in the ranks 
of both the advocates and the government - but it doesn't do much 
good if people out there just want to sit back and watch. This has 
all failed because most of you out there take the system for 
granted. You need to get up out of your seat, away from your 
computer, and show up somewhere to make a difference. Go 
there and get involved. One person does make a difference, I 
know because I have bumped heads on high for 13 years and 
saw what happened when I got involved. If only a few more would 
try, and for the right reasons rather than personal gain we might 
actually get what we asked for. But, its starts with you.
We continue here at DSBR to ask questions, and ask that you join
our discussion group at GulfLINK Mail List.
      Kirt P. Love 
      Disabled Gulf War Veteran 
              Former member: VA Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans
      Contact: Kirt Love 
                   P.O. Box 414, 
                   Crawford, Tx 76638



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